Anilbhai Parale: A Mighty Entrepreneurial Empowerer of India’s Krushidhan Group

Anilbhai Parale
Anilbhai Parale

There are two facets to the rural Indian economy, whose backbone has always been agriculture and farming. A body finds it difficult to stand solely on its backbone because it requires the entire skeleton to be fleshed out into muscles and mass. Agro-industry was supposed to be the skeletal muscles of the rural economy.

Again, a successful agro-based business necessitates an entire league of exceptional and powerful entrepreneurial spirits because entrepreneurship is vital to any society’s growth, development, progress, and prosperity. Entrepreneurial success empowers the individual and the entire network of people with whom they are associated. 

This is especially important in India’s rural demographics, where many from the young generations are exploring the options of financial sufficiency and economic independence because only agro-businessmanship enables those with the ability to pursue their dream endeavors by breaking the traditional barriers of poverty, disparity, and insufficiency.

On the road to agro-business success, however, almost all aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those from rural areas, find it difficult to launch their venture with proper planning and precise predictions.

This had been a severe issue keenly understood by Anilbhai Parale during his successfully surmounting every challenge he faced, every obstacle he overcame, and every hurdle he erased and became the Founder of Krushidhan Group– Krushidhan industries, Krushidhan fisheries, Krushidhan biotech, Krushidhan biotech Pvt ltd, Krushi machinery tools, BS Industries; and Startup Factory. Smiling, he says, “I take every challenge as an opportunity and each setback as a learning experience.”

According to Anilbhai, agriculture is not only the Indian economy’s backbone. Since the dawn of Indian civilization, agriculture and allied industries have been India’s very soul and a way of Indian life. Indian ethos reflects the simple yet profound fact of life that without agriculture, there is no food, and without sufficient food for the masses, there is no existence; forget the modern concepts of civilizational growth, development, prosperity, and success.

How do you think we survived the hardship imposed by the pandemic, which has been wreaking havoc on the entire world? We survived and even advanced despite the widespread epidemic due to our agricultural proliferation. That is why we must strengthen the backbone and the entire body of agriculture, farming, and the agro-industrial ecosystem,” Anilbhai says. In this regard, he has already taken the legendary steps.

Krushidhan Group – The Agricultural Treasury of India

Agriculture, Anilbhai states, is such a fundamental sector that all other industries depend on it for their very existence, as they rely on agricultural output for commodities such as various raw materials. Agriculture, in general, is the most important part of everyone’s life in society, community, and country. Unfortunately, there are numerous spanners in the industry. As a result, agricultural workers have ample opportunity to produce high-quality products while earning a decent living. “All of my efforts under the Krushidhan Group have always been to compose means and measures to help every farmer and farm-based individual maximize and enhance the quality of their produce,” Anilbhai claims.

The objective behind the establishment of Krushidhan Group has been to provide daughters and sons of the soil alternative and parallel opportunities to make their livelihood sustainable. Since the sector is spread across India, all its impediments are widespread. Krushidhan Group, with all its allied industries, helps people with issues in this sector tackle these catches by removing the intricacies within this unorganized system and making things easily accessible and smooth. 

On the mission of redefining the entire agricultural scenario in India, Anilbhai, and the team Krushidhan Group are developing products and services related to the areas like Animal Feeding, Drip Irrigation, Flower, Fodder Plants, Horticulture, Medicinal, Timber, and other. In these areas, they provide products like machinery, fisheries, packaging, fragrance, plantation and land development, rubber industries, FMCG trading, organic fertilizers, animal fodder, agriculture machinery, sprayer pump, diesel and petrol engines, etc. 

Ultimately, Anilbhai and his Krushidhan team are empowering three primary agricultural domains: farming, fisheries, and agro-industrial sectors. “Our Group is assisting the farm-dependent populace in adopting modern technology and methods, accelerating the momentum toward improved efficiency, productivity, and return on investment,” he says. 

There are a total of 27 companies operating under the brand Krushidhan Group working as D2C, Retail, Delivery, etc. firms situated in multiple states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, MP, UP, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Manipur, and Goa with multiple locations and branches functioning in the widest range of sectors mentioned earlier.

Krushidhan Specializations  

*Crops: Krushidhan Group’s intense efforts are invested in yielding optimum farm produce regarding food, fodder, and traps. 

*Seeds and Plants: Krushidhan also provides seed supplements and seedlings for fruits, flowers, spices, vegetables, medicinal, decorative, fragrance, and seed plants/trees/timber. The Group delivers a wide range of seeds, including earthworms, silkworms, honey bees, and fish seeds.  

*Organic Fertilizers, Pest Control, and Eco-Beneficial Insects: Krushidhan manufactures and delivers organic and completely chemical-free fertilizers. It also provides insects that are beneficial for the farmers in controlling hazardous pests and enhancing soil fertility and crop yield. 

*Solar Energy Systems: The company specifically designs, develops, and manufactures solar power generation systems for various agricultural and related processes. 

*Farm Pond Matting: Krushidhan offers various materials to create artificial farm ponds. 

*Mobile Moto Starters: It has designed motor starters that are portable, mobile, remotely accessible, and operable to track and trace the highly fluctuating voltage currents in the field and protect electrical equipment and machinery.  

Furthermore, Anilbhai and the team Krushidhan are bringing the much-needed ingenuity, honesty, transparency, and ethics into the unorganized sectors gravely infested by double-dealing opportunists who operate like parasites living off the hard work of simple and genuine farmers, farm workers, and naïve people of the rural households. Lack of entrepreneurial awareness, and tech knowledge, it was an uphill task for him and his team to build a respectable and renowned business from scratch. 

At first, we struggled to overcome several issues and concerns. From dealing with dupes to outwitting dishonest competitors, we have fought to the top. Because of our tenacity, team spirit, and adherence to the moral and humane values of compassion, patience, perseverance, dedication, devotion, commitment, and utmost focus on the satisfaction of our channel partners, team members, and end-customers, today, we are the leaders,” Anilbhai explains. 

It is a testament to his success that he and the Krushidhan Group has been acknowledged and awarded titles like

  • Global Business Icon of India, 2021.
  • MSME 500 CEO Award, 2021.
  • Enterprise of the Year, 2021.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021.

Sailing Entrepreneurship on the Success Voyage

Presently, Anilbhai, the exemplary leader, is devoted to the noble mission of empowering India’s dream of becoming a superpower by helping Indian entrepreneurial aspirants in achieving their dreams. Recollecting his experience, Anilbhai shares, “I worked in more than 15 different fields. The ups and downs taught me how to survive and thrive in the industry. I learned the strategies that allowed me to establish myself as a successful entrepreneur and launch businesses in various industries. A while ago, I had the idea that, just as my ambitions had taken shape, others should also have the opportunity to prosper. One of my goals was to help people improve their way of life in the community and realize their dreams.”  

Startup Factory is the initiative to help aspiring entrepreneurs establish their dream ventures and create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. With his familiarity with the kinds of essentials that a startup requires in its early stages, Anilbhai empowers the Startup Factory team to precisely draw up a defined course of action to educate the innovators about the mechanism of the respective domains, assisting them in developing an impressive profile to entice the attention of prospective clients and investors, and introducing them to the various procedures that a business can use to achieve success in their endeavors.

The Prime Mover and Shaker of Businesses

According to Anilbhai, Regardless of how agreeable and appealing a trailblazing idea is and how much determined the entrepreneur is, sufficient capital, adequate resources, a well-thought-out master plan, and a professional team are the essential requirements for any venture to succeed in the long term. Anilbhai’s Startup Factory provides this backing to all business people who aspire to succeed in the industry. Startup Factory delivers all necessary training, coaching, and learning to help new entrepreneurs execute their businesses in the most efficient, productive, and effective ways.

The company provides a plethora of systematic and effective information, advising on marketing, production, finance, services, and other business-related guidelines. In short, Startup Factory enables entrants’ self-sufficiency or Atmanirbharta. And the services are easily available to all, from a small vendor to a well-educated professional. Anilbhai conveys, “We provide everything an entrepreneur needs to get started in the ecosystem at Startup Factory. Our services include business training, in which we teach them how to start and run a business successfully.” These coaching sessions will last about six months or until they gain enough confidence to launch their venture into the market. “Whether it’s product design or legal issues, we help startups with almost everything,” he claims.

A Failproof Momentum of Ultimate Success

The Startup Factory team consists of eleven members overseeing various departments–HR, Training, Finance, Marketing, and others. “Our ultimate goal is to give people direction, teach them about the machines they are about to operate, educate them about the business they want to scout about, invest money in the correct area, and other such concerns. Until now, we served over 100 businesses. We meet the expectations of at least ten to fifteen companies per month on a daily basis,” Anilbhai informs.

Based in Maharashtra, Startup Factory continuously serves clients Pan-India, including Gujarat, Delhi, MP, UP, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Manipur, Goa and others. And in a record accomplishment, all startups established under Startup Factory’s guidance have never failed. “So far, we have also made loans to some prospective businesses. Our entire business is managed by our team. From a person enrolling here to establishing their business to finding valuable clients, our team essentially instills such ideas in our clients,” claims Anilbhai proudly.

It is no wonder that Startup Factory has achieved swift popularity and widespread recognition in just two years and constantly expanded. “Following Maharashtra, we have established offices in every state of the country. Since our inception, we have set up twenty-seven companies and generated almost a core in revenues helping a large population in improving their livelihoods by bringing them into mainstream of technological advancements,” he reveals.

A Trailblazing Saga of Ardent Leadership

Remembering his journey, Anilbhai says that while growing up in a humble family and leading an average lifestyle, he had always been aware of every common person’s desire, zeal, and spirit to live a life of equality, financial freedom, dignity, opportunities, and self-respect. He comes from a farming family that has been in the fields for generations, so he understands the challenges that the average person faces. Whatever Anil did from a very young age was to fulfil this ardent desire of his heart to realize his own dream and help others in realizing their own. “Working in various domains made me understand deeply how the business world works and how to handle unexpected situations in entrepreneurial pursuits,” he expresses.

His entrepreneurial saga began in 2003, with the inception of Krushidhan Group, under the brand of which he kept establishing successful firms like

  • Krushidhan Industries,
  • Krushidhan Fisheries,
  • Krushidhan Biotech,
  • Krushidhan Biotech Pvt ltd,
  • Krushi Machinery Tools,
  • BS Industries,

and many more in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Remaining focused on accomplishing his own goals, Anilbhai resolved to assist every other business-minded person in achieving theirs. “I want to support every entrepreneurial aspirant out there seeking guidance and mentorship,” he says.

His involvement in various industries for over 15 years has given him a rational understanding of the mechanisms by which each sector operates, as well as the competency required to make a significant impact in the market. His personal and professional experiences compelled him to become a consultant, imparting business knowledge and strategies to new entrepreneurs. So far, he has helped every business enthusiast to take the bite out of puzzlements and set on a successful course.

While supporting them, we wish to spread our wings farther and farther by establishing an enterprise in every sector, district, and state of India,” he adds. It will become the conglomerate of Krushidhan Group, a one-stop platform offering solutions like establishing their Krushidhan franchise from where they can operate their successful venture. A complete brand…

Krushidhan Group Ecosystem: The Man on a Mission to Making Million Entrepreneurs 

A man with a purpose, he established Krushidhan Group to provide everything systematically and effectively, as well as advice on marketing, production, finance, services, and a variety of other business-related guidelines, allowing businesses to grow and develop at a rapid pace.

Anilbhai is relentlessly trying to encapsulate every small village with Krushidhan as a platform to fulfill his intention of assisting the rural crowd in participating in the Indian business ecosystem. Krushidhan has received numerous awards and accolades, including the ‘India 500 MSME CEO Award 2020.’ Later, he founded Startup Factory to provide technological and methodological solutions to newcomers in the industry.

On envisioning brand Krushidhan Group’s operations and offerings in the coming times, Anilbhai says that in the near future, they plan to cover every small village to fulfill their goal of empowering the rural population. “Our mission is to assist one million entrepreneurs in establishing themselves in the business ecosystem. Our ultimate aim is to create substantial business malls that include all entrepreneurial necessities,” he reveals.

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