Angels Paradise Academy: Enhancing Children’s Life with Effective Teachings

Sayali Bhosale | Director | ANGELS PARADISE ACADEMY
Sayali Bhosale | Director | ANGELS PARADISE ACADEMY

Education is one power that makes an individual create an impact all over the world. Education is the only asset that provides us with knowledge, creativity, and new learnings. As easy it sounds, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Creating the atmosphere, the will to educate and to get educated can be a task. Knowledge can only be assembled if one is curious about their surroundings. Angels Paradise Academy encourages its children to ask questions at school and at home as learning is a never-ending process.

Angels Paradise Academy is located in Pune, Maharashtra. It is ardently and passionately involved in shaping the young minds and re-shaping the next civilization. Mrs. Sayali Bhosale is the Director of Angels Paradise Academy. Through her rich experience and great mentoring attitude, she has been able to proliferate her innovative ideas and preparing a motivated band of revolutionary educationists.

The Visionary Start

Angels Paradise Academy endeavour to equip its children with skills they will need tomorrow. It prepares the student’s foundation by enhancing creative and critical thinking skills, effective communication, and interaction skills, along with a complete focus on their holistic development.

Angels Paradise is nestled within a single-level 15,000 square feet of safe and secure environment. All its rooms are spacious, bright, and well-lit with large windows for natural light and ventilation. Each classroom is sprawling enough to allow the little minds to explore and enjoy every purposefully designed learning corners.

The classrooms are structured and designed keeping in mind the utmost safety of its students. Each classroom has an attached washroom, which is also very child centric. The classrooms have sensory corners, reading nooks, free play and pretend play zones, and art zones to give the best possible learning opportunities to the students.

Inspiring Leader

Mrs. Sayali Bhosale, the Director of Angels Paradise Academy and Founder of Uriel Kids has been instrumental in her career towards creating a balanced educational ecosystem, where the early learners can learn with fun. She leveraged her international background towards establishing a new era in Edtech domain and delivering globally benchmarked curriculums and institutional development services. Mrs. Sayali is a visionary educationist, a committed professional, pioneer of change, and appreciates disruptive technologies in transforming and facilitating the Indian education system. She is a game changer and believes in the vocational learning system with emphasis on ‘listen and learn’ approach and genuine adoption of online platforms.

Having diverse international teaching experience of more than a decade in multicultural environments in London- UK, Dubai- UAE, and India, she got an opportunity to be able to recognize multiple styles of teaching.

Motivating Outlook

As an educationist and a mother, Mrs. Sayali understands the delicate balance between work and personal life. This was the reason behind the genesis of the academy – to offer parents and guardians, quality childcare solutions. Having spent considerable time overseas, she got the opportunity to explore and experience multiple styles of teaching. She brings back this rich experience to Angels Paradise, where she is integrating the British and Indian methods of teaching that emphasize curiosity led learning and fun.

Knowledgeable Learnings

Angels Paradise programme aims at supporting the psychomotor, social-emotional, linguistic, and cognitive development of children from two and half to six years old. The institute also aim at building self-care skills and prepare the child for primary education. Its programme is totally holistic. Achievements envisaged in this programme encompass all common skills adopted by primary education programmes. Problem solving, communication, reasoning, connecting, decision making, undertaking, and fulfilling responsibility, investigating, environmental awareness, creating, and many other skills are imparted naturally to children through situations, environments, and play based activities.

While responding to the developmental needs, its programme also aims at advancing, diversifying, and enriching the behaviour of the child by cultivating values, good habits, ethics, and teaching the children the difference between right and wrong.

Apart from all the specialities mentioned above the school has an innovative curriculum that is designed and developed by a team of early education experts. The academy works coherently with educational advisors from the UK, with an approach of integrated aspects from Indian as well as British curriculum. The curriculum includes a scientific amalgamation of:

  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • The Montessori Method
  • The Play Way Method
  • Angels Paradise Academy’s Original Methods (Tried and Tested)

The school is equipped with a puppet theatre, dramatic play centres, splash pool, sand pit, and a large play area. The entire premises is under CCTV surveillance and complete and continuous visibility to parents of their child during school hours and during day care hours is provided.

Battling the Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic had brought much of the world to a virtual standstill. As a result, innumerable schools were being shut all across the world. Many schools collapsed due to the economic impact.

Like every other preschool it was a very challenging time for everyone, but as the school struggled to come to terms with these circumstances where a pandemic of this magnitude had derailed the best of planning in the whole world, it was looking for ways and means to minimize the academic loss for its students.

The school then initiated a process to provide fruitful academic experiences for its children. Therefore, it planned to go for online teaching to make this time a productive and happy one for the students.

With this paradigm shift, the school aimed to utilize interactive collaborative tools on a single platform. It redesigned its curriculum for virtual schooling and tried best to reach out to the students and bring in the difference in their lives.

With so much free time, the school believed keeping kids on a routine was important.

This was the time when the school introduced its first ever 24×7 online preschool Uriel Kids to reach out to parents from all across the globe. Apart from regular school it also started after school activities like Phonics, Foreign language classes, Shlokas, Chess, Public speaking, and much more for kids to keep the kids engaged and giving them the joys of limitless learning! (

Since safety of the staff was of utmost priority to the school, it then started practicing work from home and the team geared to take up the new challenges ahead. The next few days were onerous for the school as it was going to prepare for distance learning though online content, pre-recorded videos, taking live online classes, preparing worksheets, and assignments from home. It supported and mentored the teachers by providing them various online training programmes to help them become adept with online teaching through innovative and fun ways.

Since this was a new experience, Angels Paradise Academy needed to practice patience, flexibility, and understanding. After all these arduous times the school was able to proudly say that they efficiently adapted to this new normal and shifted seamlessly to suit the current need making sure that none of its children are impacted.

Quest to be the Best

In the long run Angels Paradise Academy want to be an innovative leader in childcare education where the child is continuously encouraged to go beyond boundaries. To be a globally recognized household name in providing excellence in the finest childcare experience imparting knowledge, creativity, and fun. Angels Paradise Academy would like to be the second home of a child where it can nurture them with affection, care, responsibility, and happiness through a comprehensive learning environment.


The Indian education industry is surely in an upward swing, a school is a place where the child acquires the basic cognitive, physical, social, and emotional capabilities that prepares them for later success in school and life. With growing parent awareness coupled with rising number of nuclear families, and factors like increasing disposable income of parents and rapid urbanization there will be an increased penetration of schools in the country. This has resulted in the development of innovative and advanced infrastructures and well as quality education programmes for schools across the country.

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