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Aquality Water Solutions
Aquality Water Solutions Pvt Ltd.

As planet Earth is distinguished because it carries life, life itself can be distinguished based on its carrying out its fundamental force and sustenance on the universal nectar, which we call water. In its purest form, water is the simplest answer to many of our pressing problems. However, pollutants like chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, harmful germs, bacteria, toxic waste, plastic, and other materials contaminate the clear water making it dirty and creating the majority of the problems for us, including water unavailability and scarcity.

In this regard, Aquality Water Solution Pvt Ltd could be the perfect answer to maintain or bring back the quality of aqua. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of domestic, industrial, institutional and commercial water treatment systems. Aquality’s Managing DirectorMohammed Naser Azeez, informs that from safe drinking water to ultrapure water for industrial use, Aquality Water Solutions delivers high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable water solutions anywhere in India. The company provides custom-designed high-quality water treatment solutions with proprietary technologies to consistently deliver safe drinking water to its diverse clientele. It includes civilian households, defence establishments, pharmaceuticals, textiles, commercial establishments, institutions, technology companies, and ultrapure water to industries.

Safe Drinking to Ultrapure Water

According to Mr Azeez, safe drinking water is fundamental to human life. The World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are linked to unsafe water. It results in more than 500 children under the age of five dying each day from diarrhoea alone. At Aquality, they are fully committed to ensuring safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water treatment facilities that comply with all quality parameters, being cost-effective while minimizing the environmental impact. With accomplished project capabilities, specialised engineers and a large client base, it ensures optimized design and on-time delivery of all projects. As an entrepreneurial venture in an era of extreme competitiveness, Mr Azeez and his team believe in creating value and trust rather than only pursuing business.

Strategic Choice for Creating Value 

Aquality has been working for over 15 years to provide sustainable water treatment solutions that are aligned with nature. The systems and processes it advocates and implements involve

  • Identifying the issue,
  • Developing robust solutions,
  • Building support,
  • Bringing issues to address,
  • Together with advanced technology,

To ensure that the desired outcome is sustainable and according to environmental consciousness.

Aquality firmly believes that innovation holds the key to the growth and sustainability of any organization. While high growth remains a key parameter to success but that only may not ensure community development and environmental replenishment. In the current socio-economic scenario where the environment has become the priority globally, efforts are required locally to achieve growth which benefits at a greater scale. It is their integrated approach to common goals that sets them apart. Cooperation over Competition, Sustainability over Profitability, Livelihood over Employment, Solutions over Sales, and Value creation over Marketing are some of their priorities in the long term. They strive to create a positive impact at the community level with their interactions. As an entrepreneurial firm in an era of extreme competitiveness, they move ahead by creating value rather than pursuing business. “This strategic choice is reflected in our approach at every step,” adds Mr Azeez.

Avid Innovative Risk-Taking Leader

A first-generation entrepreneur, Mohammed Azeez is an avid innovator and risk-taker. He established Aquality Water Solutions Pvt Ltd to provide technologically advanced water treatment solutions to domestic, institutional and industrial clients. With a sincere interest in clean drinking water facilities, he contributed immensely to improving people’s lives with commitment, technological innovations and quality excellence. He has 19 years of rich experience in water management with a B.E (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from Osmania University, Hyderabad and an MBA (Marketing) from Preston University, Alabama, USA. He has been conferred with several awards including India’s Hottest Young Entrepreneur 2019 by Business World and Top Most Water Leaders of India Award 2022 by World CSR Congress.

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing as a water treatment company, Mr Azeez says that India is predicted to face a severe water deficit of around 50% by 2030, as reported by several international organizations. With scarcity, water contamination is indeed a huge challenge in the country. The Central Ground Water Board has reported that over 900 million people have arsenic effects in India due to contaminated water. “With these situations emerging to threaten the country’s large population, we decided to make some difference in the lives of people. Hence the idea of venturing into the water treatment business,” he says.

Making a Positive Impact

He furthers that Aquality believes in delivering sustainable solutions for water treatment with a commitment to quality and authenticity. Their products and services are international standards. That’s why they have a higher percentage of repeat customers. “Our motto is making a positive impact focusing on sustainability over profitability, and giving our customers the most fulfilling experience possible.”

Stating the initial challenges after venturing into the water treatment field and the current challenges, he reveals that the water treatment industry was fragmented with different sizes of treatment systems, which had high energy consumption, poor craft, low monitoring, high carbon footprint and inefficient bacterial control. Currently, some challenges include financial issues, ageing water infrastructure, retiring and ageing workforce, high contaminant and chemical load on raw water and expensive technology.

Smart Tech Waters

Being an experienced leader and speaking about the technological advancement’s impact, he says that smart solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help in smart asset management. AI can also enhance service delivery, optimize investments, and reduce costs. Automation and robotics help fine-tune work processes for greater efficiency. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing use of devices connected to the Internet are central to smart water management. Robotic lab analyzers can test two to three times more samples than human operators. They allow analyses to be carried out around the clock. It helps to keep a strict check on various parameters concerning water quality.

Adopting smart water infrastructure like smart metering and smart leak detection techniques would help reduce non-revenue water with real-time monitoring to ensure a sizeable reduction in transmission and distribution losses. Digital technologies and smart end-to-end water networks offer the opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency while enhancing customer service.

These advanced technologies will further mature in coming years. We believe that the cost of the digital intervention will also be reduced compared to the present time,” he adds.

Word of Encouragement

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the water treatment niche, Mr Azeez says that access to clean water is integral in keeping public health and the economy intact. While India has made significant progress in this area with several initiatives, there is still a long way to go. The water treatment sector requires more passion than possession and a mind focused on changing people’s lives. Revenue is a by-product. “I encourage young professionals to venture into this field. As the challenges of providing clean water to people and industries is a mammoth task. With many passionate people in the segment, we will surely change the scenario.”

Increasing Footprints On the Future’s Shore

On envisioning scaling Aquality’s scope and offerings in future, he divulges that they have already segmented their business from a traditional system to a modern and sustainable system providing high-quality water treatment solutions. Their innovatively designed and created solar-powered water treatment system, which runs on renewable energy, has been accepted widely. It not only makes water safe to drink but does not require costly electricity and can also recycle used water for reuse non-potable purposes. “We are increasing our footprints into newer areas, and investment is planned for scaling up the operations to international regions,” he concludes.

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