AscraTech: Refurbishing Your Brand’s Online Presence

Since the establishment in 2009, AscraTech has been providing all embracing IT Consulting accommodations including e-Commerce solutions, portal development, social media integrations, and mobile application development for a clientele which include a few reputed labels.“Technology is one of the most crowded markets, but if we do well there, we kenned we’ve got something exhilarating. It can accommodate a broader purport than simply impacting a business’ bottom line, and how wondrous to be capable of doing both,” believes Atul Agrawal, Founder of Ascra Technologies.
AscraTech has been highly comprehensive as a quality IT consulting partner in the IT world with its esteemed clients. Its immensely customizable solutions that serve to various industries masterly, with industry standard and are scalable. “Our solutions that are built with the right amalgamation of technology and infrastructure understanding the business needs and its application sanction us to run controlled experiments to understand the end-user experience & engagement, analyse & improvise which make us unique,” declares Atul.
Whilst the company embarked with B2B and BI solutions when there was an exigency of the process driven needs, AscraTech launched over 100 applications on Facebook, empowering brands in user-engagement through contests, games and innovative ideas. AscraTech’s specialized solutions with social media integration were also offered to e-Commerce emporia and various online portals. While talking about the recruitment process AscraTech’s approach is been to get the right amalgamation of the team with elated and exuberant endeavoring towards innovative ideas.
Built with the Right Coalescence of Technology
AscraTech’s interactive website development, mobile applications, UI / UX, strategic consulting, marketplace solutions and social media solutions have been popular with many startups and companies such as J. Walter Thomson, Digitas LBI, Velvetcase, Mojarto, Voxpop, and Concept PR to a mention a few. Atul believes in ameliorating services over an exorbitant marketing strategy, AscraTech’s philosophy has been building processes, systems, and testing platforms that eventually benefit the customers and the company. While interpreting on AscraTech’s marketing strategies, Atul evinced, “We like the idea of it spreading via word of mouth – organically and naturally. It’s not that we don’t market, we just don’t advertise. Innovation is the driving force for all technology solutions. What we always look forward in our solutions is to innovate and build a better user experience. Analytics and personalized experience are other areas we are looking to improvise on”.
Atul believes in client’s growth, and AscraTech’s talented team of developers, engineers, designers, marketing team and managers are guided, encouraged and intrinsically motivated to learn new things with new innovations. With an intelligent business strategy on investing and building best-in-class consulting & technology business, the company has achieved a great success to the present time.
Towards Radiant Future
AscraTech has delivered more than 500 solutions to over 200 brands involving millions of users every month. “We’ll continue to focus on the offerings that are paramount and distribute value to our clients and will collaborate to innovate in a way others cannot. We will perpetuate to control the primary technologies abaft the solutions and create a unique customer experience. We have significantly contributed in the markets we have participated and will continue to do so while we explore new ones,” Atul assured.

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