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Sprint6 Specialized Services
Sprint6 Specialized Services Private Limited

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) engineering is as important as breathing life and soul into the properties that make them worth living in. MEP and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) have become critical factors in the planning and construction phases and when additional or conditional changes are implemented on the premises.

Property development necessitates planning, implementation, and new modifications. Companies specializing in core MEP and HVAC planning and implementation modification services contribute to making properties more efficient, liveable, and user-friendly.

Sprint6 Specialized Services Private Limited has emerged as a prominent service organization offering a wide range of specialized services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interiors and painting, civil retrofits, restroom remodeling, and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) services, respectively. Operational since 2020, Sprint6 Specialized Services has been spearheaded by its Founder and Managing DirectorKaliappan K, in providing quality and reliable services to a wide range of organizations.

Mr Kaliappan shares, We focusing on Restroom Turnkey projects since our prime services are Restroom Remodel and AMC Services.”

The Dynamic Leadership

Kaliappan, heading the organization, is responsible for the entire business operations and also is one of the company’s key strategists in expanding the business in new verticals. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has rich experience of more than 12 years working in major industry bigwigs such as Larsen & Toubro, VGN, and Casa Grande Prop Care.

He is a strong operational professional skilled in MEP Maintenance, Civil and Interior project/retrofit project management extensively in corporate and Home Retrofits. Kaliappan has a sound knowledge of contract management, negotiation, Marketing, and Branding.

A very dedicated and down-to-earth person, Kaliappan ensures delighting customers by providing Quality and timely service as per ISO standards.

His inspiration to start a business stemmed from a burning desire to work for himself, and he wanted to help himself and others likewise—a career-long passion for engineering services. Kaliappan started Sprint6 to provide the best customer service with innovative, intelligent, and high-quality bespoke solutions at competitive prices and timely delivery. The mission is to empower more than 500 service professionals by providing affordable and easy-to-use services.

The Saga of Facility Management

Sprint6 Specialized Services was started in 2020 by a team of young, energetic, and experienced professionals who have worked with leading developers and facility management companies.

Sprint6 Specialized Services expertise includes Restroom Remodel, Interior and Painting, Civil Retrofits, AMC Services MEP and HVAC, and other ancillary building services. With a dedicated design and execution team, the organization provides turnkey solutions related to all building requirements, and its key specialization is in Restroom Remodel and AMC Services. From designing and mobilizing resources and ensuring project delivery with good quality and high-class work on time.

Sprint6 works closely with its clients to determine their exact needs to define timelines and budgets. Taking ownership of each project provides a quality product experience with attention to detail and immediate services to all its clients. The organization delivers services professionally and promptly with a positive attitude.

Making a Difference

With strong operational and professional skills in Restroom Turnkey & Interior projects and conditional retrofit project management services, extensively in the diverse industrial and corporate sectors, with in-depth expertise in contract management with different quality of marketing and branding, Sprint6 is certain and positioned to earn a reliable name in the business world.

Organizations are in different shapes and sizes, with the requirements from the basic beginnings to in-process additions to modifications required in the newly acquired business enterprises. Sprint6 adopts a simple approach to observing the nature of business and understanding customer expectations and the company’s technical requirements.

The professional approach puts forth a holistic view of the business and the real needs, and the client management is communicated the needs of the property reinforcement. Moreover, the solutions offered are options and a purpose-oriented methodology that suits the business requirements and budgets.

Unique Differentiators

  • Engineering background professionals
  • Strong QS and Design teams
  • Managerial team of young, energetic, and result-oriented professionals
  • Self-Execution with no dependency of sub-vendors
  • Specialist Solutions and Process Oriented working
  • Space Creation and optimization
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Core Engineering Services and Value additions
  • Quick start and strong execution

Core Services

Sprint6 undertakes Turnkey projects and Services that include Restroom Remodel, Interior and Painting, Civil Retrofits, AMC Services MEP, and HVAC. The briefing sessions often involve the managers of the client organization who identify the employee needs and expectations.

The MEP portfolio includes Fire alarm systems, Firefighting, and sprinkler protection systems, internal and external hydrant systems, DG sets including acoustics, fuel handling and exhaust systems, Diesel generator, HT and LT Switchgear, Cabling, and other related works, Total internal electrification involving DPs, SDPs, Final DBs, Lighting, Power and all other connected work, UPS including emergency lighting system, lightening protection and earthing, security and access control systems, office automation, electrical and safety audits, building internal and external water pipeline distribution system, etc.

HVAC services comprise heating and ventilation systems for industries, commercial establishments, schools, etc., and various air conditioning systems of split, window, duct-able, VRV, and VRF. Customized STP exhaust systems, restroom exhaust systems, and specialized exhaust for kitchens, laboratories, and high-activity zones.

Identifying the basic business needs that facilitate smooth working and aid in the convenience of the people, the civil retrofit solutions have made Sprint6 popular among several industries. These are specific yet crucial needs that consist of mezzanine floor erection, PEB structural sheds and ACP work, external repairs and painting, waterproofing, civil repairs and alterations, cafeteria setup and remodeling, office floor modification, including redesigning and building, etc.

Demand for Need-based Service

The challenges and the key issues such as time, response, timely completion, and reliability have always been a threat in this industry which are being addressed by the teams effectively. Every requirement opens a new dimension that helps the team create solutions through their systematic and scientific approach. The teams categorize the conditions that facilitate better understanding and planning of the further execution.

Core values 

  • Integrity – “We apply the highest professional and ethical standards to every project, every step of the way, and we solve problems the right way.” Commitment – “We begin each project with a commitment to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.”
  • Performance – “Dedicate the time and energy necessary to deliver a final project with which you are satisfied.”
  • Service – “We take ownership of each project and do everything possible to satisfy our customers.”
  • DNA – Sprint6 core reflects the virtues of Quality, Trust, and Care.

Integrating Technologies

Sprint6 has already updated and integrated technological advancements catering to the business’s dynamic needs. Modern cloud-based systems have created a secure, easy, and convenient means of communication with the software system integrating all the business aspects in one centralized system. Several teams working from different sites and client locations update the work details, observations, and developments reflected in the system enabling the mainline managers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has helped the teams understand the client requirements, develop the work schedules with the timelines, and update the clients accordingly. The technologies have supported and complemented the working in better communication, quick internal analysis, and developing effective strategies too.

Guiding Words

Mr Kaliappan advises the budding professionals, saying, “Have a burning desire not to work for oneself but to help others too. In short, create more leaders and encourage everyone to ensure the industry grows.”

Eyeing Higher Altitudes

Although the organization is new, Kaliappan asserts making the organization from the ‘latest to the greatest’ in the near future. The company is focused on a vision: ‘Sprint6 Specialized Services aims to provide the best customer service with innovative, intelligent, and high-quality bespoke solutions at competitive prices and timely delivery.’ 

Sprint6 Specialized Services has a designed Mission statement that states, ‘Our mission is to empower 500 service professionals by providing affordable, easy-to-use services. Our motto is Consistent quality in service delivery. By 2024, we aim to expand our business across South India. To acquire 100 happy customers in the B2B market segment by 2025.’

Awards and Recognitions: 

  • ISO 9001-2015 Certified
  • ISO 45001:2018 (OHSAS) Certified
  • Startup India Recognized (DPIIT)
  • Best Entrepreneur Award by IBNMSME in the Turnkey project contract industry
  • India500 Startup Award for quality excellence by India5000 Research Group.
  • Global Icon Award – Best Emerging Turnkey Service Providers for all building requirements in Tamil Nadu by Blind wink

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