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Mr. Jenit Ramaiya | Founder, CEO & MD | Ambit Software[ CRM solution, Ambit Software, Customer Experience , customer relationship management, customer relationships, CRM application]
Mr. Jenit Ramaiya | Founder, CEO & MD | Ambit Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) segment has come a long way in assisting customer engagement functionalities to now being transformed into CRM software. Predominantly used by the giant ventures a couple of decades ago, today, even SMEs have started to embrace CRM to its fullest. Acknowledging this increasing scope, many companies are rolling out real-time CRM solutions intending to create a productive ecosystem.

Today, companies, especially in the software products and financial services space, are increasingly adopting chat & voice bots, social media sentiment analysis to automate their services as well as sales processes. B2B companies are automating large account management processes to build stronger relationships with their key customers. To cater to these needs, CRM providers in India are providing pre-built solutions that can be deployed in a few hours or days as compared to weeks or months earlier.

Founded in 2006, Ambit Software is one such company delivering end-to-end CRM and Customer Experience (CX) solutions to its clientele with utmost excellence. With offices in India, USA, the Netherlands, and UAE, it stands tall as a digital catalyst quenching the requirements of the customers to the core. Rendering customer-centric software solutions across the globe, it has worked with Fortune 500 & SMB clients and provided them with enterprise-grade CRM applications and technology services. Implementing & executing effective strategies, consulting, and technology services have helped  it to craft out solutions for various industry verticals which includes BFSI, Manufacturing, High-technology, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, and Distribution.

Ambit’s thirteen years of industry experience and alliance with leading OEMs such as SugarCRM, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, etc. empowers it to provide comprehensive CRM & CX solutions. These solutions comprise of CRM strategy & process consulting, implementation, customization, integrations, training, migrations, and ongoing support.

Meet the Founder 

Nurturing overall leadership and strategic direction across the organization, Mr. Jenit Ramaiya is the Founder, CEO & Managing Director of Ambit Software. He has completed his Engineering from Pune University followed by an MBA from Mumbai University. He has amassed nearly two decades of experience in consulting and technology, delivering business-impacting IT solutions across a broad range of industries such as Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Consumer Goods and Hospitality. His global exposure has enabled him to define and successfully execute dual-shore strategies for numerous clients. His professional journey has always been dedicated to helping clients devise their CRM strategies, operationalize them through enterprise applications, product engineering, and process improvement models.

What’s so Distinctive? 

Over the years, Ambit has successfully outperformed own milestones and created a niche across its segment with its curated set of USPs which include: 

  • Consultants with years of technical and functional expertise
  • Deep knowledge and experience in an array of industries
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Proven methodologies and practices
  • 200+ CRM Implementations
  • 10+ CRM Vendor Alliances
  • 24×7 Support Centre

An Ambit of Quality Services

As a leading end-to-end CRM solution provider, Ambit delivers and deploys integrated solutions that help organizations to transform customer relationships and achieve extraordinary business value across multiple channels. Its implementation services incorporate the highest quality standards from process documentation to data security:

Process Documentation Using BPMN Standards 

Recognizing that the Business Process Modelling is becoming the highest priority for business owners and analysts, Ambit helps companies by bridging the gap between process intention and implementation alongside providing sufficient detail and clarity into the sequence of business activities.

Development Quality in Customizations

The company has diverse expertise in handling the complete lifecycle of CRM application customization for its clientele. Its structured and flexible software customization methodology efficiently delivers well-defined and mature application development processes from business case analysis to warranty and support of the CRM customizations.

Upgrade-safe Practices

Ambit helps companies with hassle-free CRM up-gradations that uphold data security and integrity. These up-gradations involve current implementation, including the customizations and integrations involved thereby, deriving a mechanism to upgrade CRM with customized features intact.

ISO 27001 Processes

The company is moving towards Information Security Management system (ISO 27001) certification aiming to enhance the risk mitigation and consistency in the delivery of services.

The Core Competencies 

Since inception, the company is striving to deliver comprehensive CRM solutions under one roof by leveraging:

Process Consulting

Ambit helps clients in surpassing challenges and minimizing risks by offering industry-leading process consulting services and innovative solutions that represent knowledge, proactive capabilities, and robust strategic alliances.

Buyer Personas

Acknowledging the demand for multiple buyer personas, Ambit helps companies in embracing well-researched customer-centric buyer personas that effectively quench the needs of the target audience.

Customer Journeys

Focusing on customer journey mapping, the company believes that providing a personalized experience to the end-user is a result of its client-oriented thought process. It’s committed to delivering comprehensive client-focused customer journeys alongside mapping the most relevant and widely used touchpoints to the CRM system.

Customer Intelligence

Understanding customer behaviours, Ambit delivers real-time customer intelligence across all the channels that empower companies to anticipate customer needs and identify the right markets and opportunities for business growth and cost savings.

Omni-channel/Multi-channel CRM

The company offers an omni-channel implementation backed by a blend of multi-pronged data-management strategy and the latest technologies to keep up with the customer-experience trends.

Integrated Customer On-boarding and KYC

Ambit offers new-age CRM applications that streamline and automate multi-stakeholder processes like on-boarding, compliance, and KYC, with flexible workflows created to simplify processes across the front, middle, and back-office.

Chatbots and Voice-bots

The company triggers seamless integration with AI-powered chat and voice bots which provides instant communication and can empower humans across most of the customer-oriented sectors.

Social Media Integration

Ambit’s social media integration expertise successfully assists companies in enhancing their customer base and delivering quality services.

Ambit’s Take on the Future with CRM

The global CRM market is predicted to grow at a 13.7 % Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2021, says the Gartner estimates. All companies across the globe are striving to keep up with the changing times and trends.

Conversational AI-Powered CRM

Integration of AI-powered assistance will be the focus of conversational CRM systems in 2019 and beyond. CRM world is witnessing various developments including text and face recognition, but voice functionalities will lead the market in the near future. Just like the voice assistants on a smartphone, AI-powered CRM can enable organizations to get information from simple to complex data by using voice commands. Recently, Ambit has leveraged a seamless integration between CRM and major chatbot/voicebot solution to keep up with the demand for conversational CRM for the leading banks, e-commerce, and retail companies.

IoT in CRM for Predictive Customer Service 

The company believes that IoT-based CRM is the future of customer service. It has the potential to automate customer service and solve problems at a faster rate with more efficiency like never before. As such, the company helps various manufacturing companies in implementing IoT-integrated CRM to boost customer services, drive more sales, and improve overall business process across all the departments.

Increase in Mobile CRM Usage

As Mobile CRM has enabled real-time access at any time and place till date, it’s no surprise that this trend will continue to flourish in the coming times. Its day-by-day increasing usage is laying a foundation of increased efficiency, access to more accurate information, and improved customer experience. Combining its years of experience with mobile UI/UX, Ambit is providing companies with proficient CRM systems that are accessible to its employees on a variety of devices with an offline synchronization feature.

The Bottom Line

CRM is now expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025. Focusing on customer-centric solutions, the companies of today and tomorrow will extensively leverage CRM to build a trustworthy business ecosystem for its clientele. With a similar vision, Ambit will continue to implement organization-wide CRM solutions and initiatives pertaining to the latest trends thereby, generating profitable outcomes. This commitment towards customer journey will aid in creating the segmentation required to develop sales, service and marketing initiatives that offer multi-channel, personalized approaches tailored to specific customer behaviours.


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