Aquabrim: Inducing an ‘Ease-of-Living’ into ‘Way-of-Lives’


Need is the primary driving force for most of the inventions that our civilizations have witnessed. Human needs have kept changing with time, and so has the shape of inventions. In 21st century, the Need of ‘Ease-of-living’ can easily be rated above all. Quite naturally, the role and importance of Home Automation Companies has got a significant traction in past few decades.

When the ‘Need of Consumers’ overlaps with ‘Portfolio of Producers’ then satisfaction in its truest form is achieved; both for the consumers and the producers. In this perspective, one cannot find a better example than Aquabrim. A company whose mission and vision in itself is dedicated towards overall simplification of daily lives of consumers.

Diverse Range of Offerings
Aquabrim started in 2008 with a vision to simplify the daily lives of consumers, by developing high quality and robust solution for automation of water motors. Company’s offerings have a background of in-depth analysis of various scenarios of water filling arrangements commonly adopted in our society and industries. The company has quite rightly acknowledged the problems of societies’ house-holds and industrial requirements.
After 10 years of focused R&D and dedicated field observations, it has rolled out various tiers of products which truly fulfills the requirement of company’s wide customer base. Its products are not only used in residential premises but also for diverse industrial applications. Aquabrim products are successfully installed at Indian Railways, State Flood monitoring system and multiple Indian PSUs.
In the water automation space, Aquabrim has the most advanced solutions and it can cater a range of standard to complex requirements of our age.

Charismatic Leaders In-Charge
An able leader with a vision to succeed has utmost vitality in determining the future of any organization. Aquabrim is blessed to have ‘two’. It was founded by Rakesh Kumar and Praveen Sinha. Both have an engineering background, and this has helped immensely in contributing towards the unprecedented success of Aquabrim.

Rakesh Kumar is an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering (DCE). He brings extensive experience of more than 17 years in wireless technology, system & firmware. He has got more than 10 US patents for his innovations and has also co-developed world’s most compact 77-81GHz Radar chip for Automotive & IoT applications.
Praveen has done his MBA from IIMC and has worked with top rank companies. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience of leading multiple businesses from inception to stability. Praveen is a recipient of distinguished alumni award from IIMC and DTU and was also Selected in the ‘40 under 40’ compilation (2014) by Fortune Magazine.
Sharp Eyes on Future
Keeping an eye on future drives one towards the route of innovation. It also imparts requisite preparedness for upcoming challenges. Aquabrim is one-step ahead of other contemporaries in this regard. The company has acknowledged that wireless technology & cloud services are the future of the Home Automation Industry. Hence, being a solution provider, they have evolved significantly with the application of AI and ML which can create contextual and personal service to the users.
The management at Aquabrim keeps continuous vigil on consumer’s requirements & accordingly adapt them with newer technologies like, Application of machine learning, Latest Microprocessors and Wireless. This helps them enhancing the features & making highly reliable products at an affordable pricing.

Uniqueness in Approach
Aquabrim is known for keeping its customer’s requirements at the fore front. The company has a standard one-year warranty policy along with an option to extend the warranty for its offerings. Moreover, the impeccable product design ensures that the product is low maintenance and supported by strong after sales services.
Adherence to stringent focus on R&D, as well as the use of latest technology makes Aquabrim capable of satisfying the water management needs of its industrial and domestic clients. While introducing new features in its product line, the company always keeps affordability in consideration.
Continuous process improvement has been the prime focus in last 10 years at Aquabrim. It has extraordinarily helped them set objectives for system improvement, capacity increase, improved work flow & cost reduction. The flexibility to innovate has provided Aquabrim high level of acceptability among the consumers.

The Passionate Work-force
The work-force at Aquabrim has a balanced blend of engineering and marketing. While its team has a huge composition of engineering, the company has also made strategic investments in marketing. Its customers typically come through referrals and word of mouth. The team at Aquabrim is very passionate about application of technology and hence they always keep the products updated with the most recent development.

Terrains of Tomorrow
Though, there already are numerous startups/companies which have started working in home automation field, only the companies with robust product & reliable after sale support are going to be the ones to survive.
Aquabrim is focused on solving real-life problems faced by customers. To cater the varied consumer requirements, company’s R&D team is constantly innovating to make affordable products while retaining the reliability. In near future Aquabrim has planned to increase environmental awareness by introducing products like real-time air/water quality monitoring, water supply monitoring & remote control/health monitoring of domestic/industrial equipment. With such a plethora of relevant products and innovations along their side, Aquabrim is all set to explore the zenith of success in years to come.
Source :-The 10 Most Advanced Home Automation Companies

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