Astrologer Suresh Kumar: Revealing the Nuances within Astrology

Suresh Kumar | Your Astro Guide
Suresh Kumar | Your Astro Guide

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.”

—Carl Jung

When Carl Jung a famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology states this opinion about astrology, we can safely presume the significance of the field. Astrology has been in practice for ages and stays relevant even in the modern age. Astrology is used to foretell and predict future occurrences to a large extent, and it can also be utilised to resolve any mishaps caused by planetary positions.

The art and science of astrology have been preserved by the Indian culture and now astrology is being offered as an educational course to individuals to enlighten them about the field so that they can render their services to society.

In our endeavour of Insights Success to find such seasoned professionals who provide their expertise to their clients, we crossed paths with Suresh Kumar. In the following interview, he talks about his professional tenure in the field of astrology.

Please share your journey in the field of astrology.

My journey from a management professional to an astrologer started 20 years ago after meeting my Guru. He suggested I leave the corporate world and enter Astro world fully. My meeting with him was very enlightening, and he made me realise that I am a management professional by choice; however, an astrologer by destiny.

From my childhood days, I was always enthusiastic about Astrology. I was inclined towards reading many books on the subject. This made me interact with many astrologers in my area, observing what they did and learning from that experience. My previous life karma is the reason for my passion and natural inclination towards astrology.

After working for 14 years in the corporate world, I resigned from my corporate career and came into astrology fully. This was the starting of my journey into the world of astrology. Interestingly, it was also the start of my spiritual journey as well. Even if one has natural talent, I always believe that formal education in the subject will help.

I did my formal studies in astrology from the esteemed organisation “Indian Council of Astrological Services (ICAS)” Chennai. ICAS was started by Late Shri. Dr B.V. RAMAN, a renowned astrologer.

Soon after the completion of my course, I became the Secretary to ICAS, Chennai. I held this prestigious position for six years. During this period, I provided my services as a faculty member as well. I taught various subjects of Astrology and Vaastu to students.

Apart from being a teacher, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with the world. Towards this, I started my website: I write articles on Astrology, Vaastu, and Numerology.

My website has visitors and readers from all over the world. I have a global presence in about 100+ countries and have clients from various continents. My successful predictions and quick customer response are the key ingredients for my growth in this field.

Please share with us the science behind astrology.

Astrology is the study of celestial bodies. It deals with planets, stars, and their influence on Human beings. In India, ‘Astrology’ is known as ‘Jyotish Sastra ‘. The science behind astrology is that the planetary movements show their effects on all living beings. Astrologers calculate time-based on planetary movements.

Time is everything. Based on the planetary movements, astrologers give predictions and fix Muhurtas. Navagrahas, Nakshatras, and Rasis are the main elements in astrology. Individual predictions, as well as mundane predictions and forecasts, are made with the help of astrology.

How did you develop an interest in astrology?

I have been curious about Astrology and Vaastu since childhood. I was born in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. From my childhood days, I had good intuitional powers with which I was able to give predictions and fix muhurta for auspicious occasions to my relatives and known people.

My paternal grandmother had occult powers. She used to cure the diseases and problems in our neighbourhood with her occult powers. My intuition capacity is her blessings. Most of my predictions came true, and it made me pursue astrology to the next level. With the guidance of my Guru and the grace of God, I become a good astrologer.

Did you take any degree from any renowned institution, or have you learnt it from a renowned astrologist?

I am a certified astrologer and vaastu expert. I passed the astrology courses “Jyotish Visharad” and “Vaastu Acharya” from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. I got practical training in Horoscope Readings, Vaastu, and Numerology from renowned Astrologer and Vaastu Experts. Apart from these certificates, I am specialised in stellar astrology and panchapakshi sastra.

What has been your experience while studying astrology?

Astrology has been my passion and obsession since my childhood days. Apart from learning in classes, I used to spend most of my time referring to classical texts and doing research in astrology. I focussed more on predictive astrology and discovered the hidden truths in it. While studying astrology, some of the eminent astrologers guided me through the practical application of theory and the analysis of the horoscopes.

What challenges did you face in the initial days of your practice?

The biggest challenge is to make my clients understand the concept of astrology and its uses. Some people consulted me and asked irrelevant questions intending to evaluate my knowledge. They were under the impression that if I answered their irrelevant questions to their satisfaction, they could certify me as a good astrologer and seek my advice about their future.

However, they fail to understand that this testing process will fail. It will not serve their main purpose of getting their future predictions accurately. It will deviate from the main readings. It took some days for them to realise the value of my predictions and horoscope readings.

An astrologer can predict the future and provide guidance to make appropriate decisions and actions every time. After knowing its true value, many professionals and business owners are contacting me for my astrological guidance. It saves their time and money in planning their future.

What is the future of astrology according to you?

The future of astrology is bright, and it will grow with innovative technology. Astrologers can provide their services to customers located in any part of the world through online and emails. The world became small with the use of modern technology in astrology. It made the worldwide people connect easily with their favourite astrologers located in any part of the world.

Astrology schools are offering online classes as well as online workshops and seminars. Students can connect and learn from various astrologers worldwide.

How are you shattering the myths associated with astrology?

There are many myths in society about astrology. Some people consider astrology a myth. In fact, astrology is a sastra and divine science. For the removal of the myths associated with astrology, I use my website as a medium to address this issue. I am drafting many articles on my blog as well as answering emails for any queries. The younger generation is good at asking logical questions and getting their doubts cleared.

On this topic, I have an interesting incident to share. I had a conversation with a young engineer. His question was, ‘when the Sun is a star, why do we call it a planet’? My answer to him was, we refer to Sun (Surya) as Graha in ‘Jyotish sastra’ and not a planet. The word ‘Planet’ is an English word, and it may not convey the right meaning for graha.

However, Westerners use the word ‘planet’ as a substitute for the word ‘graha’. The real meaning of Graha is a celestial body, be it a satellite, star, or field of energy in motion within the zodiac, which shows its influence on living beings. So, Sun (Surya) is considered graha, and it is called a planet in English. Likewise, I have many experiences in clearing the myths associated with astrology.

What will you advise the young generation who are interested in astrology? 

I would suggest the young generation be disciplined, dedicated, and devoted to astrology. They should follow the disciplined way of life as they are dealing with Navagrahas. They should take guidance from an efficient Guru in their studies and research work. It is better to work under a renowned Astrologer for some years before taking up Astrology as a career.

What is your opinion on ‘Are people more inclined towards astrology today than before?’

People are always inclined to astrology. In recent times, the inclination towards astrology has grown abundantly. In the olden days, astrologers used to provide their services in their respective localities only. Local people consult them without any choice. If they wanted to get a second opinion, they had to travel to another town and get the opinion of other astrologers.

With the advent of technology, people can connect online with astrologers in different localities from the comforts of their homes. Astrologers are providing their services online to various people worldwide.

Online technology has given options to people to select their astrologer according to their needs. Many astrology schools have come into existence and are providing good courses. Certified astrologers from reputed schools are providing their best services. This has created more inclination towards astrology.

In the past, astrology was used to know about future predictions and to know the good muhurta for auspicious celebrations like marriage, naming a newborn, cradle function, house-warming ceremonies, etc. Mostly, it was used for all traditional activities.

Today, astrology is taken one step ahead. Astrology is used to make major business decisions, business expansions, and politics. It is also used to fix a suitable time for business meetings, product launches, foreign travels, movie production, movie Releases and career changes, etc.

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