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Aspira Design Academy
Rambal | Founder | Trainer & Mentor | Aspira Design Academy

There is a disconnection between the UI UX design training and the working environment. Students either study only UX or only UI. The students study through online free resources, or prerecorded videos. They learn concepts and don’t know how to implement them into the project. The team at Aspira Design Academy wants to solve this problem. Rambal, the Founder, Trainer and Mentor started Aspira in the year 2018 in Chennai and Bengaluru in 2019. Aspira Design Academy’s vision is to guide young minds to design and innovate their future.

The company’s mission is to impart knowledge and teach students to design how people think, feel, and behave. Its goal is to work with people and to inculcate in them the healthy habits of problem-solving and creativity through the sheer power of design thinking.

The team at Aspira guide and help students to learn naturally how we, humans, look and interact with design. They help students develop interpersonal skills and a sense of confidence in their abilities to create and an addiction to innovation in the future of things. The students at Aspira responsibly design how people think, feel, and behave. Let’s get into its dynamics through the below mentioned highlights of the interview:

How is your institute creating a difference in UI/ UX design space through your offered courses or curriculum?

We are practicing design thinking for UX design. For UI design, we train them with the latest and modern softwares & tools. Our USP is our way of training.

Aspira Way of Learning

Identifying a Real Problems

At Aspira, Students find real world problems and define the problem through various validation methods. Students ultimately come up with more experimental ideas.

Activity Based Learning

Once they find the problem, they learn the concepts and methods by doing activities. Students also work as a team during an ideation workshop which makes them an effective team player.

Working on a Solution

They implement the method and concept to build the unique UX UI Solution. Essentially it will be a mobile or web app.
Hence everything is a practical, and real-world method, they are strong in UX UI design skills.

With the constant technological advancement what programs or curriculum changes you make to equip the students with the latest trends and technologies in UI/ UX field?

UX UI Design industry is continuously evolving. Every six months there is a new tool / software launched. And also best practices have evolved or emerged. Keeping it in mind, we constantly upgrade ourselves and include in our training programs. For example, 3 years ago we trained the students in Sketch / XD, but past 1 year we trained them in Figma. Tools may come and go, but we train them from the basics and strengthen their foundation. Be it any tool or software we teach our students to learn, experiment and master them. We make them understand what trend means in an industry and how it changes the Human interactive design.

How has the featured person – Founder/Director helped to enhance the institute’s outreach? What noteworthy contributions has the person made in favour of your institute?

Rambal is the Founder, Trainer and Mentor at Aspira, Founder and CEO at Rillusion. Rillusion is one of the top UX UI Design studios in India. For 20+ years, he’s worked with Startups to Fortune 500 companies like Visa, HDFC Fund and Sodexo. Rambal has helped various startups to enterprises to launch 300+ products in 20+ industries. He is a visiting professor in many reputed institutes across India. Rambal has mentored 800+ students in UX UI design. Rambal also conducts UX design sessions at Aspira.

What challenges has your staff faced in the earlier days of the institute? What struggles is the staff going through now with respect to providing great learning experience to students?

Initial stage, our counsellor was facing the minor issues of how we differ from other training programs. It has been addressed quickly. During the Pandemic in 2020, we had converted all our activities online. We were facing minor issues like internet connectivity, and students adapting to the online classes. Apart from that, we never face any other problems.

What are the strategically driven plans that you are implementing to scale your design school/ institute in the year 2021?

Currently we are conducting our programs online. This brought us many students from various countries including Australia, USA, Sweden, Portugal and more. Currently we are focusing globally. So far 800+ students successfully completed the UI UX Design program and got placed across the country. We also soon hope to get back our regular offline classes.

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