Sand Legal: Providing You an Edge

Many things have changed in the corporate legal arena in India. Legal firms must understand that corporate legal management is changing its momentum at present and must be prepared for future transformation of the scenario. Sand Legal is one of those very few consulting firms which is currently beefing itself up for the challenges ahead for its clients through understanding critical-function based compliance risk to the top management and has already devised ways to control it through systems approach.
Sand Legal is a consulting company which offers niche compliance services. Conceived as a think tank for management of legislative compliance, the company has developed a voluminous database of laws across all the geographies in which it provides services.
Sand Legal offers Global Legislative Compliance Services, Advisory, Litigation Support, Contract Management, Outsourced Compliance Services, Licensing Services, PLUS (pre-emptive legal update services) and Compliance Audit Services to its clients. It also helps its client train their stakeholders in compliance management through intensive programs fashioned for top and mid-level managements as also on-the-field operatives.
Sand Legal has introduced a product range where it offers customizable Legislative Manuals at the click of a button. The manuals will help companies identify compliance tasks, assign responsibilities to its stakeholders and track compliance management. The service is targeted to mid and small sized companies that need to address compliances within tight budgets.
Creator of Sand Legal
Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara, MD of Sand Legal, is a lawyer of 25 years standing. After a ten-year stint at litigation in Madras High Court and other courts in India, he waded into compliance and governance services. After a shift in a compliance services company, Sai has set up Sand Legal Services six years ago. Today, it provides a variety of compliance services in about seventy locations spanning eleven countries across the globe.
Sai is an author of fiction novels which he writes with the pen name of Vadhan. His latest book is being published by the International publishing house, Bloomsbury. The book is set to be launched in the Pune International Literary Festival in September 2016.
Turning Hurdles into Opportunities
Every enterprise has to face hurdles during the various phases of its growth. The challenge is in surviving the hurdles. Sand Legal’s first challenge was to survive in a marketplace infested with software tools to enable compliance. Their message to their clients was very clear, “You need legal and management expertise to reduce risk of non-compliance. A software tool is only a medium of communication.”
Once they established that simple ground rule, the next challenge was to control growth. Sand Legal chose only those clients who valued the importance of compliance as a long term strategy. Therefore, at the cost of tightening their belts and running on shoe string budgets, they only opted for those clients who would enhance their skill sets. In a matter of six years from inception, they moved from India to the highly compliance driven geographies of Europe, USA and APAC.
Clients Come First
Sand Legal’s first priority is their clientele, “At Sand Legal, our clients come first. I am personally involved in each project. I go for audits and compliance framework implementations. Our clients have direct access to me. We believe in seamless communication,” asserts Sai. Their motto has always been ‘Do it right the first time.’ On those very rare occasions when they faltered, they worked extra hard to ensure their clients are happy with them.
They understand the importance of their service from a governance and risk perspective and they ensure that their clients’ faith in them is justified. They offer global compliance services at global standards and local costs.
World-Wide Establishment
Sand Legal wanted to take themselves beyond the shores of India for Indian companies, and they did it very well. There was a lot of groundwork that went into Sand Legal before they hit pay dirt. They achieved their goal within four years from inception.
Currently Sand Legal offers legislative compliance services in India, 41 States in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, China, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. They support clients in managing compliance under FCPA, UK Bribery Act, Privacy Laws, Employment Laws, Mortgage and Insurance Laws and several other verticals.
Right now, they are growing their area of influence. They believe that they are in the right geographies doing the right kind of work, and are all set to get bigger and better.
Sand Legal currently plans to offer its services to other MNCs. “What is true of Indian MNCs is true for the others too because we now have the domain knowledge for other geographies,” says Sai, and is confident about the future.

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