Gold’s Gym – Providing a Comprehensive Approach to the Health and Well-being of its Members

Gold’s Gym

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace, and correlating wellness goals with work life balance is mission critical to driving business outcomes. Having a corporate wellness program is imperative to the foundation of any business. Building a successful corporate wellness program takes time, and includes a wellness solution that is embedded in the culture of the organization. Employee wellbeing programs should continually evolve to meet the needs of employees striving to achieve their wellness goals, thereby supporting the goals of the business.
There is a realization of the need to stay fit in order to be more productive and have a greater emphasis on overall well-being. With stress increasing in employees, Gold’s Gym has mastered and designed wellness programs which are stress busters and corporate employees cherish them. It gives online as well as offline fitness solutions ensuring overall wellbeing. Gold’s Gym also appreciates employers to take up initiatives to improve wellness, leading to employee productivity and retention. It is the largest co-ed gym chain in the world recognized for its passion, unique heritage, and experience as the final authority in fitness and lifestyle.
Originator of Gold’s gym
Jagdish K Valecha, Co-founder and Chairman of F2 Fun and Fitness India Pvt Ltd (Gold’s Gym India), soon after graduation, was at the helm of affairs and got involved in the infrastructure/construction business. He is the prime powerhouse in bringing GOLD’S GYM to India with a mission– “When Indians think of Fitness, they think of GOLD’S GYM”. Introduced by Valecha, Gold’s Gym brand has slowly and steadily carved its name in the Indian market and built a reputation to reckon with.
In a dynamic global business environment, Valecha is always looking to fuel newer ideas that could shape the future contours of business in India. His vision has contributed to ‘Making India Fit’ by providing fitness to 10, 00,000 members across the country. Gold’s Gym is acknowledged for its unrivalled success in providing the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to help its members achieve their individual potential. It follows a globally proven fitness training module with state-of-the-art infrastructure and delivery methodology and continuous upgradation through training programs.
The Most Preferred Gym
With certified trainers and nutritional counseling, Gold’s Gym provides a comprehensive approach to the health and well-being of its member. Whether the goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve one’s cardiovascular health, only Gold’s Gym has the atmosphere and experience one needs. From that first gym in Venice, (1965) Gold’s Gym has become the largest co-ed gym chain in the world with over 701+ facilities in 30 countries. The India chapter of Gold’s Gym started in 2002, when the first Gold’s Gym India branch was set up in Mumbai. Today, Gold’s Gym has cut out for itself 130+ gyms in India across 88 cities and a few more ready to operate in the near future. Gold’s Gym lives up to its reputation to give results. Gold’s Gym has become the preferred gym of celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, the military and fitness enthusiasts all over the world and continues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential.
Providing Unique Facilities and Training
Gold’s Gym offers complementary unlimited group exercise classes and spinning classes. They have a unique Quick Result Program. Gold’s Gym has also mastered spreading wellness in the corporate sector. Through Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, which is its education platform that provides a continuous education upgrade for the employees and in return gives the best results to the members. GGFI is India’s first International Fitness Management Institute and offers certificate course in Advanced Personal Training. GGFI offers the most exciting and up-to-date education pathway to gain industry leading qualifications as well as ongoing training in all aspects of the fitness industry. Fitness trainers at Gold’s Gym are thorough professionals who know how to keep people motivated to follow the fitness programs. They plan the fitness program according to the individual needs. They constantly keep trainees inspired and stimulated by keeping them involved in interesting activities.
Apart from the conventional gym set-up they also have add on programs like Quick Result Goal Driven Program, functional training, high intensity workouts and the trainers specialize in rehab & special population exercises as well.
Awards, Achievements and Recognitions
From winning the Best Debutant Master Franchisee in the year 2003 to achieving accolades such as Excellence in Marketing, Best Fitness Chain, Best Turnaround Gym, Visionary of the Year, Best community engagement, Best personal training program, National Fitness Chain of the Year & the President’s Award and most recently the Economic Times Champions of fitness award for advancements and achievements in the gym and fitness category 2017-18. Gold’s Gym have made sure to contribute as much as possible to reach out to the people through the #GoldsFitIndia Movement and #MakeIndiaFit.
“If you can’t come to the gym, the gym will come to you.”
Gold’s Gym is successful at imparting fitness to more than 50,000 corporates through its Corporate Wellness Programs. With the outdoor activities Gold’s Gym makes sure that they are instrumental in spreading fitness awareness. It also conducts a lot of member engagement activities inside the gym and keeps members motivated with their workout.
Bringing a Positive Change in the Upcoming Future
The purpose of Gold’ Gym is to bring a positive change in the behavior pattern and lifestyle of every Indian. In terms of employee engagement, Gold’s Gym conducts wellness programs for the employees and insures that they become fit. It currently has 3500+ happy and fit employees and is undertaking continuous initiatives to make fitness a fun activity and make more people fit. Currently Gold’s Gym holds more than 130 clubs and the mission is to penetrate in the interiors of the country like tier 3 & 4 cites to spread fitness and health.
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