Anu Veledandi P: Seamlessly Escalating the Branding & Digital Media Services

Anu Veledandi P

Women by composition are hardworking, dedicated, honest, communicative, and strong, with which they surpass limitations and grow businesses to great heights. It is a known fact that when more women work, economies grow. Especially, in a fast-developing economy, like India, employing women and providing avenues to expand their business helps economy grow by leaps and bounds.
In today’s growing business era, Anu Veledandi P is one such dynamic and versatile persona. As the Owner of Moksha Media, Anu looks after the brand consulting as well as Hospital Branding Services of the company. She also holds a specialization in providing the best Digital Branding Services to diverse clients.
Moksha Media Offers Wide Array of Services
Hyderabad-based, Moksha Media is one of the leading branding companies which provides branding, strategic communications, and digital marketing services to a diverse range of companies, be it a start-up or an enterprise. The company facilitates its clients to compete and win with the expert strategy as well as powerful, creative, and award-winning campaigns. One of Moksha Media’s topmost clients is from the Healthcare Industry and Moksha Media has efficiently created vibrant and powerful digital presence for the said hospital chain across the Hyderabad.
Moksha Media is also spearheading diverse segments of Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, and Brand Voice & Message. In addition, Moksha Media also deals with Content Creation, Brand Spaces, Campaign Development, and One-to-One Consulting.
A Life Journey of a Successful Woman Entrepreneur
With a strong passion for being her own boss, Anu decided to start her own business after graduating in the MBA Marketing field. “I belong to a business family and it was the easiest route to join the family business, but I chose the road less traveled”, Anu asserts honestly. Her creative and reasoning aspects gave birth to the innovative concept of ‘Moksha Media’; which started with brand marketing, but now has ventured into so many aspects of branding, making Moksha Media a renowned enterprise that tackles the diverse aspects in the branding industry.
Anu has evolved as an entrepreneur and delivers the credit of her success to her clients, team and her support system – her family. She has been sharing a symbiotic relationship with her business, which has helped her grow as a renowned entrepreneur. While elaborating her biggest achievements throughout the journey, Anu confidently says, “I believe our single biggest achievement is helping our clients to achieve their goals. We have aided our clients to become the benchmark for many others in the field. I think it is our biggest achievements.” Her splendid management skills have exceeded the client’s expectations, which have flourished her clients and their businesses. Anu is an assertive businesswoman, who has successfully sustained relationships with her clients and associates at every stage of the business accomplishments.
Attributes for the Absolute Success
Hard work, perseverance and patience are the crucial factors, which play a vital role in developing a leader. Leaders evolve incessantly while learning, as it is a continuous process. On questioning her biggest lessons she has learned in the business arena, Anu mentions, “Over the years, I have learned that nothing is impossible. But one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to never get upset with criticism. Critics have been my best motivators. They have helped me to understand and improve. See criticism as a means to improve. Let me assure you, you will thank your critics.
Being a sincere leader, Anu has incredibly put in the time and work to reach a certain level of achievement. She has marvelously merged her intuition with her creativity to accomplish her dreams. Being a strong believer of continuous learning, she learns everything with a new perspective. Anu has invested a great time in building relationships, strengthening her brand, and continuing to learn about new trends that prove to be a cutting-edge solution for her business. The team of Moksha Media is an enthusiastic bunch of well-trained members who are expert in developing something that doesn’t seem to be on the radar of observation and are passionate to identify and set new targets.
Advice for the Budding Women Entrepreneurs
Anu sincerely believes that being an entrepreneur is equivalent to being an innovator. She encourages women to be the unstoppable force that makes their desired future. She strongly conveys her budding women entrepreneurs to pursue their passion and not to get deterred in a historically male-dominated field. “My advice would be to surround yourself with people that will help you. Women should get a strong support system and a group of mentors which will help you to live out of the box and look at the company from the customer’s perspective”, she articulates.
Envisioning a Grand Future
On asking Anu about her future preparations, she resolutely asserts, “I am always ready to tackle any hurdle that comes my way, so I always view challenges as opportunities.” She further adds, “I feel, the market is ripe for experimenting with newer concepts of branding. So, there will be resistance, critics, but I am sure I will be able to create a niche for Moksha Media in this space.
Under her brilliant leadership skills, the company is expanding into every possible territory of branding and exploring the unexplored facets of branding. As Anu is always intended to diversify into new markets and provide innovative services, she is looking forward to the new opportunities, concepts, and markets in the media world.
Source :-The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2018

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