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Saransh Anand | Head of Communications | ARRCOAT Surface Textures
Saransh Anand | Head of Communications | ARRCOAT Surface Textures

Chemicals, hazardous compounds, harmful substances have made our entire life unhealthy and unsustainable. So much so that the paints we use to decorate our home, the plasters we use to polish its walls, and more chemical-stimulated cemented surfaces of the house’s floors are polluting the environment.

Today, the global community is wary of this unsustainable living. Everybody is committing to reducing pollution and its carbon footprints, eliminating global warming, and saving ourselves from an inhabitable world’s present and future threats.

ARRCOAT Surface Texture Pvt Ltd. is doing it by providing eco-friendly alternatives to your surface décor. They are India’s first manufacturers of all-natural home decorative products. The company will ultimately turn your wall or space into your vision, erasing your environmental footprint.

ARRCOAT’s presence in every city of India, with offices in NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Pune. They are your best bet when it comes to the smoothest, most convenient way of getting your surfaces sustainable and reflecting your personality and family values.

In an interview with Insights Success, for its current edition of ‘India’s Fastest Growing Start-ups to Watch’ company’s young and dynamic Head of Communications, Saransh Anand, tells us more about this unique company and how they are bringing Indian way of sustainable and joyful living back into home décor space.

Saransh Anand himself is 22 years optimistic, humble, and grateful being with a great interest in learning more about the world with every progressing day.

“I look for the opportunities to build my surroundings with the most positive thoughts and with the people who inspire me,” Saransh says.

Please brief our audience about ARRCOAT, its USPs, and its current position as a leading player in its catering industry.

Walls define spaces, and we define borders. ARRCOAT Surface Textures offers a replacement to the modern-day chemical-induced and unsustainable surface decor products such as Paints, Tiles, Marble, and wallpapers as we manufacture all-natural and health-friendly decorative plasters.

Initially, a product of Italy, this segment of surface decorators saw a surge worldwide as the product grew in gravitas in the architectural community owing to its superior life and sustainable properties. Venetian plasters, polished plasters, stuccos, and prelates have dominated the world market of surface decor products. But soon, the over-saturation of such products saw a dip in product quality and life.

That was the case till ARRCOAT started manufacturing these products in India. With the Indian touch of jugaad, we could churn these products through all-natural ingredients adding superior strength and durability. And with this, we introduce India to the world of luxury surface decor at an affordable price. Our products are washable, crack-proof, scratch-resistant, water-permeable, safe for washroom use and kitchen use, exterior and interior grade, certified 0 VOC, and come in all sorts of dimensions. One can create all sorts of designs, textures, colours, and add as many dimensions onto the surface as one pleases. Feel free to play around with the gloss, matt, reflectiveness, depth, and sheen and extend your personality onto your walls with ARRCOAT Surface Textures.

What other products/solutions does ARRCOAT offer, and how are these impacting the industry and your clients?

We are known in the architectural industry for the promise that we keep and the value that we deliver to our clients. We believe in timely operations, quality servicing, and on-demand samples that help facilitate the process of selection. We cater to the individual needs of all our clients that help us personalize as per the project’s requirements, giving the client the freedom to decide from a multitude of options. We involve the client in the whole process to maintain transparency and credibility in terms of the delivery of the project.

However, we still believe that our most significant offering to the client is understanding what is unspoken and delivering designs that no one else can.

Considering the current pandemic, what initial challenges did you face, and how did you drive ARRCOAT to sustain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees at the same time?

The pandemic was a tough time for the entire world, and there is nothing more to talk about it. And instead of talking about how we maintained the safety of our employees, we would like to commend the strength, grit, and determination shown by our employees.

They are the true heroes, and we salute them. In the face of uncertainty, our employees stood still and worked together to have our company stay afloat during its worst-ever financial phase. They all took pay cuts and still managed to get the company through the worst times. Where we stand today is because of the courage shown by our employees.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the consultancy space?

Do the work. There is nothing more rewarding, more satisfying than the absolute pleasure of doing the work. So, keep focused and believe in your work, and you shall have the success you deserve.

How do you envision scaling ARRCOAT’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

With a more robust distribution network and franchises, we hope to scale the business through training applicators for our products tied with the Skill India initiative. We also want to introduce chemical-free flooring solutions.

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