MINNAT LALPURIA: An Inspiring Women who Takes Wedding Services to the Higher Edge

Women are creating groundbreaking accomplishments in every sphere of life. The successful women entrepreneurs in the current socioeconomic era have shown a huge surge in their numbers entering into the economic wave of the country. With their vigorous paces, the confidence radiated by them brings in the new wave of development. Nowadays, women entrepreneurs are spearheading with their sharp management skills to deliver high class services to the society, apparently, leaving a mark of excellence in their work.
One such vibrant woman entrepreneur is Minnat Lalpuria who is the Founder & CEO of 7Vachan. She has years of diverse professional experience and has a flawless experience of understanding her clients and offer them the supreme choices within their budget. Minnat is a key person in the company who provides the best online wedding solutions and primarily takes care of delivering all the necessary services like photographers, venues, planners, and decorators for all categories of the clients.
Wide Ranging Services and Solutions
7vachan is a complete online wedding solution provider which aims to simplify the concept of destination wedding planning. The organization firmly assures a perfect destination for the wedding in every sense to create an unforgettable experience. It assures the clients to find and book their perfect wedding venue with a short duration of three days. It also provides a shortened venue finalization service which helps its customers to effectively save time and money at the tip of the finger. 7vachan’s user-friendly website allows its customers to connect to thousands of pre-screened vendors making its services more interactive.
A Journey of a Passionate Woman
Minnat is born and raised in Mumbai and established the company in 2012. She completed her graduation in IT engineering and pursued MBA from the renowned Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. She belongs to a business background family and her father is the source of inspiration for her. Before starting her own organization, Minnat gave her fruitful contribution to the renowned Tata Consultancy Services which gave a kick-start to her in the corporate career. She then started working for the digital marketing companies like Quasar and The Upper Storey and worked for five years in the same industry.
Minnat revealed that her thought process was very simple and crystal clear for achieving success in life. Her passion for doing something different made her to take a break from her job. Then she decided to give complete three years of her peak energy to start something of her own. But, leaving a lucrative job and starting a business from the very beginning was not a cakewalk. Minnat’s family gave a whole-hearted support for her business endeavors which made her stand secured and poised against all odds.
While dwelling on the various business ideas she could initiate with, she stuck on the unique concept of wedding consultancy which was the most disorganized sector at that time. Minnat keenly observed the scenario of Indian families, conducted a market study of engaged as well as married couples and found that a destination wedding could be a perfect way to create and celebrate memories for the lifetime. It was then the start of her entrepreneurial journey which introduced the 7Vachan organization in July 2012. The new and unique concept of online destination wedding not only enticed the working couples but also the business-based families.
A Woman of Values Achieving Colossal Success
We are not wedding planners, we are the wedding aggregators. Initially, wedding planners used to think we are their competitors but now many of them are a part of our network where we book the venues for their clients,”  Minnat asserts while speaking on the company’s divine journey. Her splendid management skills have led 7Vachan to have tie-ups with the giant hotel groups such as The Leela, The Lalit, Marriott, Taj, Hyatt, The Oberoi, and more such 6500 hotels. The company’s deliberate partnerships with the top hotels hold heritage properties which assure the families to get the best deal for their wedding venues, be it a palace, beach, or a hill station. She has recently visited Dubai for the Global Wedding Excellence Forum & Retreat which was organized by Dubai tourism to explore its most recent and diverse wedding venues and services.
Under her brilliant leadership, the company has achieved a roaring success ratio which can be witnessed when Minnat says, “We are growing with each passing day. Starting with 200 weddings in 2012, we have managed 10,000 weddings so far and we manage up to 2000 weddings annually.
Minnat’s Two ‘T’s’ for the Business Morality
Trust & Transparency are the two pivotal T’s which has turned out to be the pivotal factors for Minnat’s business achievements. She follows these values actively for her customer’s ultimate satisfaction. She started realizing the importance of these two factors from her childhood by observing her family’s strong support for each other’s accomplishments. She launched the amazing idea of the online destination wedding when it was a very fresh concept in the market. Initially, 7vachan was the only player in the wedding segment which was then followed by the number of competitors but with her solid business ethics, it stood strong among its peers.
Envisioning a Glorious Future
7Vachan is proficiently planning its future to deliver the wedding services in a convenient and stress-free way. Under Minnat’s dynamic guidance, the company’s amenities are climbing at par with the customer’s needs. Minnat is looking forward for the numerous happy and grand destination wedding projects in the coming years which will surely make a huge contribution to the company’s outstanding success. On enunciating the company’s future, she asserts, “We aim to be India’s top wedding aggregator and foray into international destination wedding market in the future.
Source :-The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2018

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