Beyond Water – Your Honest go-to Drink, always!

Devang Singhania | Founder | Shachi Singhania | Co-Founder | Sage Organics Pvt Ltd | Beyond Water.
Devang Singhania | Founder | Shachi Singhania | Co-Founder | Sage Organics Pvt Ltd | Beyond Water.

Before going for your next soft drink, please beware that it will harm your health in many ways. First, it is laden with artificial sugar to gain weight the fastest.

Second, the fructose in the added sugar will be converted by your liver into the fats, which will deposit itself over your liver, making it fatty liver. Third, it might cause diabetes if your intake is excessive or high and calorie burn is more minor or minimal.

Fourth, the empty calories (minerals or nutrient less), with the addictive dopamine released by the sugar. It will satiate your cravings and cause tooth decay instead, which will be the last harm you ever want. An aching tooth is a pain in the mouth.

But if you still want to drink something, which will be as tasty but healthy and more than water, then Beyond Water is perfect for you.

Launched by Devang Singhania – the Founder, and Shachi Singhania – the Co-founder, this unique venture is leaping and going that extra mile to empower everyone with the ability to customise what they consume.

In an interview with Insights Success, for its current edition of ‘India’s Fastest Growing Start-ups to Watch,’ they are talking about their offerings for your health, hydration, and convenience and how they aim to be your go-to drink, using the highest quality ingredients that are all-natural and very tasty.

Please brief our audience about Beyond Water, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a leading player in the industry it is catering to.

At Beyond Water, our mission is to gain peoples trust back in bottled beverages. We use simple – naturally, sourced ingredients to create high-quality products. Our product line is completely natural, low calorie and without any sugar. We use flavours and colours from natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs. For example – our orange, lime and lemon flavours come from cold-pressed oils extracted from fruit peels.

Our colours come from natural sources like dried carrots and turmeric (also known as Ghar ki Haldi). Our products have just one calorie per serving and are great for all age groups and fit for consumption by diabetic consumers.

Isn’t this just the best way to get the 15% daily recommended dosage of your essential vitamins in your body by just a simple squeeze?

You can choose to add as little or as much of it as you wish. The power is in your hands, literally. What is more astonishing is that our products come in a portable, convenient palm-sized squeeze bottle that you can carry anywhere, to the office, on the run or even with friends.

We love the planet and aim to reduce plastic waste, so every time you buy from us, you are effectively consuming twenty-four times less plastic than you would have otherwise, in the form of ready-to-drink beverages.

What kind of products does Beyond Water offer to its consumers?

We have three product lines and twelve SKUs.

  • Vitamin – Zesty Orange, Lemon Mint, Lemon Iced Tea, Mango Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Mint.
  • Electrolyte – Ginger Lime, Raw Mango.
  • Cocktail Mixers – Lavender Honey, Rose Lemonade, Cucumber Mint, Mojito.

Our product is:

  • Calorie-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Made of 100% Natural Ingredients only
  • Contains15% RDA of Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry bottle, which makes up to twenty-four drinks
  • Each serving comes to around 13/-, so it is very price competitive as well.

How has the current pandemic impacted Beyond Water and its operations?

Educating the customer about the usage has been the biggest hurdle. It is a new mechanism where it is not ready to drink, and you must add it to the water/soda/tonic etc. So, it is a new behaviour that needs education. It is a liquid and not a sachet that needs to be added, so that is new.

Due to the pandemic, we could not participate in the events and do sampling, which was a hurdle. Due to this, we adopted the complete D2C aspect and explored that as a channel of education.

What would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into this field?

A key takeaway is that the journey is enriching and full of difficulties, but it all seems very well worth it when any milestone is reached. Everyone has a right to dream and take a shot at making it a reality. So always try it out and never regret it.

How do you envision scaling Beyond Water’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

We plan to have more verticals like single-serve and ready-to-serve more product lines. We will also be exploring modern retail and airport formats in the coming year.

Meet the Founders Par Excellence

Devang Singhania – The Founder previously managed family-owned tea estates located in North Bengal with a significant concentration in Bought Leaf conversion, essentially operations centric. Also, a graduate from Babson College, he majored in Operations and Entrepreneurship.

His key strengths are knowledge of products, operations, and trends, strong network and connections that will benefit product promotions and marketing.

Shachi Singhania – The Co-founder, graduated from Babson College with a Strategy and Entrepreneurship Major and then set out to explore what she like doing the most – designing and branding. She collaborated with several companies, with exposure to varied roles like curating, designing, branding new businesses, and reinventing old ones.

But today, it is thrilling and all-encompassing for her to collaborate with her brother on something that they believe will be a go-to drink for everybody. The vision for Beyond Water is to be that honest drink you can reach out to without any guilt, always!

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