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Assam Tours & Travels
Assam Tours & Travels

The divine land of nature’s own heaven residing in the cloudy waters of the river Brahmaputra, the mountainous valleys blushing with greens of tea gardens, and purity in its ethereal feeling welcomes you to “Aamaar Northeast India. Awesome AssamBeautiful MeghalayaMysterious ArunachalSpontaneous Nagaland and Rich Traditions of Northeast India. Enjoy every bit of life in nature’s lap,’ via the Assam Tour & Travels,” says the Founder and Director, Sidheswar Kumar Mishra, who hails from the beautiful Indian state of Assam, often referred to as the Land of blue hills and red rivers.

Famous for Rongali Bihu, Kopoufool (foxtail orchid), the land of the river named after a male god, Brahmaputra of India and the exotic wildlife out of which Rhino is prominent. Alumni of the prestigious Jagannath Barooah College, Jorhat, after studies with the help of his parents, Sidheswar started an Exide dealership in 1995, followed by founding his present travel business Assam Tours & Travels, in 2016.

A Gateway to Nature, Wildlife, Snowfall, Caves Exploration

Sidheswar began Assam Tours & Travels with a passion for serving visiting clients in Assam and India’s Northeast, under Assam Tours and Travels. He and his team operate tours in different destinations in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and other states of Northeast India. Their services include tailor-made tour packages, accommodation, tourist vehicles, guides and tea tourism packages. Here it is worth mentioning that Assam Tours has served many well-known personalities from different fields in India and abroad.

See the Famous Floating Lake of Manipur

Elaborating upon his journey as the guiding light of his organization and how he positioned Assam Tours & Travels as a reliable name in the business world, Sidheswar says that from 1997 he travelled extensively throughout Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Nagaland in Northeast India and some Southeast countries. During this period, he realized the potentiality and hurdles in offering quality services to tourists in Northeast India. With his vast travelling experience, he understood the shortcomings and started dreaming of giving the best of services to tourists visiting Assam and Northeast India, addressing the issues faced by them. During one trip to his friend’s guest house in Kaziranga National Park, Sidheswar decided to take the lead and establish Assam Tours & Travels.

A Visit to The Scared Forest and Mesmerizing Waterfall

Now Assam Tours & Travels is extending all-around support to its clients with the best travel services keeping the value of money. “We travelled extensively to attend many travel shows and fairs throughout India. Our Govt. Also supported by conducting roadshows across many places, i.e. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Ahmedabad and many more places where we could build B2B relations and individually we contacted many clients by contacting them through various mediums,” informs Sidheswar.

Furthermore, he has recently added Golf to the Tea Tour itinerary and hopes their Tea and Golf Recreational Tour will be another milestone in establishing and serving the tourism sector of Assam and Northeast India. “As Assam Tours & Travels is celebrating its 7th anniversary, we are hoping to win more accolades by serving our clients,” he adds.

Jungle Trekking in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

According to Sidheswar, they provide all sorts of services to their clients. They work on the motto of Value for money in all the segments, i.e. hotel/resort/Guest house booking. Their vehicles are well maintained and used only for tourism purposes, well-informed and experienced drivers are the core of their tour itinerary, knowledgeable and well-versed tour guides are the backbone of the itinerary, staffs are courteous and prepare best of the plan for smooth conduct of journey with sightseeing and giving cherished memory.

He says, “We assimilate all the required parameters considering the weather, geographical conditions and local sentiment during the preparation of the tour itinerary.”

Glimpsing into the Naga Culture

As the representation of businesses in the corporate world has increased, the sector is focusing on the needs of progressive companies more than ever before. Sidheswar, too believes that focusing is more on progressive companies. Now it is needed as more service-driven companies with a strong market presence have stepped in. Those companies are working hard to accumulate and establish their sector of expertise in penetrating the market. So looking from the perspective of remaining firm in today’s competitive market sector focuses on progressive companies.

Majuli – World’s Largest Freshwater Island 

Having a broad experience in the business field, Sidheswar’s opinion on integrating technological advancements in the business, especially when it comes to catering to the dynamic needs of the business sector, is unique. He says that technology has a big role to play in the growth of companies and the growth of the industry. Technological advancement is the need of the hour. “Without technology, we cannot move ahead in this era.”

From sharing information to serving the clients, from booking to delivery, every aspect is now technology based. Integrating technology does not only improve the services, but it also expedites the services. From sending itineraries, receiving payment, acquiring inventories and catering needs, all are now sought at the fastest pace. “In a nutshell, if the technological advance is not there, we will be left behind,” he feels.

Visit The Famous Kaziranga National Park 

Being an innovative leader, Sidheswar’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts wishing to venture into the business realm is pragmatic. He says that starting a new venture is always risky. Thus, venturing into any business, an entrepreneur must possess patience. Along with patience, one should remain disciplined, and focused, must know time management and conclude proper research about the market. These are the four pillars of starting a new venture.

Witness the Living Root Bridge

On envisioning scaling Assam Tour & Travels’ services and operations in the future, Sidheswar reveals that any organization scaling depends upon its quality of services and products. It definitely pays. “We are also prepared to offer the best of services. We have plans to integrate an AI-based app to spread the message of the service across the globe,” he concludes. On the personal front, Sidheswar is married to Parinita and blessed with two children, Swati and Siddarth Shankar. Presently, he is managing his businesses from Assam.

Clients’ Joyous Praises for Assam Tour & Travels:

  • Rakesh P, ***** Great relaxing trip to Assam, “Great company, Siddeshwar is very responsive. He arranged a great trip right from pick up at the airport, local Guwahati sightseeing to Kaziranga and back.”
  • Alex L, ***** Don’t miss out on this side of India and this tour operator! “Lovely 8-day tour! Everything was planned for a variety of experiences, and Sidheswar was very attentive throughout. Due to a border issue preventing Assam drivers from entering Meghalaya, he managed to get a Khasi driver for us to adapt smoothly to any inconveniences on the fly. Glad we went with a tour operator to handle logistics. Overall recommend and appreciate the attention to detail and attentiveness of Sidheswar. Thank you!
  • M V, ***** Majuli and Jorhat – A Quick Pleasant Tour, “We took a three-day package from Assam Tours & Travels to see around Majuli (including stay) and places around Jorhat. The whole experience was very satisfying as Mr Mishra was very proactive, communicative and helpful. We had a car for ourselves, and the visits to the numerous points of interest were covered efficiently. The stays at Jorhat and Majuli were very comfortable and homely. And, in Majuli, the thoughtfulness in providing a local guide to explain the important aspects as well as to show us the special places which we wouldn’t have accessed otherwise made the trip memorable. Overall, it was an excellent pleasant trip!
  • Angeline R, ***** Assam travel, “Our guide was wonderful. Great job picking us up and arranging park guides at the hoolac gibbon forest. Very helpful and accommodating, highly recommended.”

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