Ar Shabana Rasheed: Transforming Modern Real Estate Horizons

Ar Shabana Rasheed
Ar Shabana Rasheed

Innovations and a modern outlook have driven the developments in the urban landscape. As we see the commercial and residential structures, we realize the high level of creativity and unique thought process that has gone into their planning and execution. Modern architects play a crucial role in shaping the contemporary world, significantly impacting society, contributing to sustainable development and enhancing the quality of life.

A well-planned structure offers a beautiful facility for work or residence and becomes a source of energy based on its holistic and farsighted design structure. Smart architects develop building structures that are eco-friendly and ergonomically designed spaces that address the basic requirements of the occupants and energize the property with the right balance of light, excellent ventilation, and safety, optimize the costs and maximize the value of the building.

Offering innovative and unique property design solutions, Ar Shabana Rasheed has emerged as a creative and impactful architect in the modern construction industry. Along with her partner, Ar Nufail Moidoo, Ar Shabana began her venture, Nufail Shabana Architects, in 2010 to provide unique and efficient properties in all categories.

A Distinctive Saga

As a creative and visionary Founder, Ar Shabana nurtured the dream of creating beautiful and unique properties well-defined in every dimension of aesthetics, ergonomics, convenience, and safety, ensuring the best ventilation and natural light. She reflects that theirs is a leading architectural firm in Kerala dealing with different projects in and of India.

Their journey started in 2010 as a small-time Entrepreneurship venture to create their mark in the industry. “Since then, our different and minimalistic design has won us many clients in this field,” she says.

Inspirational Artistry

The inner desire to create something different, unique, and mind-blowing was her passion. Shabana’s burning desire propelled her to start her venture, where she explored her talent and implemented her ideas freely and independently. Working for some architecture firm was a thing of binding and restrictions.

Shabana adds, “Our inspiration has always been the enjoyment we’ve discovered in designing and learning through design. The pleasure of watching the customer’s delight in looking at the innovative approach of our designs is priceless. We work passionately to give something different so the client enjoys the classy feel of absolute uniqueness.”

Crafting Castles on Challenges

Shabana remembers her early days when she got her initial inquiries. Clients used to question creativity as they didn’t understand the aesthetic part of the designs. She had to convince them through her drawings and designs about the purpose and the thought process behind it. Her initial period made her shuffle her working approach as she faced the challenge of a particular aspect. Slowly and steadily, by countering the challenges, Shabana implemented the relevant elements, and the changes in her work did not have the possibility of friction with the new clients/associates. Eventually, building a smart working system, Shabana made the best of the design presentations with seamless implementation strategies that made her efficient and laudable in the construction fraternity.

She shares, “Like any start, we had our share of challenges and difficulties to venture into this extensive design and art field. The challenges were many, but worth it long ago. Those include the learning processes we’ve encountered in every design process and execution stage. We have learnt the utmost truth that in this profession, the content in design is the most crucial aspect of clear communication.”

Passion Creation

The passion for creating something new, different, and special for every client made Shabana stand out from the competition. Instead of starting with the albums of old designs, she asks questions that probe into the client’s mind.

She feels, “Understanding the expectations and likes of the clients helps us work in the direction of crafting a unique design. I think our uniqueness and approach to design have given us value among our clients. Our value for the quality of space matters not just in terms of the materialistic content we define a space with but the feel of the space that matters in the end.”

Working with a focused approach, Shabana offers the best combinations of aesthetics, uniqueness and ergonomics that ensure the highest customer satisfaction and the happiness of getting more than expected.

Deserving Dynamism

Shabana believes that the client looking to create a new property should get something different and unique. “I believe every client has the right to a new and fresh property. We choose new things in everything in food, clothing, vehicles, etc., then why not offer something new and unique to the client who is spending his sizeable amount of hard-earned money? Our USP is our unique style in design with ample space given to not just the client who uses the space but to every element or feature that caters to making it a unique design,” reveals Shabana.

The Shining Light of Encouragement

Shabana is a smart and self-made architect who has seen the industry closely. She values human efforts and the involvement of all the people in the entire real estate process. Shabana advises the budding professionals:

The field is quite challenging, and what matters is the experience we gain from our professional practice. Understanding the context and the culture we can work in is important. Different cultures yield different responses.

Always be ready to understand the client’s requirements and expectations patiently. Blend your creative elements with the requirements to become a unique solution that offers the client the satisfaction of getting something different from the others. It will help you gain valuable customer satisfaction and precious self-confidence.

Future Perspectives

Shabana is a farsighted professional who envisioned a dynamic and valuable future. She reveals her future goals, “Our team looks into a joint effort taken to understand the culture and the client’s requirement not to build a static space but to create a space that grows along with nature. Nature not in terms of the greenery around but in terms of all light, air and energy that creates space. Growing with the technology and adaptive innovations is part of our growth.”

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