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The home automation industry in India is making rapid strides with each passing day. It is gradually incorporating modern technologies and multiple players and is stepping into the field with a wide range of technological adoptions. Home and family security is an area gaining lot of attention with advent of smaller families with working parents along with the increased internet penetration. Many families are opting for IoT based products for homes.
One such company making its mark in the industry is IFIHOMES. The company is a start-up contributing in the home automation space for last 5 year with special focus on energy conservation. Their unique strength lies in the ability to aggregate specialized resources from around the world and synthesize technologies to create solutions through devices that deliver an enhanced user experience for Indian lifestyle & environment. They aim at enhancing digital lifestyle of homes & families. They ensure that the innovative products offered are highest quality with impeccable post-sales & service support.
While most of the industry looks into the inside home related solutions, IFIHOMES provides a unique angle of automation that is beyond home boundaries. They extend the automation to the surrounding gardens, pathways, and boundary.
While the automation inside is powered by IP based technologies, beyond home is powered by the only power source earth has “sun”. They bring a blend of smart lighting solutions to home with in-built sensors that operate on their own providing sun powered lighting to home and beyond.

Percipient Leadership
Rohit Khosla is the Founder of IFIHOMES. He started this company with the vision to make living simple and secure for India. Most of his earlier experience was in developing products for developed nations, however eventually he felt the need to reverse this and do it for his own country.
Vivek Nalla, the Co-Founder of IFIHOMES started his career as a software engineer at Infosys and lead many roles in service & product development companies. He leads entire marketing, sales & digital presence teams at IFIHOMES.

Sheetal Khosla is second Director at IFIHOMES, she handles entire finances and logistics maintenance teams. Her team provides timely reports that help rest of the verticals take managerial and sales level calls.

Going Toe-to-Toe with the Competition
The company is constantly experimenting with Indian markets and consumer behaviour with range of global products, as not all products meet Indian consumer expectation and demands.
Keeping time to market very short and rapid feedback adoption helps them understand and continuously evolve in the current market. They understand product nuances, and provide warranty to their consumers and life-long support, to make it comfortable for their customers to accept them. This method is unique to IFIHOMES; this not only helps them in providing better services to consumers but even make them their brand agents.
Responsive and Dedicated Workforce
IFIHOMES employs experts in many fields. At present, they have four main teams– Research, Partnership, QC & Support. And sales just happens due to the above. They use most of the cloud based tools & services that help them communicate effectively from anywhere.
Each team has its roles defined but at the same time, availability of small teams helps them to be more agile. Their unique strength lies in providing insights from one team to the other timely & effectively; this not only helps them better adapt but also helps them focus on right areas.
Customer-Oriented Services
The company states, “We are a customer focused company, whatever we are doing is to provide sense of safety, security and comfort to our customers using technology”.
Excellent customer service is the company’s number 1 priority. They are working on various methods and technologies to make sure the customer could reach out to them at the time of need.
They are solving this through cloud based calling systems. Bots help apart from human interface to take open issues to closure. The company is known to many as the service beyond warranties.
Towards the Future
Home automation is not new to us, from using remote control to operate a TVs to buying no-frost refrigerators, Indian consumer long ago have adapted many small gadgets and tools that, ease life at homes” says the company.  
IFIHOMES currently have focused their energies in getting families together and helping them with safety and security of the loved one with help of cloud-based products. They have recently introduced children GPS tracker watches that help parents know whereabouts of their kids with click of button. These enable kids to call family without the need of handing over mobile phones to them.
DIY (Do it Yourself) is the core of their business for all products that they manufacture. This makes it simple enough for anyone to setup home automation and cut the middle man from the entire transaction. “Our upcoming products would help our customers get the same or rather better home Automation @ just 1/4th of the cost of similar solution, making it possible for many more homes to opt for home automation” asserts the company.
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