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Home automation has nowadays become very popular among the people. They are spending a good amount in the interiors of their home. Currently with costs involved automation has become quite affordable. Home automation is slowly becoming a necessity for everyone.

One such leading company in the home automation vertical is Ingeniatech. It is a design, management, and project engineering firm providing customized and unmatched automation solutions to its clients. They provide solutions of complete home control that delivers comfort and peace of mind through a network of cooperating sensors, modules, and devices. Their engineers have been well trained in open source wired platforms like KNX, as they started off with giving wired conventional solutions, but over the time they believe the future would be using wireless devices like ZWAVE, where upgradations and any kind of changes would be easily possible for anybody, even if the client’s space is fully furnished and ready to use.

Insightful Leadership
Just like a coin with two sides, IngeniaTech is incomplete without the two pillars – Rohan Agarwal and Abhinav Jajodia.

Rohan overlooks the overall finances and operations of the company. With his entrepreneurial vision and leadership, he guides the company to achieve its goals and climb the stairs of success.
Abhinav focuses on the overall management and the growth aspect of the company. While exploring new technologies and working with highly influential people and organizations, he has collected a huge amount of goodwill, connections and experiences, and brought them to the table of IngeniaTech.
With Rohan and Abhinav’s combined focus on research and development, they strive to take Ingeniatech to greater heights. Industrial automation is the next big thing they plan to add to the company’s portfolio.

Staying on the Frontline
Ingeniatech’s main strategy has always been in line with what the customer needs. They provide products which can universally be connected to any electrical circuit.
All devices are connected to each other in a mesh network, making everything interconnected wirelessly. As new products and appliances get introduced in the market, through LUA coding and other Zwave compatible virtual devices, they can be integrated with the home intelligence system.
The company is shaping themselves to be unique by making people aware of the DIY type products of Zwave, where when people get used to the technology and keep upgrading their standard of living. The installation and integration of the devices can be done by themselves rather than getting help from an engineer.

Expert and Dedicated Workforce
Ingeniatech owes a big part of its success to the fabulous team of integrators, engineers, and various professionals. Their expertise is the company’s asset and hence they ensure that their team is well versed with the latest technology through regular technical and knowhow workshops all around the country. Ingeniatech being an automation integrator, their people make sure to offer the latest in technology to the ever happy clients. Every month they hold a brainstorming session with an expert of the automation industry keeping the joy of learning alive.

Excellent Client Service 
The company provides remote service to their clients for any kind of software trouble as they have a dedicated engineer assigned to each and every project, for which he takes care of all their service needs as and when required. For any hardware issues, their engineers attend to the client within 48 hours.
Till date, they have expanded their clientele just through the word of mouth and testimonials of their happy clients. They plan to continue working with brands that offer unique and easy solutions, not compromising on the quality of the hardware and alongside constantly working on the research and development to move with the current wave of technology and keeping themselves at par with the industry standards.
With a dedicated service team, the company insures service to the customer within 48 hours of high request and provides remote support absolutely free of cost at the same time. As their products are wireless, a damaged product because of any electric fault, does not affect any other products connected to it.
Extra low voltage systems also help in reducing the electricity bills in the house. They give solutions to the users where the manual operations are always functional even when the automation stops working or is switched off.

Embracing Technology and Innovation
Ingeniatech is playing its role in the promoting and educating people on the use of automation specially the wireless automation products. The engineers in Ingeniatech provide trainings to the clients, so that the users/clients can program their devices themselves.
They stress on the importance of technology for ease of life as well as security mainly. Integrating brands like Fibaro gives the options to the clients where possibilities become limitless. It has come down to the imagination of the user.

Opinions about the Future
The company believes that the future smart home will also provide banking and insurance services. It will also be able to advice on how to buy medical or well-being services such as massages, coaching, and dietary services. A smart home will become an element of the social environment that will enable to access hundreds of personalized services in one place. By the time, IoT needs to mature a little before it can integrate its products and services globally.
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