Dr Sundeep Kochar: A Trusted Name in Astrology Niche

Dr. Sundeep Kochar | Planets by Sundeep Kochar (OPC) Pvt Ltd
Dr. Sundeep Kochar | Planets by Sundeep Kochar (OPC) Pvt Ltd

Every phase of life is fraught with obstacles. People of all ages face issues, and sometimes they cannot find any relevant solution to overcome these issues. People tend to have queries about how these problems can be resolved.

Additionally, there stands a possibility that people are not aware of the causes, and they might approach numerous methods that can provide them with a coherent solution. There is a possibility that people might seek astrological advice.

When people seek the help of an astrologer, it enables them to see beyond an astrologer’s interpretation to comprehend how cosmic events are impacting their lives, and astrologers can provide effective solutions to solve their problems.

In this league of astrology, a leading celebrity astrologer, Dr Sundeep Kochar, has transformed many people’s lives through ‘Planets by Sundeep Kochar.’ He has successfully implemented his astrological expertise in guiding people towards better life paths.

The famous astrologer has been a guiding source for solution-seekers in India as well as overseas, helping people trace their true-life paths.

Journey of a Star

Dr Sundeep was pursuing his career as a cricketer at a young age. He was exceptionally good as a bowler and was often featured in newspapers because of his extraordinary skills in bowling leg-spinners and googlies.

However, he had his primary interest in astrology. Whenever he used to go for his cricket match in new cities, he used to seek for different astrologers to understand the fundamentals of astrology.

Sundeep’s only dream was to play cricket and represent India; however, he had to sacrifice his career as a cricketer due to some terrible turn of events. Later, he started working with his uncle, who was in the import and export business.

After a few years of working, his keen interest in astrology helped him commence his career as an astrologer.

Today, Dr Sundeep Kochar is among the top ten world-famous Indian astrologers who have read the horoscopes of serving ‘President of India’ at ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan ‘and ‘Vice President of India’ in their official residences. He is the mentor for many institutes and organizations such as INIFD, and Miss India, worldwide.

He has given interviews and done live shows for numerous radio stations and TV channels in India and overseas. He is the only astrologer from India who has been interviewed live by Fox Radio US for his correct predictions regarding Barack Obama’s second term as President of the United States of America.

Dr Sundeep goes to the depths of his remarkable astrological skills to understand the individual, their guiding forces, dreams, desires, shortcomings, and potential. With this profound understanding of astrology, face reading, and palmistry, he can liberate the person through the freedom of understanding oneself better.

Disseminating Knowledge

Dr Sundeep’s motivational and inspiring insights have changed the lives of thousands who are eternally grateful, and that is why he is considered the ‘Most Trusted Indian Astrologer’ not just in Mumbai or India, but all over the world.

He uses the medium of TV and radio to create awareness amongst the young and reach out to those who may require his guidance. His humorous, honest, and no-nonsense approach has made him into a household name.

Dr Sundeep’s dynamic and engaging personality, accurate guidance, uplifting examples, poetry, and the occasional leg pulling has viewers glued to their seats.

Students in schools and universities, workers in factories, politicians, film stars, cricketers, and entrepreneurs would all agree that Sundeep is a good friend who gives good advice when you need it the most by showing the right path and by guiding them to make the right decision at the right time.

Comprehending the Concepts of Life and Astrology

Sundeep believes that whatever goes around comes around. Through your daily prayers, meditation, positive approach, and charity, one can make all the difference to living a happier life. He believes that life is a journey, and astrology can guide you to reach your destination!

Dr Sundeep Kochar, India’s leading celebrity astrologer, strives to touch the lives of many, hoping to bring bliss and success either through his deep expertise in the field of astrology or through his philanthropy-oriented work.

He passionately believes in destiny, and it being preordained, it is written, it is for all mankind, and it unravels with time. “Destiny does not discriminate; we need to learn to accept the path that has been written for us,” says Sundeep.

Every human being has a purpose in life, their paths may be smooth or challenging with a fair share of trials and tribulations, and for some, it may seem like swings and roundabouts and not getting to any destination, full of frustration or desperation, particularly under the current economic crisis.

Sundeep often says, “What will happen will happen, so we need to accept and adjust to the change.”

Innovations in Astrology

Known for his accurate prediction for the US Presidential elections not once but twice, Sundeep Kochar calls the ‘Astro App’ a small endeavor towards making astrology and related services more accessible than ever.

“Through the ‘Astro App,’ Sundeep has tried to provide a one-stop solution to all astrological queries people usually have. For those who want to know more about Vedic astrology, the app offers an insight into its history and various forms,” says Sundeep Kochar.

‘Astro App’ by Sundeep Kochar is the only app where queries are answered by the master himself, unlike other available astrology apps where the user is unaware of the credential of astrologers or the computer-generated reports.

With Sundeep Kochar’s ‘Astro App,’ people can access a plethora of free as well as paid astrological services.

The app features Vedic astrology solutions concerning the zodiac and Kundli analysis, as well as predictions of one’s future by analysis of the palm or face.

Exhibiting Excellence

Dr Sundeep Kochar is pursuing an MPhil (Master of Philosophy), a postgraduate research degree in astrology.

He has received numerous awards like International Achievers Award, Master of Wisdom, Pride of India, Brand Ambassador of Astrology, Glory of India, Aapna USA’s Parasara Award, Super Achievers Award, Flag Bearer of Astrology-2016, to name but a few.

Dr Sundeep Kochar is an internationally renowned celebrity astrologer, Vastu consultant, motivational speaker, life coach, actor, anchor, author, and awarded as “The Most Trusted Astrologer of India.”

Dr Sundeep has touched people’s lives across the globe, from captains of industry to film stars, from cricketers to politicians. Sundeep Kochar is the only astrologer to be registered in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for hosting the longest-running astrology show ever on national Television

He has also received the ‘Nostradamus of India Award’ by Ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, his excellency Korn Dabbaransi in ‘10th International Seminar’ organized by ‘All India Business and Community Foundation’ in Bangkok on 11th Nov 2016.

He is also a world-famous astrologer of India who predicted the winner of the US elections of Barack Obama and Donald Trump based on their respective horoscopes.

The global figure was also felicitated with the ‘Global Brand Impact Award’ in Dubai in honor of his commendable work.

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