Podhuvudaimoorthy: A Skilled Soothsayer

S.Moorthy | ALP Astrology
S.Moorthy | ALP Astrology

Life is filled with challenges at every step. People of different ages have problems relevant to their age. Everyone wants solutions to their problems and answer to their questions and deserve to lead a happy life. When the situation is complicated and when they are unable to find a solution, people often approach an astrologer for guidance. This allows you to look beyond an astrologer’s interpretation to understand on a deeper level how cosmic events are impacting your life.

Podhuvudaimoorthy is an astrologer from Thennadaar village, in Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam district, India. He is amongst the fourth generation of a total of fifteen astrologers in his family and he has been practising astrology for the past 15 years. He used to travel around with people to observe the events and validate predictions, observe the planetary orientation, and faced struggles and restlessness of not being able to resolve this dilemma.

An Exhilarating Experience

Podhuvudaimoorthy sincerely desired and worshipped Lord Muruga, when suddenly one day, he got an opportunity to visit the holy Himalayas, and also was blessed to stay at the ashram of His Greatness Neem Karoli Babaji.

While travelling around by train, there was a strong thought which was driving his mind indicating that the railway tracks are ‘moving together parallely’. Later, while Podhuvudaimoorthy was meditating at the ashram, he had a vision of a huge banyan tree, and the roots were growing, also indicating him ‘growing’.

He had a strong feeling that nature is conveying some message to him. On giving a deep thought, to these events, the word ‘growing’ made him think that “When every living thing has growth including humans, then why can’t the Lagna indicating the birth point of that human life also grow.” He felt overwhelmed when this truth unravelled itself within him.

The railway track was indicative of both body and mind parallely growing along the lifetime. This led to the birth of the concept of shifting the Lagna every ten years and on analysis, every event perfectly coincided.

After various trials and struggles and experimentation, he formulated the set of rules and named this method Akshaya Lagna Paddhati. The software has also been developed, to ease the burden of calculations, thereby making anyone who can learn and follow ALP rules an astrologer.

Emblematizing Astrology

Astrology is the science of knowing the influence of the current planetary movements also called ‘Gochar’ with relevance to the position of planets in the natal’s horoscope and determining the past, present, and future path of the individual’s life.

It is the unique manual of every human being. The total life span of a human according to Vimshottari Dasa is assumed as 120 years and it is divided amongst the 12-zodiac indicating 10 years for each zodiac. Based on the time the natal is born, his natal Lagna is determined.

ALP method of astrology is conceptualised in a manner such that the Lagna grows and shifts every 10 years from one zodiac to the next one. Depending on the starting point of the natal Lagna, the remaining duration of ALP Lagna is calculated for natal Lagna alone and after it shifts to the next ALP, then the duration will consistently increase by 10 years for every zodiac.

The ALP Lagna point is equally important as the ALP Lagna. To check their horoscope, it will be concerning the ALP point indicating one of the three stars present in each zodiac i.e., one of the 9-star quadrant points within each zodiac.

Based on this ALP Lagna and ALP Lagna point and their lordships the predictions are made. ALP software is an application developed effectively for this purpose.

Flourishing Interest in Astrology

Podhuvudaimoorthy’s maternal family were astrologers for four generations. He had fifteen astrologers in his family. Since his childhood, he had an ardent desire and aimed at making his contribution to astrology. His maternal grandfather Sri. Shanmuga Vadhyar and Sri. Vedaratham, his maternal uncle was the profound influence in developing his astrology interest.

During his young years, Podhuvudaimoorthy was excited to learn astrology and eagerly watched the predictions made by his maternal grandfather and uncle. But the concepts followed by individual astrologers for the same horoscope were different and cumbersome.

The predictions were uncertain and ambiguous. He believed that some great universal force pulled him into astrology. He was extremely focused and had the urge to search and find answers to his questions. Podhuvudaimoorthy is an ardent reader and glances through all the content on astrology that comes his way.

Comprehending the fundamentals of Astrology

Podhuvudaimoorthy completed his training course in 2004 from Kumaran teacher training institute and completed his Bachelors’ degree in Tamil from Annamalai University in 2006. In 2009, he completed a master’s degree from Manonmaneeyam Sundaranaar University. In 2013, he completed his B.Ed. from Simra Educational Institute in Tamil education.

Podhuvudaimoorthy’s PhD research on ‘Palm-leaf manuscript in Astrology’ has been completed from Tamil University in Thanjavur Palm leaf research department. He conducted this research under the guidance of Dr K. M. Kovaimani.

There are many different methods of astrology. They are Thirukannitham, Vakkiya Panchang, and traditional method, Krishnamoorthi Paddhati, Prassana, augur, omen, medical astrology, and Moolanaadi method.

Podhuvudaimoorthy is aware of all these methods of astrology. He comprehends the knowledge of Reiki, Pranic healing, past life regression, hypnosis, and he is assisting people with the same.

He conducted research and has established the connection of astrology and past life events, which also led to the invention of the new method in astrology called the ‘Akshaya Lagna Paddhati’ method also called as ALP method.

Surmounting the Initial Challenges

Podhuvudaimoorthy felt disturbed by different predictions for the same horoscope. Astrology is a mathematics-based subject. In mathematics, there cannot be ambiguous answers. He certainly knew that he was missing something in calculations while making predictions.

He was intrigued and restless to solve this ambiguity and this was the trigger point and with the grace of the divine intervention, thus led to the invention of ALP, the new system in astrology.

The Lagna progression technique was new to the world. In the history of astrology, we were only using birth Lagna for predictions. Initially, he felt stressed out, as it was not easy to convince others about this unique technique which gave accurate results.

All his struggles seem worthwhile today, he is extremely happy to note that everyone who has learnt and used ALP rules for horoscope predictions is expressing their complete satisfaction and confidence and vouch for its accuracy in real-time events.

Enlightening the future of Astrology

Akshaya Lagna Paddhati or ALP is the future of astrology according to Podhuvudaimoorthy. It has the answers to all your questions to the precision of 10 minutes.

It is app-based and user friendly for anyone even without an astrological background to know his future. In the coming years, undoubtedly many people will learn ALP and clearly use it as a guide for planning their future.

Shattering The Myths Associated with Astrology

The primary and the only myth is the belief that Astrology is fake because of the earlier uncertainty in predictions. ALP assures that the predictions are accurate. All the ALP astrologers will unanimously give the same prediction for the same horoscope.

The progressing Lagna and the time correction based on past events are the major aspects that led to the shattering of the myth and disbelief, making ALP an astrological science with clear mathematical calculations leading to logical inference.

Podhuvudaimoorthy provides the remedies to any dosha situation as a very eco-friendly and simple task, i.e. planting trees to rid of the impact of any difficult planetary position. Planting trees is quite a simple act and the most effective remedy and he has been instrumental in planting more than ten thousand trees until now and these trees has brought positive changes in those peoples’ life.

Akshaya Lagna Paddhati has been able to make people realise their mistakes of the past and helped them transform by making them understand the reason for their struggles and the path ahead of them. ALP has been successful thereby in shattering the myth and is useful as a guide to lead an informed life.

Word of the Wise

“Astrology is the manual of human life. It is the road map of our lifetime,” claims Podhuvudaimoorthy. “It is easier to navigate life with a roadmap as it gives us clarity and preparedness to face the future,” he adds.

Podhuvudaimoorthy got an affiliation to commence The Alp Astrology Research Institute from The AICETR.

He is planning to provide courses from diploma to PhD in astrology for aspiring students. The eligibility to join the diploma course will be a 10th-grade pass certificate. Currently, he is starting a six-month diploma and one-year diploma courses both in online and offline mode. The offline classes will be held in Chennai.

Envisaging Future

Podhuvudaimoorthy’s future vision is to make at least one ALP astrologer in every household.

“The youth of our country should benefit from this new method of ALP astrology and live an informed and prosperous life. If the younger generation learns about the secret of their birth and the purpose of their life, which can be achieved by this astrological knowledge, they wouldn’t lean towards unwanted habits,” says Podhuvudaimoorthy.

“They can choose the right path with confidence and reach their destination. It is observed that the younger generation across the world is going through a lot of psychological issues for distinct reasons.”

“ALP acts as an eye-opener for such kids, as they can have answers to all their bothering questions and plan for a better and brighter future,” he adds.

Unveiling Uniqueness

To make the predictions user-friendly, Podhuvudaimoorthy has developed an ALP mobile software application. The ALP astrology software is a very efficient application. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store by typing “Alp Astrology” for free. Any other astrology application available in the online market has only one date column to enter the birth date to create the horoscope.

“ALP Astrology” is the only software to have two date entries, one for date of birth and the other is the transit event date to validate the time of birth, using marriage date, childbirth, or any past events.

This ALP software has been developed for fifteen different purposes namely, four modules: for share market analysis, another for analysing past life regression, to check the past Poorva Punya or past life, and other similar purposes.

Out of the fifteen, two options are available for public usage on a one-time subscription basis while the rest are only kept for personal research purposes.

This software has the facility to give the predictions to perfection as close as 405 days, 45 days, five days, 13 hours 20 minutes and 10 minutes. It can give predictions for as close as 10 minutes to the user for the query asked by them through the application.   If the response is positive, it will indicate the response. If it is, otherwise, it will inform them to be cautious during that period.

The important aspect of this application is it is the very first app ever, which is giving customised and accurate horoscope reading based on the individual’s horoscope to the precision of 405 days, 45 days, 5 days, 13 hours 20 minutes, and 10 minutes.

The user can choose any one of these mentioned timelines for his prediction. It is a great breakthrough and a milestone in the world of astrology. Out of the 18 ALP book series, four books are already available in the market. The rest of the fourteen books will be released in the future.

These books are currently available in Tamil and English. Work is in progress to release it in other languages too. The concepts of ALP are explained in detail with the help of a lot of practical example horoscopes in these books, and various unique features of planets and stars are also discussed.

This book series is an encyclopaedia of ALP astrology knowledge and with lots of information especially useful while making predictions with the purpose to benefit all.

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