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Allsec Technologies Limited

Human resource management is a function that cares for the heart of every organization – its people. There cannot be an organization without people. Managing people, their unique individualities, talents, professional ambitions, expectations, and experience over multiple geographies in today’s hybrid working culture is more difficult than it seems.

In modern times, a business must always satisfy both its customers––external and internal (employees). More often, while conducting all the other important business processes, companies find it difficult to manage this twofold aspect of HRM due to the high costs of developing a technologically ever-advancing, flexible, and comprehensive suite of human resource management solutions.

Fortunately, for this exact reason, over 600 clients (including Fortune 100 companies) across 42 countries have partnered with Allsec Technologies (Allsec)a global company with vast expertise in providing business process solutions across various industry verticals. Allsec was incorporated in 1998 as a limited Company under the erstwhile Companies Act of 1956 and is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

A Global food and beverage company with brands that are household names across India praise team Allsec, “We met in early June for the blueprinting and design workshop for the Time and Attendance and the leave modules, and here we are. By early September, we have the application, as well as the EC and integrations, ready to go live. This amazing team (Allsec) deployed the 1st wave of this project in record time!

Offering the Best Experience Always 

Allsec owns two wholly owned subsidiaries, Allsectech Inc., USA and Allsectech Manila Inc., Philippines. The company operates in two segments globally, viz

~Employee Experience Management (EXM) covering HRMS, payroll services, time and attendance management. time and expense management and

~Customer Experience Management (CXM) encompasses lead generation, customer retention, collections, anti-money laundering comprising both voice and non-voice processes.

The EXM and CXM services are delivered from India, and the subsidiary is based out of the Philippines. In India, the EXM business supports both International and domestic customers.

Allsec is a highly customer-centric, flexible and transparent service provider. The Company believes in enhancing its clients’ business experience by taking process responsibility, improving cost efficiencies, and adding value through continuous process improvements and quality assurances.

Allsec serves a client base of ~600, including clients from Fortune 100 companies. It supports clients across 42 countries and operates from five locations in India and overseas.

Allsec has a 23-year legacy of servicing customers in the EXM space. This vast experience has helped the company build deep domain knowledge, putting in place best-in-class technology and unique solutions to the most complex challenges and ensuring robust, unmatched customer experience. Allsec manages some complex payroll and tax scenarios for global and domestic organisations across industries.

India Inc.’s Smartest HR

Allsec offers a comprehensive hire-to-retire solution through its indigenously built platform called Smart HR. Smart HR uses the latest cutting-edge technology stack and covers the entire gamut of HR functions: onboarding, core HR, leave, time and attendance, payroll, payroll compliances, employee reimbursements, appraisal, exit and employee benefits. The mobile-enabled platform is designed using the latest UI/UX, enabling a superior end-employee/user experience.

Naozer says, “What makes us stand out against the competition or the MOATS of Allsec are

  • Allsec is a partner of choice for complex and firmly entrenched, never-outsourced payrolls in the country, barring Governments/Banks.
  • Allsec’s deep functional assets and capability in most industrial segments for India and the Philippines for White collar, Blue collar, Daily rated, Contractual, Senior management and Partner payroll is a huge advantage, especially for sectors like ITES, IT, Ecom., Retail and Manufacturing where most companies practice Min wages etc.
  • Allsec’s ability to deliver highly configurable and customizable tech solutions to its customers helps build unique client-specific functionalities, which is important for large enterprises where complexities vary in scale between organizations.
  • The scale of operations that Allsec handles in payroll and HRMS serves large enterprises well. 15 million+ employee records and 50 million+ logins testify to the claim.
  • High-performance delivery processes that toggle on accuracy and time are a benchmark Allsec has set for the HRO industry to follow.
  • With a best-in-industry QRT and FTR percentage, employee query handling capability is also a huge differentiator with Allsec.

A client who is the Global leader in premium drinks with 200+ brands sold in 180 countries says about team Allsec, “We would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to Allsec for their crucial support in resolving long-standing PF difficulties. The HR compliance team was extremely knowledgeable, proactive, and supportive throughout the process.”

The Simplest Solutions

According to Naozer, to simplify the HR technology and solutions landscape, they have divided the HR functions of an organization into two buckets.

1) – Core and strategic functions such as Recruitment, Performance Appraisal, Training, Compensation and Benefits.

2) – Non-Core transactional functions such as Onboarding, Leave, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Statutory compliance and Exit.

Companies are looking at automating both the core and non-core functions of HR. There are a couple of flavours here

a) SMEs with up to 1000 Headcount with low to medium complexities generally look for plug-and-play configurable platforms on the cloud or opt for lighter versions of HR- CRMs.

b) Large Enterprises with layers of complexities and functionalities choose to outsource critical functions like Payroll and compliance while running the rest of the modules on HR CRM platforms.

c) Most large enterprises these days choose to use a more fragmented tech ecosystem with highly functional, best-in-class software for each of the critical modules of HR connected through seamless integrations between systems.

Allsec ticks most of the boxes and fits into this entire HR Technology solution sector aptly with its Outsourcing, Modular and HR SaaS solutions,” says Naozer, who is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, with 34 years of post-qualification experience across the Banking and Business Process Management (BPM) industries.

The Ever-Radiant Leadership 

Over his long and illustrious career, Naozer has held several CXO level positions in marque multinational names like Standard Chartered Bank and Prudential UK and as the Chief Executive Officer for e-Nxt Financials – a TATA Enterprise. In his immediate previous role, he was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Conneqt Business Solutions Limited – a subsidiary of Quess Corp (formerly Tata Business Support Services Ltd). Conneqt is India’s largest domestic focused digitally enabled BPM company – covering Customer Lifecycle Management, Back office, Collections and Shared Services (Finance and Accounting/HR Shared Services) where he led a 45k-strong team, applying his executive leadership strength to the Service Delivery function (with P&L responsibility), for both domestic and International clients, across Banking and Financial Services, Telecom and Media, Auto, Manufacturing, Government, Retail and E-Commerce.

He has contributed throughout his career to building businesses – significant client acquisition, strong Risk Management and Controls focus and positive customer satisfaction – leading to consistent and significant growth in Revenues and profitability.

Naozer is well acknowledged in the wider industry for his passion, leadership and mentoring qualities, strategic thinking, connect with staff and productivity/process orientation which translates into significant value for stakeholders and customers, both internal and external.

Recently, he has been recognized as one of the Top 25 IT Services Executives of 2023. His innovative spirit, strategic expertise and revolutionary ideas have elevated Allsec Technologies to new heights, driving transformative solutions for businesses worldwide.

Allsec Tech-Transformed

Being an experienced leader, Naozer shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies is transforming the HRM sector. AI&ML plays a particularly strong role in HR and Payroll Management that involves data processing, analysis, and decision-making. Here are some key areas where AI is notably influential in enabling HR Functions. Allsec is working independently and also through third parties on the below areas to be ahead of the curve:

  • RPA & OCR:AI-powered RPA tools can automate routine, rule-based tasks like data entry, form processing, and document verification, reducing manual workload and potential errors. AI-powered OCR can help screen and validate Bills and claims of any format, thereby immensely helping with document verification and vouching during yearend tax activity.
  • Help desk and query handling:AI-driven chatbots handle routine inquiries and provide instant responses, allowing shared services teams to focus on more complex issues. Virtual assistants can also assist with tasks like scheduling and appointment booking.
  • Reports and Analytics:AI algorithms can analyze historical data, market trends, and business forecasts to predict future staffing needs, helping optimize workforce planning.
  • Compliance:AI can track changes in labour laws, data privacy regulations, and other compliance areas, ensuring that HR practices remain compliant.
  • NLP on CORE HR system:AI-driven NLP tools can extract valuable information from documents like resumes, contracts, and performance reviews, making it easier to manage and analyze large volumes of text-based data.
  • PMS:AI can analyze employee data to predict performance trends and provide insights for performance improvement.
  • Fraud Detection:AI can identify unusual patterns or behaviours in employee data, helping to detect potential fraud or security breaches.
  • Recruitment:The use of AI&ML in recruitment is very prevalent, especially in ranking and rating candidates based on managers’ hiring patterns and the basis of the job description. Auto recommendation of resumes for job openings and much more.
  • Data Security:AI can assist in monitoring data access and usage to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. It can also help identify and respond to potential security breaches.
  • LMS:AI can analyze employee skills, job requirements, and industry trends to identify skill gaps and suggest relevant training programs.

Leading high-value research, analytics, and business intelligence firm in the finance sector says about the Allsec team, “Due to a recent business name change, complications arose over the death claims for the company’s late CFO. Allsec’s HR compliance team supported us and our CFO’s family from start to finish, including multi-level approaches. Thanks to their effort and diligence, we were able to quickly resolve the PF claim and the ELDI insurance.”

Outwitting Challenges 

According to Naozer, considering the current scenarios, there are multiple challenges they have to face and overcome regularly.

Business Challenges: Naozer shares, “The EXM division has been growing organically for us, which will continue in the coming years, too. At Allsec, we believe that the price may be under pressure with higher competition in the coming years. We also believe that our technological efforts will help us be a key differentiator in the market, and our superior service delivery standard will strengthen existing client relationships. These USPs will be able to negate competition effectively.”

Threat from Newer Technologies/AI: Allsec has a seamless review mechanism for HRO platforms and tools to ensure that they remain relevant, per customer expectations and leading edge in the market. Allsec has made pertinent investments in product upgrades to its Smartpay platform. The company is currently significantly upgrading its Smartpay and HRMS platforms to ensure that they remain scalable, provide improved employee experience (in terms of UI/UX), are cost-effective and are easily customizable to individual client needs. Allsec continues to remain vigilant about the risks emerging AI technologies (e.g. Chat GPT) may pose to the company’s business models/revenues. Whilst these technologies may disrupt some of the routine transactional activities, there is not much foreseeable significant risk to the current revenue streams. Further, Allsec continues to leverage these technologies to reduce its operating costs/increase the end employee experience of its customers, e.g. Chat BOT in its HRMS application.

Challenges of Scale: The HR function is expansive and ever-evolving. Envisioning a platform that caters to every minute customer request seems nearly impossible. With customized demands and the necessity for a highly adaptable and feature-rich platform, scaling the business poses a challenge. Allsec has proactively addressed this by implementing a multi-layered approach in its tech solution. This includes tailor-made solutions for large enterprises with intricate Smart HR and Smart Pay platforms and an HRMS SaaS platform designed specifically for SMEs.

Serving thy Paramount Asset

Naozer also believes that the Indian Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) vertical is poised for robust year-on-year growth over the next five years. While companies have prioritized and automated core business functions like sales and finance over the past two decades, the HR function has often been overlooked, lagging in automation. Companies have recently realised that effective workforce management is a critical competitive advantage in today’s technology-driven market. Proper recruitment, training, and talent retention have emerged as pivotal factors in gaining an edge in any industry.

Two key drivers are propelling the growth of the HR tech market:

Firstly, companies have recognized that their employees are a paramount asset for gaining a competitive edge in the modern market landscape. Significant investments are being made to attract and retain the best talent, leading to increased budgets for HR functions, with a strong focus on technology adoption in all facets of employee interaction—from recruitment and Onboarding to compensation and benefits and even exit processes.

Secondly, the government of India is ushering in substantial reforms in the workplace, encompassing new codes for wages, social security, industrial relations, and occupational safety and health for employees. These legislative changes have prompted HR departments to invest in automation for employee compensation and benefits, tracking minimum wages and overtime hours, and expediting the settlement process for resigned employees.

Fostering Multi-Country HRM Solutions

The widespread adoption of Lean methodologies in various sectors has created a surge in demand for cost optimization across functions, including HR. Payroll and HR services have garnered significant attention due to their cost-effectiveness. Transnational organizations actively seek multi-country technology solutions in the HR domain that offer exceptional flexibility and scalability. Given the fragmented nature of the HR/payroll market, characterized by multiple players, the opportunity in this space is monumental.

As a result, the market for payroll and Allsec’s future trajectory are aligned towards providing tech-enabled HR solutions across multiple countries worldwide.

Sharing an example out of a host of case studies, Naozer says, “The one that I can quickly think of is that of a $ 15 billion conglomerate that operates across Eight+ sectors with 15thousand+ employees spread across 387 locations123+ legal entities and about 2000 cost centres.” Processing and delivering 15k plus error-free pay slips and meeting the monthly deadlines meant processing 11k + Payroll inputs with 30+ Pay components and 100+ exceptions monthly. Managing such gargantuan tasks effectively with zero error meant developing and implementing an impactful tech intervention to ensure easy and error-free processing and delivery of pay slips. Allsec created an Input aggregator tool to collect inputs from each of the client’s 2000+ cost centres across 387 locations. The toll thus aggregates and processes all of the inputs flawlessly and swiftly. Allsec also devised an Output Authorization Tool (OAT) to disseminate output to respective locations and cost centres for their approvals. The Tech solution optimised the entire process, helped streamline the payroll process, and enhanced the experience with prompt and immaculate delivery.

Charting a Universal Future Course

In the future, to drive Allsec’s growth and expand its offerings, Naozer shares that it will pursue a two-fold strategy.

Firstly, solidifying its leadership position in the HR-managed services sector. By capitalizing on its core strengths. And establishing new standards for operational excellence and employee satisfaction. “Additionally, we will enhance our SaaS platform by incorporating the latest low-code and no-code technology stacks. This strategic move will empower us to primarily target the SME segment and significantly broaden our reach.”

Secondly, they will simultaneously explore opportunities to accelerate our international presence, encompassing our SaaS and Platform businesses. Allsec operates in 42 countries, enabling it to manage payroll and compliance effectively through its proprietary platforms. “As part of our expansion strategy, we are charting a course to forge new partnerships with channel and solution providers in the global market. This concerted effort will enable us to amplify our business internationally,” he concludes.

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