Altacit Global: Attorneys-at-Law

Today, corporate needs are not limited to domestic matters but have an international character, requiring law firms to be abreast of global laws and developments, to expand and retain their clients. Focusing on individual areas and creating expertise by considering the legal practices of different countries can be key for success.
Altacit Global is top ranked & reputed law firm with the focus on Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Real Estate and Franchising, having a strong international flavor in their work practices addressing needs of diverse industry sectors.
Firm Striving to Maintain Excellence
Altacit Global has a strong regional presence practice with offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Cochin. Their emphasis on Research & Training helps them bring out periodically relevant publications, an endeavor to inform, educate & create further awareness.
Their core team consists of professionals who come from multidisciplinary and diverse backgrounds such as Science, Engineering, Law, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Business Administration. There are absolutely no boundaries to their operations, through their exclusive worldwide network of associates; they are able to take up work in every continent.
Altacit Global invests substantive resources into practice development and extensive research. Members of their team are regular speakers in various national and international forums. They also work closely with many Industry Associations and Chambers of Trade and Commerce in disseminating knowledge. It is the basis of their ongoing commitment to the clients and to performing at the highest and best level.
Founder of Altacit Global
Dr. Sudhir Ravindran, Founder of Altacit Global, is an author of the book “Intellectual Property Risk Management.” An Engineer & Lawyer, he has Masters Degrees in both streams from The University of Warwick, United Kingdom. He has been awarded as a Doctorate (Phd) in Intellectual Property Risk Management from NALSAR University, India. He is currently pursuing his Post-Doctoral Research (Lld). He is a regular speaker in Several Universities, National and International Conferences. He has been recognized as one of the 100 Legal Luminaries of India.
Prominent Services Proffered
Altacit Global provides highly skilled services in Intellectual Property, Corporate Legal, Real Estate and Franchising. Altacit Global offers a spectrum of legal services, facilitating companies to look at Altacit Global as a complete Legal Service provider, when they are challenged with the daunting task dealing with legal issues relating to business. They facilitate their clients to deal with central, state and local rules and regulations affecting their business: from initial incorporation, business registration, new venture, acquisitions and alliances, business law, real estate, employment law, intellectual property protection, etc.
Intellectual Property
Altacit Global, is actively involved in all aspects of Intellectual Property registration, protection, prosecution, management and enforcement. With great emphasis is on Research & Training; many services they offer have the “first-mover advantage”, helping the clients stay ahead of the competition.
Corporate Legal
The Firm clientele includes entrepreneurs, small, medium and large corporations whom they advise on a broad range of corporate legal transactions. They offer expert guidance on diverse corporate issues, meticulously structuring business deals with exacting detail in order to minimize risk and optimize the clients’ short and long term objectives. Servicing the versatile business needs of both Indian and International clients.
Real Estate
Altacit Global has substantial experience in property transactions in the residential and commercial segments. They bring the collective knowledge of a group of lawyers who have professional expertise in a variety of legal services pertaining to real estate.
Altacit Global offers varied legal service catering to the dynamic needs of real estate clients.
Franchising, due to its ambiguity and the hybrid nature requires careful planning. At Altacit Global, they provide support systems & advisory services that fit the specific needs of their clients. Altacit Global’s franchise services are designed to assist business from conception of an idea to its inception. They further support franchise business with services for continuous management and periodic audits ensuring success.
Expanding Geographical Foot-Prints
Altacit Global offers a range of legal services, encouraging companies to look at Altacit Global as a complete Legal Service provider, when they are challenged with dealing with legal issues relating to business.
The motivation of forming Altacit Global was to provide clients with quality and competitive legal services. The firm since inception had strived to service its clients across geographical regions. They are situated in important cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Cochin which are home to Intellectual Property & Trademark Office, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, High Court of Madras, High Court of Karnataka and Indian Geographical Indications Registry. Today, with the office in 5 cities in India, the firm is well poised to address the needs of its clients in all southern cities of India. Altacit Global is all set to further expand the geographical foot-print of the firm. The team at Altacit Global has been the prime source of support and their contribution has been paramount in growth achieved by the Firm.

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