Adventure Traveling–stop dreaming and start exploring

Adventure - Insights Success
Adventure - Insights Success

Adventure Travelling is not only been something that people wish to do, rather it has become a part of our lives now. Right from packing bags to exploring new places, gaining exotic experiences and enjoying the journey, there’s a lot more to do with travelling which starts with passion and ends with passion only.
Fascinating, life-changing travel destinations and those spontaneous, un-manicured experiences one get while travelling is beyond explanation. It has not only inspired people to get a trip off the ground but also helped many to step out of their doors. Why do many people spend so much time dreaming about traveling rather than actually planning and doing it? And aside from the obvious fun involved, travelling can also transform personality at different levels but when it comes to actual planning, people find unnecessary excuses for not to make it happen.
When one travels around they meet strangers who might trigger unexplored emotions which are suppressed inside and are hidden from the outside world. Having a travel bucket list is always a fun idea. Writing down the places that can be explored someday, so when one gets the chance to explore them they get striked off.
While there is no precise definition of adventure travelling it mostly includes physical activities, interaction with nature, and a wide cultural exchange.
Why should one love adventure travelling—

  • To connect and grow experience— Social media and internet has made the world look smaller. Traveling better on a deeper emotional and more personal level can teach thousands of lessons which cannot be learnt by sitting at home. Escaping from run-of-the-rat race and homogenized experiences, travellers are craving for more adventure.
  • Tackling Challenges—Travelling is the best place to test ourselves. It gives self- realization about what will be the reaction on different situations as it pushes people to their limits and get them out from their imaginary comfort zone and invisible boundaries. It may also helps in overcoming challenges which often brings joy later. Overcoming barriers of languages overseas is a difficult task to manage but it will improve one’s writing style, boost memory, and leverage resume too. Approaching someone for directions in unknown cities or even ordering dishes off a menu in their language may make interactions interesting. Realizing how capable one is and building confidence will help the person in dealing with new tasks in future.
  • Adventure Travelling is a rising trend— Thrills starts as soon as one lands on a new place, the travelling Generation nowadays wants to hike, ride mountain bike, canoe, kayak, zip line, rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, sand boarding, scuba diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, and heli-trek their way around the cities they are seeing. The sky is literally the limit with these options and with so many new adventure opportunities to choose from, right from indoor skydiving to snow-rafting.
  • Self-Satisfaction— Taking a glimpse of eternity and returning back to the real world with stories which seems like fantasy and memories which can never be lived again, is something that makes one more that satisfied. Meeting souls which leave an imprint on the heart, to get to know places which we have seen only in movies, experiencing and learning more about other cultures/traditions, discovering new interests, gives tremendous self-satisfaction.
  • Exploring new places— Being bold and daring to choose places worth visiting by giving your dream feathers of imagination is a good idea. Enjoying sunsets at beaches, learning basic laws of currency at that place, having different cuisines, getting in touch with new people, grasping cultures and rituals and connecting with nature is how one can explore.
  • Changes perspective— travelling impacts one’s decision making skills, improves ability of prioritizing tasks, helps in changing outlook towards career and life (broadens person horizon) and make a better problem solver in business world. New ideas and philosophies stick to mind which can further be implemented in business projects. Traveling also provides an opportunity to learn and grow as a better person and be enriched with experiences which help in tackling circumstances. It will also help in being a good communicator and an active listener which will benefit one in making smarter choices and that’s an essential leadership trait required in corporate life.

So pack your bags and get ready to travel either alone or with friends, because travelling is an adventure which opens eyes, gladdens and touches the heart, sharpens the mind, tires feet, lightens wallet but brightens life.
-Kiran Jadhav

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