AlignBooks ERP integrates with Amazon to ease business operations; a boon for ECommerce SMEs

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National, June 04: Alignbooks, a cloud-based accounting platform for small and medium enterprises has announced its integration with Amazon interfaces to help streamline business operations for SMEs availing e-commerce avenues. This major initiative by the leading ERP player will help manage key challenges for e-commerce business, such as huge number of invoices, warehouse management, payment reconciliations and cash flow management etc. This way, SMEs can now keep their focus on procurement & logistics while Alignbooks facilitates a fully integrated  back office-cum-accounting

This integration will enable SMEs to seamlessly maximise on automation as the platform provides a dashboard for real-time sales monitoring along with intelligent insights for inventory and cash flow management. Businesses can fully leverage upon their bandwidth on core business rather than worrying about e-commerce operationalization, accounting and compliances. This will eventually lead to businesses driving better profit margins and reaching scalability, while remaining compliant at all times.

This comes as a respite as small enterprises navigate the complex world of working with e-commerce platforms as an online sales model. Speaking about the same, Anand Jajodia Co-founder of Align Info Solutions said, “We are happy to have integrated our ERP solution with Amazon as it will help MSMEs take their businesses to the next level. The advent of cloud accounting, increasing presence and acceptability of major E-Com platforms viz. Amazon, Flipkart, etc is a boon for SMEs making online sales. The pandemic has further pushed the demand for such platforms and the enabling stakeholders. Our integration will further ease their operations daily and allow them to focus on core business.”

Here’s how Alignbooks helps SMEs with this integration

E-commerce vendors can monitor their inventory on a real-time basis for refills or track slow-moving stocks at the Amazon warehouse. SMEs deal with a huge number of invoices generated on a daily basis and managing such volumes, manually, is not only tedious but not accurate either. SMEs might lose the thin margins if any of the above are not managed efficiently. Deployment of the tech-enabled platform allows sales and cash flow management for SMEs. Payment Settlements by Amazon to the designated bank a/cs of SMEs also get reconciled through the seamlessly. Availability of dashboard will allow real time view of sales / inventory / cash flows with intelligence, for faster & efficient decisions.

AlignBooks is primarily a SaaS based solution which is not available for use anytime, anywhere, it offers flexibility to operate on offline mode too and auto syncs as an when reconnected to the net. This is even beneficial for SMEs from tier 2 and 3 cities of India those who might still be struggling with consistency & bandwidth issues. The accounting software has also partnered with various financial intermediaries, including ICICI bank (connected banking), enabling efficient management of Receivables & Payables by its customers

About AlignBooks

AlignBooks, India’s No 1. cloud-based accounting software is an all-in-one ERP solution for smart MSMEs to achieve simplified business operations – enabling them to effortlessly facilitate accounting, financial management, taxation, and compliances etc. in the current challenging and dynamic environment across the country. Founded in 2017, the software solution enables the users to comply with the requirements of the new GST that was launched in the same year.  AlignBooks takes pride in being customer centric, not only in providing solutions pro-actively but also ensuing an experience to cherish.

Anand Jajodia, Co-founder of AlignBooks

Anand Jajodia is the Co-Founder of AlignBooks based with over 20+ years of experience in the domain of customer relationships, business development and technical analyses. He has co-founded multiple ventures providing some of the best business and ERP solutions in the market.  AlignBooks, India’s no. 1 cloud-based accounting software for MSMEs is Anand’s brainchild to reach the bottom of the pyramid, when comes to SMEs and make their business operations rather easier & affordable too.

His strong conviction on AlignBooks stemmed from his past experience in unique ERP products that he has been architecting, developing and deploying across various industries and clients. Having acquired prowess in understanding core requirements of SME Sector, more particularly in terms of opportunity by way of leveraging technology, he felt a strong desire to give users not only a tech based robust solution but also enabling them to customize the same themselves.  Thus laid the foundation of AlignBooks, to make lives simple and easy. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from IIT, Roorkee. Being an IIT alumni, presenting an affordable ERP software, specifically meant for SMEs has been his passion, for more than two decades now.

For more details, please visit his LinkedIn profile here

Align Books

AlignBooks, India’s No 1. cloud-based accounting software based out of New Delhi is an all-in-one solution for smart MSMEs to achieve simplified business operations – enabling them to effortlessly facilitate accounting, financial management, taxation, and compliances etc. in the current challenging and dynamic environment across the country. Founded in 2017, the software solution enabled the users to comply with the requirements of the new GST that was launched in the same year.

Helmed by Anand Jajodia and Samir Garg, who have been into business software development (ERP) & business consultancy, respectively, for more than 20 years, they well realized the gap and need for a modern business solution for MSMEs. A software that could do more than accounting, independent of the system, could be accessed from anywhere and anytime and at an affordable cost. AlignBooks have been known for developing their products with ever changing needs of the businesses and dynamic changes in the technology.

March 2018 – As there were issue with poor internet connectivity, they introduced an offline-first solution that would work even without an internet connection. They launched the desktop application that could work purely in offline mode with cloud sync functionality.

December 2018 – They kept on upgrading their software by developing & providing several interfaces, including with those with online marketplace, to facilitate e-commerce centric SMEs to seamlessly operate and leverage upon the emerging opportunity.

The Co aims to align smart MSMEs with smart accounting solutions at a minimal cost.  With enabling technology at its core, their software offers an all-integrated utility for GST through a single dashboard, within the Accounting & ERP solution that is well loaded with modules viz. Sales / Pos, billing, inventory management, Connected Banking, Receivables & Payble management, auto bank reconciliation, multi-currency transactions, management of multi-location accounts, CRM, HR, & PPE etc. Unique built in Audit Module & CVSS (Customer Vendor Self Service) add a differentiating flavour to this coveted ERP solution.  MSMEs stand to benefit through an intuitive dashboard etc. that provides a real time snapshot of the entire business for ease of decision making & enhancing growth / profitability etc. Inspired by the potential that MSMEs hold in India, they are proud to have been a constant creator of smart and intelligent technologies for them.

They hold pride in having registered 30k SMEs on their platform, with more than 5,000 active SMEs users across several industries covering manufacturers, traders, distributors & services. They have to their credit having customized solutions for 18 industry verticals and with 300k pre-configured sector specific SKUs, loaded into the solution. More than 15 Lacs invoices have been generated through AlignBooks. ICICI Bank, Razorpay, PayTm, Amazon & Shopify are few of their integration partners that enable seamless operations and payments for MSMEs. The fintech company also caters to corporate clients having distribution outlets with their product specific customisations, currently covering 1,000+ stores across the country.  The Co has also established foot-prints overseas and is buoyant to make it a pleasant experience for SME users, Internationally

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