Angel Broking: Incredible Servers to Retail Investors

Angel Broking perfectly understands client’s needs and provides solutions that best suit them. They ensure their platforms are comprehensive, fast, secure and provide highly personalized solutions while delivering the best investing experience.
Their services include Stocks and Commodity Trading, Wealth Management Services, Investment Advisory Services, Distribution of Mutual Funds, IPOs, Personal Loans and Insurance, as well as E-broking & Depository services – all supported by intensive research and a six sigma-backed Quality Assurance program
In Digital Innovations, Angel Broking has many firsts to its credit such as DKYC, Trade in 1 Hour, Customer Service through Twitter & Face book, Worry Free Investing System and ARQ – The Hyper Intelligent Investment Engine, to name a few.
DKYC: When the industry was talking about E-KYC, Angel Broking moved ahead and introduced DKYC where account opening is done with a bio-metric finger print and the further documents are auto-fetched by the digital system. Through this innovation, customers can open an account with Angel Broking in just 10 mins.
Trade in 1 Hour: A never heard before initiative where once KYC is completed, customers can start trading within one hour. The fastest available in the industry then, was 24 hours. This became possible as they automated all their back-end processing ensuring high speed clearances.
Customer Service on Twitter & Facebook: In an era where customers were put on hold when they called customer service centers, the company introduced a real-time customer service on Twitter & Facebook by deploying Chat-Bots. The customers now use pre-set #hashtags to know their account balance, ledger balance and other necessary information, which enables them to make investing / trading decisions on the go.
Worry Free Investing: Angel Broking incorporated advanced behavior-based analytic algorithms in their surveillance system that promises highly enhanced security for the online customers. The system sends out an alert to the relevant stakeholders as soon as it detects any unusual pattern in customer’s login/trading behavior thereby safeguarding them from investment mishaps.
ARQ–The Wealth Management Engine for Retail Investors: Angel Broking has ensured the HNI quality advisory is available to every individual investor. ARQ uses Algorithms, Quant and Nobel Price Winning Modern Portfolio theory to enable personalized investment advice based on individual’s financial goals and risk profile, by taking advantage of the diversification benefits among different asset classes. ARQ processes massive amounts of data to recommend only the best investment strategy out of billions of possible combinations.
Industrious Duo Efforts
Angel Broking’s Founder, Dinesh Thakkar started the business in 1987. He started his journey as a retail investor. He realized that retail investors were advise and assistance deprived, as at that time, there didn’t exist such a service. He spotted a huge business opportunity to serve the retail investing community and that’s how Angel Broking was born. It is because of Thakkar’s vision and his integrity in serving the retail investors, that today the company is India’s largest and the most preferred Broking and investment advisory brand.
Vinay Agrawal,CEO at Angel Broking brings with him over 15 years of rich experience, spanning across BFSI domain. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he has meticulously developed his expertise in the broking industry, covering multiple facets such as finance & operations, business development, product development and e-broking. With an intuitive understanding of the financial markets and a strong business insight, Agrawal has rapidly risen within the Angel Group. His ingenuity in developing successful strategies, strong analytical ability, and dedication to the organization has helped him to become the first CEO of the company. His constant endeavor has enabled Angel to adopt modern technology for enhancing the business.
Unshaken Dedication
Today, Angel Broking is the only Retail Focused Broking house that has the most advanced Digital Investing platform. Serving the vast Retail investor community is not an easy task. In a Retail focused business, ticket size is small and investing community is widely spread-out. Operating in such a long-tail model is indeed a costly affair. Hence, erstwhile industry peers have either shifted focus from retail or have shut shops.
To overcome these obstacles, the company adopted a two pronged strategy: Firstly, they spread across the length and breadth of the country to reach-out to each and every individual through branches, business partners/ sub-broker networks (where they are the largest today); secondly, they started investing heavily in technological advancements and digitized processes to bring in viability, while keeping the quality of advice, superior investing experience & personalized service standards intact.
Angel Broking’s unshaken dedication, market knowledge and advisory expertise have indeed helped it not just emerge as the largest player but also develop innovation that will deliver scientific investment solutions at affordable costs. The company’s latest offering ‘ARQ’ exactly does this. ARQ is a first-of-its-kind, intelligent and predictive investment engine for retail investors which is powered by the combined strength of machine learning, cutting-edge cognitive technology and deep industry insights.
Awards and Achievements
In the journey of almost three decades, Angel Broking has come a long way. It had just one office and 100 clients to start with. Today, it’s a leading stock broking and wealth management firm, with international recognition, headquartered in Mumbai. It operates on a unique retail focused stock broking & investment advisory model that provides revolutionary trading platforms and expertise to a diversified base of over 1 million clients. The company has a pan India presence with close to 100 branches and 9000+ sub brokers.
Angel Broking’s continuous innovation and drive for customer delight has got it recognition and many accolades at prestigious platforms, mentioned below are few of them:

  • First Retail Focused Broking House to launch a Wealth Management Engine – ARQ
  • Angel Broking is one of the major Volume Drivers on BSE and NSE
  • They have the largest Sub-Broker Network (9000+) in the country
  • Best Technology House of the year 2016 by Assocham
  • Most Trusted Financial Brand 2016 – WCRC Leaders Asia
  • Brand of The Year – 2016, Consumer Choice – WCRC Leaders Asia
  • Master Brand 2016- Global Excellence Awards
  • Best Mobile Trading App 2016 – Global Excellence Awards
  • Launch of the Year 2016; ARQ – Global Excellence Awards
  • Digital Investment Role in BFSI

Digital Investing has just started and will be the future. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences & Analytics will change the way of investing. Mobile will be the most powerful tool than it has ever been.
Through the mobile platform, a much more robust Wealth Management Platform with comprehensive financial planning can be easily done which will help to understand client needs, risk appetite along with behavioral traits to provide more personalized solutions. Investing in multiple asset classes with a well planned strategy will be possible through deployment of technology.
With the launch of Angel Broking’s new investment Engine – ARQ, they have embarked on that journey and see themselves leading the space through continuous deployment of advanced technology and their advisory expertise. This will help the best of investment advisory to water down to the bottom of the pyramid.
Giving the best of services 
The beauty of Digital World is that the brand experience starts much before acquisition. You have to understand consumer behavior, needs and patterns to ensure that customers experience starts from Day Zero. As a New Generation Digital Investing Company, Angel Broking has ensured that their customer touch points should be fast, convenient and deliver the best of User Experience.
Startups add up creativity
Angel Broking works very closely with Fintech start-ups. They mentor and evaluate offerings of Fintech Start-ups through accelerators, bootcamps, etc. Recently, they have launched a Fintech Challenge at Fintech Valley Vizag–A Government of Andhra Pradesh Initiative, where start-ups across India and the globe have submitted entries.
Start-ups bring new perspective and new approach to the business with innovative and disruptive models. Throughout the company’s interactions, they always advise start-ups to be Creative, Analytical, Fast and Agile. They consider young minds very innovative as they develop some amazing platforms that makes Consumer’s life simpler.
Angel Broking strongly believes that a collaborative effort of established players like them and Fintech Start-ups will play a very big role in driving digitization in Financial Services resulting in Financial inclusion.
Marketing strategies
Angel Broking is here for Individual Investors and they promise to innovate so that they can provide clients with the best of Investment Advisory and Digital Platforms. They truly believe that Financial Inclusion will only be possible through Mobile Technology and hence they have invested heavily in the same. With the latest launch – ARQ, they have taken their first step towards making superior Investment advisory available at minimal / zero cost to every individual.
Successful investing in stock market requires a lot of tenets to come together – the essential knowledge of market behavior, massive amounts of data to sift through and interpretation of a wide universe of investment philosophies and techniques competing to identify the out-performers. If this was not intimidating enough for an investor, he also has to face countless strong opinions and even tips from people around him, leading to impulsive decisions and deviation from another most essential tenet to success–disciplined investing. Bringing all these tenets together is beyond human capabilities–even eminent fund managers cannot handle this complexity–only a well-designed and powerful machine can do this – similar to how Deep Blue could beat the best chess grand masters in the world and Google AI could beat the best Go master in the world. Angel Broking identified this need and they have put their best data scientists, technology experts, market researchers and deep industry experience at work for more than a year and built the revolutionary investment engine – ARQ. Platforms like ARQ are indeed the future of Investing.

Source :- The 10 Fastest Growing BFSI Companies

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