Amoolya Vassa: An innovative Leader who introduced a smart & cost-effective Payment Solution

Amoolya Vassa

Motivation is a goal-oriented characteristic that helps a person to achieve his objectives. An executive must have the right leadership traits to induce motivation. As a leader, one should keep an open perspective on human nature. An effective trailblazer must understand the needs of employees, peers and his business environment. Leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other members of an organization. One of these individuals is Amoolya Vassa, Founder of the TRANSACTWORLD GROUP.
Before starting his business in the online payment industry he managed a family owned import/export trading business. When starting the new venture the business naturally had to survive on a tight budget environment. As the business started to flourish and client base grew, the company managed to become a decent niche player acting on international lines. Year by year regulatory requirements, international payment standards and a growing merchant base continuously instigated the young company to upgrade their system. Over the years they were settled very comfortably being a known partner in their space. Now, the company reached a point where the past years strategy to massively upgrade the system and investing in new products is picking up and the group is ready for an international mass scale of the business.
We work in a fast paced industry that is evolving every day. As a business owner and leader, you have to stay on top of things, do your own research and make sure you have the latest information of available technologies and what competitors are doing. I am very happy and proud that we have invested so much in talents and technology over the past years.
 My role is to provide the best possible environment for our staff to work so they can make sure our systems are up to date, development work is in full swing, our customers and partners are satisfied and the atmosphere is happy and positive.” says Amoolya .
E -commerce Growth is the Inspiration of Amoolya
The e-commerce market is growing so fast that figures are out of date almost as soon as they are released. His organization has a strong presence in Europe while their software hub is in Mumbai. Now that the Indian government is pushing for digitalization the growth is even exceeding the original plans. The demand is twofold – a lot of European businesses want to expand to India and electronic payments has become a well promoted topic in India itself.
Amoolya believes that their innovative payment acceptance products, developed over the decade of experience in the payments industry and best-in-class-talent will surely enter Indian Acquiring, and issuing the space. Amoolya considers that everyone has their own unique goals and objective. When people start believing and focusing on their own action, they can easily taste the cherry of success.
Company Overview with Amoolya
As globalization of e-commerce is creating new opportunities, merchants want to take advantage of these opportunities and secure new business; whereas online customers want to enhance their shopping experience. However, while performing online transactions, customers are sometimes overcharged or the gateway does not provide confirmation. In addition, sometimes there is the unavailability of support information to customers or the account details are given to one website is being used by multiple websites. Hence, customers expect secured, quick and well-informed Transaction Process by requesting minimum input from the End Customer. This is why Paymentz comes as a preferred choice for many vendors across the globe.
TRANSACTWORLD GROUP has deployed an end-to-end solution for the online payment industry providing a single entry hub for global markets combining such lean front-end APIs with a strong backend making payments truly seamless throughout the processing chain. Today, the company enables global transaction processing in a SIMPLE, SECURE, SWIFT and SCALABLE environment. Their in-house developed technology acts like a backbone where they can plug-in all relevant services and user interface along with the payment value chain.
Paymentz:  Provides state-of-the-art, white Label Payment Gateway Solution
Paymentz offers innovative, unique & cost effective Payment Industry related software Products for leveraging the underlying businesses for their clients. Few of their primary products are, White labelled Payment Acceptance System, White labelled Wallet System, In-flight Payment Acceptance System, Merchant Onboarding System, Risk Tracker  (Merchant Monitoring Tool), and Invoizer ( Invoicing solution).
Amoolya defines the essence of Paymentz, which make this payment system most prominent or leading than their competitors.

  • Paymentz’s innovative, unique & cost effective software Products customized to address end to end requirements of the Payment Industry
  • Industry specialists with 15+ years of Domain Expertize Team
  • The range of its own server farm backed by highly secured Tier 4 Data Centre facility
  • Redundant Infrastructure at Disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity & 24X7X365 days system availability

Moreover, the Company owned, Front Office, Back Office Premises, Software, Servers & Infrastructure, delivers the cost effective & sustainable solution, Advance technology, and Global presence & affiliate networks.
Most Eminent Projects
The organization has designed some unique projects to match with client’s desires. These exceptional projects help them to bringing greater focus on integration and improvement of their work processes.


PAYMENTZ Platform is a robust and Global White Label Payment Gateway to enable fast and Easy Processing for Banks, Acquirers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). The Platform includes merchant API, documentation and merchant login Sites, Which can be fully rebranded to match your Brand.

  • M-transact – WHITE LABEL WALLET

Paymentz Wallet, a smartphone application that replaces the need to carry physical credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards. Paymentz Wallet generates a protected online space for retaining payment information that can be retrieved by a registered user whenever required. Individual account information does not need to be entered when using Paymentz Wallet to make Payment.

  • RISK TRAKER – The Risk Engine Tool

Paymentz Risk Traker  detects, analyzes and manages transactions, behavior and habits of the merchants and cardholders. The risk engine collects and analyzes the vast number of transaction data and enables you to manage and fully control merchants and their activities based on analysis and alerts you can actively consult merchants and if needed suspend their transactions and prevent any possible issue.


It is a Paymentz Platform Module, is a solution for merchants onboarding with the banks. By selecting a specific bank you can get a tailor-made query for the selected acquirer. All merchant data can be secured for sending application packages to multiple acquirers/banks. Information needs to be filled only once. The boarding manager ensures a smooth onboarding process allowing you to apply to multiple banks within minutes.


A Smartphone Application for creating online invoices which replaces a need to buy expensive POS machine, Invoizr enables the merchant to share invoices with their customers using mediums like Whatsapp, SMS, Email, etc. and to get paid online. Using Invoizr Merchants can generate, Share, Cancel and Regenerate the invoices and can also send reminders to their customers. Using Invoizr, clients can also split invoices among friends. It is fully integrated with Paymentz platform invoicing solution which can be accessed using web interface also. This simple and easy yet powerful tool saves time and money for both merchant and their customers.


IFE Pay is a fully PCI Compliant, State of art in-flight payment module supporting both online and offline orders. It is integrated with on-ground Paymentz Platform to support both online and offline transactions. It supports a fully configurable in-flight risk engine and on-ground processing capabilities. IFE Pay can be easily integrated with any in-flight marketplace and entertainment module.
Various Protagonist Roles Technology Plays in Day-to-Day Life
Technology is a core for the organization that deals with the Payments. Each and every activity is getting executed through the use of one or another technology in the various functional areas of the Organizations. Anupam highlights some important roles that technology plays for their organization, such as Technology in place to process Payments at the real-time, Analytics & Decision Making, the area of Digital Marketing, Business Growth, Lead Management, Customer Support and Satisfaction, Resource Management and Globalization.
Ongoing Projects Worldwide
Amoolya explains that the company has recently entered into a joint venture with an Investment Group, through which Paymentz would identify companies in payments business to further have joint venture or alliance with them or buy them to create one-stop International payments solutions. With presence and projects in Europe, this would help Paymentz gain new business opportunities in India.
Paymentz aims to seed its own business in supporting start-ups around the globe and envisions introducing its Payment Gateway, Wallet, Risk Traker Tool, Merchant Onboarding Tool App., Inflight Payments (IFEPAY), Invoizr – Invoicing App. and other related mobile payment options in the future.
Paymentz Is offering all its products in White Label Format making it easy for all to kickstart the payment project immediately.
“We will continue offering our partners flexible and secure payment solutions with sophisticated real-time fraud prevention and reporting across all channels which are easy and safe to integrate, Safe, Secure, Swift & Scalable Solution is our mantra.” says Amoolya.
Reason behind the Success
TRANSACTWORLD GROUP is continuing to develop market-leading payment solutions supporting a frictionless integration throughout the whole payment chain. The group is spending a lot of time to analyze and implement their client’s needs.  They feel gratified that their White label payment gateway, eWallet and in-flight payment module is accepted worldwide and is currently being used in LATAM, Saudi, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Israel and The EU.
Moreover, the organization has fervent experience about delivering high-quality services and continuously develops its system and tools to benchmark the industry. They offer a complete White label solution for Payment provider with state of art APIs for online and mobile device integration, including an authorized e-money licensed entity allowing issuing payment instruments and acquiring payment transactions.

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