TQuanta: Propelling Business Success with Customized Technovative Solutions


Though centralization has been the permanent trait of industries, businesses, corporates, and companies worldwide, in recent years’ decentralization as a new-age alternative is fast emerging as a promising concept. Similarly, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is gaining traction amongst sectors specifically engaged in research and development, new idea generation and the creation of innovations.

The concept is revolutionary in the sense of technological inventions advancing at a breakneck pace. The digital revolution is powering modern progress because of tech exploration through continuous R&D, fuelling the core of the information technology domain. Intelligently integrating these two aspects is a futuristic firm of TQuanta.

Championed by Yogesh Babu Rama as the CEO and DirectorTQuanta is a leading global IT provider, driving transformation through ground-breaking research and development in Data Science and Cyber Security. “With an exceptional team, connected through our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model, have delivered comprehensive services and cutting-edge products that have impacted the lives of over ten million people worldwide,” shares Yogesh.

Reinforcing Success by Technology

When asked about the unique name, he reveals that the letter ‘T’ in TQuanta symbolizes ‘Technology.’ “It signifies our emphasis on utilizing cutting-edge technology to drive growth and success for our clients. ‘Quanta,’ derived from the word ‘quantum’ meaning a portion, represents our commitment to providing tailored, customized solutions to meet each client’s unique needs and goals,” he explains. Together, TQuanta stands for the fusion of technology and customized solutions to propel our clients towards success. The journey to success is reinforced by technology.

Yogesh elaborates on the concept of R&D and DAOs by giving an example. He mentions that if a neurosurgeon has an idea of using AI in their profession, TQuanta can help validate the idea by creating a POC or conducting R&D on its feasibility and stability. Additionally, TQuanta offers all these services at no cost to the doctor. The company also helps the doctor find investors and creates a DAO team to work on the idea and turn it into a go-to-market product. In other words, TQuanta can help transform ideas into market-ready products poised for success.

Sharing their vision, he says it is to ‘Empowering and Transforming the Lives of a Billion People through Cutting-Edge Technological Innovations. Tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues, including ensuring access to quality healthcare, elevating lifestyles, and promoting effective governance. “Our goal and mission are to Transform the World with a Dedicated Team of 5000+ Data Scientists and Robotic Engineers.”

The Crucial Shift

TQuanta is undergoing a significant transformation from an IT Consulting and Services company into an innovative R&D company that is intently focused on the research and development of cutting-edge technologies in Data Science and Cyber Security. As part of this process, the company is adopting an innovative approach by establishing R&D labs prioritizing creating go-to-market-ready products. It is made possible through the work of TQuanta’s talented team of scientists and engineers who collaborate and connect through a DAO model, allowing for a highly efficient and streamlined R&D process.

Yogesh has expressed the company’s strategy regarding the creation of registered companies. He believes it is unnecessary to create a registered company until there is a clear need for it or until the company reaches a point where revenues are generated. Yogesh argues that creating a registered company would result in unnecessary overheads and complications that would burn the company’s resources.

Instead, TQuanta prefers to operate as a DAO for every R&D lab it sets up, with all aspects of the DAO residing on the cloud. This approach has proven successful, as the company has already converted two DAOs into registered companies when the product is ready for the market and has another one in the pipeline.

Democratically Transparent Decision Making

By leveraging the benefits of a DAO, TQuanta can minimize the costs and complexities associated with registering a new company while benefiting from a transparent and democratic decision-making process. This approach allows TQuanta to focus on developing cutting-edge technologies in Data Science and Cyber Security without being burdened by unnecessary bureaucracy. Once the idea or product is ready for the market and revenues are generated, TQuanta will consider registering a new company as appropriate.

TQuanta has expanded its operations and has six additional DAOs and R&D labs dedicated to different research areas, including Ophthalmology, Political Science, and Cyber Crime. These labs are staffed by a team of approximately 80 scientists and engineers based in various parts of the world.

TQuanta is poised for continued growth, with plans to create five additional R&D labs in the next 12 months. These labs will focus specifically on the healthcare and automobile industries, two areas ripe for technological innovation.

Yogesh expressed his excitement for the company’s upcoming product, which is currently in the R&D stage. According to Yogesh, the product is ready for beta testing by early next year, with a go-to-market version set to be released by 2025. The product has been code-named BAG, an AI-based product designed for e-commerce and m-commerce. However, Yogesh notes that TQuanta keeps the product low-key until they secure the intellectual property rights.

Testament to the Visionary Leadership

With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Yogesh finds joy in witnessing the output of his programs on the screen, often describing it as an “ecstatic” experience. He has a passion for networking, connecting with new people and places, and generating new ideas. His expertise lies in strategic planning, software engineering, and delivery management.

During his leisure time, he enjoys engaging in lively debates with his daughters on various topics. Despite his best efforts, he finds himself consistently on the losing end of these discussions but values the intellectual stimulation and opportunity to learn from his daughter’s perspective.

Raj, who has been Yogesh’s mentor for the last ten years, has praised Yogesh for his vision and innovative approach to work. According to Raj, Yogesh has always dreamed big and sought new avenues to explore. Yogesh is passionate about experimentation and exploration of new technologies and working models. His ability to create DAOs and effectively hold all the engineers accountable for their contributions to the R&D labs is truly remarkable.

Suresh, a mentor to Yogesh, has praised Yogesh for his marketing and sales skills. Being an MBA graduate specializing in marketing, Yogesh has leveraged his education and network to effectively sell ideas to investors and secure investments for the company. Yogesh’s ability to communicate complex ideas and technologies to potential investors in a way that is easy to understand and appealing is a valuable asset to the company. His expertise in marketing and sales has helped TQuanta secure the necessary funding to drive innovation and growth within the organization.

TQuanta has a strong track record of success in the IT consulting and services industry. Over the last decade, the company has deployed over 6000 consultants on various technologies for 30+ premium clients.

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