Alternative Material Replacing Nano-scale Computer Silicon Chips

Alternative Material Replacing Nano-scale Computer Silicon Chips | Business News [ Business Magazine ]

Nano-chemists from the University of Copenhagen in China have introduced nano-scale electric contacts from organic and inorganic nanowires. They have crossed the wired like Mikado sticks and correlated several contacts together in an electric circuit. In the research study they have produced prototype computer electronics on the nano-scale, according to a press release.
Currently, all the electronic apparatus are manufactured using silicon transistors. For example, a single computer consists of millions of transistors on its chip. The director at the University of Copenhagen explains, “we have succeeded in placing several transistors consisting of nanowires together on a nanodevice.”
The research is considered as the maiden approach towards the future electronic circuitry based on organic materials – a possible substitute for today’s silicon-based technologies. This can probably offer the possibility of making computers in different ways in the future.
The researchers have used organic nanowires combined with the tin oxide nanowires in the hybrid circuit. As in a Mikado game, the nanowires cross in a device consisting of 4-6 active transistor moieties. The prototype computer electronics possess a low active current, high mobility, and effective stability which essential for the material to be able to compete with silicon.

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