Zomato and BioD Energy Finalize on Cooking Oil-to-biodiesel Project

Zomato and BioD Energy Finalize on Cooking Oil-to-biodiesel Project | Business News [ Business Magazine ]

Zomato—Restaurant aggregator and food delivery service and BioD— the manufacturer of biodegradable energy have partnered to collect used cooking oil from restaurants around the country so that it can be converted into biodiesel. The biodiesel is then planned to be sold to the oil marketing companies that will be mixed with regular oil.
Through this partnership both the companies have kept the target of collecting 1,000 tonnes of used cooking oil per month and convert into biodiesel.
Reasoning Ritesh Khera, the spokesperson at Zomato in an interview said, “The idea was to look at some of the deep-rooted problems in the restaurant industry that affect health and the environment.”
In an interview, he stated, “A lot of times the used cooking oil is given to small vendors and there is no traceability of how they dispose of the oil. He said, “most of the techniques used are not in line with the standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.”
In the beginning, Zomato is looking to tap into 1000 kitchens in the Delhi NCR and further expand the collection drive with BioD to five cities by next month. Their service will provide special bar-coded containers for the used cooking oil. Zomato will then periodically pick up the oil and transfer it to the BioD’s storage unit that is equipped to convert the oil to Biodiesel.

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