Ashish Lalka: The Flagbearer of an Internationally Diversified AHL Global Logistics Firm 

Ashish Lalka
Ashish Lalka

The logic of logistics relies on the mathematical equations of demand and supply chain management. Although probability plays an unforeseen role in this calculation, if the leader at the centre of this statistics is a farsighted visionary like Ashish Lalka, then he can easily solve the puzzles of making international transportation swift, safe, and secure for your delight by his trusted company of AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd. Ashish ardently believes in the maxim that ‘Temporary happiness fizzles out before you know it, but nothing comes easy when you strive for something lasting.’ He left no stone unturned to travel the path of success.

With diverse specialities, Ashish’s leadership deserves a standing ovation. Let’s take a look and the journey of Ashish and AHL. Ashish is an emerging entrepreneur in India and the Founder of an international diversified logistics company, AHL Global Logistics, with expertise in Custom Clearance, Freight Forwarding and Transportation Services. 

Shoring New Continents

Founded on 20th June 2020 as purely a custom house agent with a dream to be the leader in providing customized solutions in the supply chain, AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd has achieved prospective success per the commitment. Also, the company has grown leaps and bounds and scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation and the adaption of new technologies. Pioneer provides logistics solutions and design formats to offer integrated supply chains to various Indian Corporates, MNC organizations, GoI PSUs and Indian Defence Forces. A young, dynamic team of qualified and experienced professionals led by Directors with experience of over 15 years in the shipping industry. 

Ashish and his team at AHL believe in coming up with a continual improvement in IT Infrastructure and uplifting the Organization’s Quality standard. AHL is awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate. He states, “As a part of company policy, we believe in enhancing our direct services into major ports.” 

Headquartered in Gandhidham and spread across India with 17 branches, it is a well-resourced and competent organization operating and servicing a large customer base in various market segments. He adds, “Our objective is to bring value to our customers through our comprehensive logistics capabilities but still be flexible to provide customized solutions to each customer to meet their unique business needs.” 

Transcendental Transportations

He furthers that their vision is, ‘To be globally recognized for their excellence, commitment, and operational flexibility in freight and logistics. 

And their mission is to fulfil their commitment to creating value for customers by offering cost-effective solutions and superior service. For their Suppliers and Partners through business cooperation and mutual profitability. For their Employees through knowledge. Expansion and diversification create growth opportunities. For the Organization by investing continuously in Information Technology. And for their Investors through returns on investment. 

Since AHL Global Logistics’s inception in 2020, the company has quickly emerged as one of the leading Freight Forwarders of Shipping Services and Logistics. Ashish informs that their area of operation is from all major ports of India to the Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf ,Middle East, Europe & US Ports. As an agent of a leading shipping line, Ashish is ensuring that AHL is catering for projects and availability of all special equipment viz flat bed, flat rack, open top containers.

As Swift As Winds

 “From India to west and East Africa, we continue serving our valuable customers for their project cargo and freight forwarding at an extremely competitive price,” he mentions. 

A well-recognized name around the globe, AHL today is synonymous with innovative and professional freight forwarding services worldwide.

AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd., formed in 2020 and managed by former AHL LOGISTICS, is one of the leading Logistics Service providers with more than five years of presence in India. Ashish says, “The key to our position at the pinnacle of the industry lies in our experience, expertise and global reach.” 

AHL Global’s staff is one part of a global jigsaw that brought together some of the key people and resources of the former group.

Safety and Security Guaranteed

Further sharing their specialized and customized services, Ashish says they include,

*Road Transportation: Cargoes are transported along the world’s roads at some stage of their journey, where AHL gives you a presence. 

*Shipping Services: The service aims to provide assured shipment to or from any port and country at very competitive rates. AHL Global Logistics has a team of forwarding experts to help ensure that shipments are delivered to their specific destinations. 

*Air Services: As an international freight carrier, AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd specializes in air import and export. “We are also flexible and dynamic as regards our work procedure which keeps us ahead in our field,” claims Ashish. 

*Custom Clearance Services: AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd Provides Custom Clearing Services and is among India’s leading Custom Clearing Agents. Ashish adds, “We ensure speedy clearance of your consignment and delivery to your doorstep.”

*Freight Forwarding: As an international freight carrier, AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd specializes in air and sea import and export. According to Ashish, they are also flexible and dynamic regarding their work procedure, making them the leader in the niche.

*Cargo Service: They, as Cargo Warehousing Agents, provide high-level professional cargo services and care that assures the safe arrival of clients’ products anywhere, anytime.

*Warehousing: Package and store your things effectively and securely to ensure they are in storage and have a certified warehouse.

*Door-to-Door Delivery: AHL Global Logistics Pvt Ltd is committed to its clients till their complete satisfaction, and this prime objective is credited to Ashish’s competent leadership, his team of dedicated professionals and his worldwide network.

*Packaging & Storage: Ashish and the team AHL assure their clients that their packages and products are stored effectively and securely to ensure their safety and security in storage. He says, “We guarantee 100% safety and security in transit.”

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