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Bridge UX Design Studios
Mr. Ramesha | Founder | Bridge UX Design Studios

UI/ UX Design has become a trending career choice for students and professionals today. It is the excitement and creativity that draws people to taking design as a career option. There are many leading institutes which provide excellent courses for UI/UX design.

One such renowned institute which is training students efficiently in the field of UI/ UX design is none other than Bridge UX Design Studios. It helps teams and individuals to develop practical and innovative solutions for UX design problems.

Bridge UX was set up in 2016. It is a Bengaluru-based agency that creates rich digital experiences. It aligns strategy, design, and engineering expertise to deliver great Omni channel solutions. Bridge UX aims to simplify the complex, enrich the experience a user has with web applications and mobile applications. The company aims at offering design services to the industry through understanding of the users’ mental model.
Bridge UX believes in helping teams and individuals to develop practical and innovative solutions for UX design problems. The overall goal of the training courses is to help students design better products, services, processes, strategies, and experience.

The Erudite Forerunner

Bridge UX was founded by Mr. Ramesha Ponnuswamy, with his wife Mrs. Geetha Ramesha being the second director. Mr. Ramesha has over 16 years of experience in UX industry. He has worked with startups, midsize companies, and Fortune 500 companies. Over these years, he noticed that there existed a gap between technology and people and not many companies were able to close this gap. Mr. Ramesha decided to bridge this gap by starting his own company is the hub for those who are willing to learn and choose UX design as their career. Working on this concept he decided to open Bridge UX Academy which helps to train designers in the right way by making them deal with real time projects.

Making a Difference through Excellent Offerings

Bridge UX is a hub for those who are willing to learn and choose UX design as their career. It teaches how to employ user-centered design approach in a project practically by doing live projects as the class progresses. This allows the students to learn everything according to industry standards as and when they attend the classes. Since the class is only on the weekends, one can also attend it while doing a job. Students also get projects between the two weekends according to the concept taught to them in class.
Bridge UX Design Academy provides the students with an opportunity to learn all UX methodologies which include market research, user research, UX processes, and techniques. The company’s corporate training program helps teams to upgrade existing UX skills and also shows how to apply all design techniques, research methods, and set up right processes.

Keeping up with the Latest trends and Technologies

Team Bridge UX Design Academy believes that the UX designing industry is ever changing and for that it has to keep the students updated, who are going to be a part of the industry. Keeping this in mind it keeps on updating its curriculum. Below are some examples of how the academy keeps the students updated:
a) It teaches them about advanced prototype tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Miro, Axure etc. It is very interactive due to which the prototype can be reviewed and designed easily. The goal of design tool is to test products and product ideas before sinking lots of time and money into the final product. It allows designers to show how an entire application or a single module works. Interactive prototypes help organizations to develop products that meet their requirement specifications.

b) Responsive and progressive web apps are the need of the hour right now. They epitomize everything that is UX— from easy-to-use navigation, simplistic and useful design, adaptive orientation and resolution, to lightning-fast loading speeds. This is the need for tomorrow and the company makes sure that its passing batches have a clear idea about the same.

c) The company believes that Covid – 19 has taught everyone about the whole work from home culture. Hence it has explained about the importance of collaborative tools to its students like Miro, glomapps, figma which help teams to work together on various concepts and designs from distant locations.

Providing Outstanding Learning Experiences

Team Bridge UX Design Academy believes that offline training is more practical and provides in-depth learning experience. Accordingly, it prefers to conduct more offline training. However, it became a major challenge for the company to reach out to students from other cities and countries. In this context, Bridge UX Design Academy conducts most of the training online and also employs offline mode at the same time. It helps them to streamline various processes with efficiency.

Strategically Driven Plans for the Future

The company started with a pull strategy in 2016, but today it focuses more on push marketing. Being a startup, Bridge UX Design Studios does not hold many long-term goals, but in the years to come, the firm wants to fulfill its short-term yet aggressive goals. For future, it plans to work with more next generation technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, chatbots, and many more.
The skilled team of hand-picked designers, developers, and strategists has successfully contributed to the objectives of the firm by building products that connect industries and companies. Across the industry, Bridge UX is known for its expert ability to simplify complexities. Each team member at Bridge UX Studios has been personally trained by the founder according to industry standards and has hands on experience of the industry which makes it a very close knitted talented team. The company has introduced its own mobile learning app for the students. It also plans to start more branches to reach other cities.

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