ATOA Scientific Technologies: Innovative Engineering Simulation Services and Solution Provider

Engineering is all about innovation, finding new ways to solve world’s problem by creating breakthrough ideas and solving practical problems by means of developing innovative product or processes. To that objective, ATOA offers three solution verticals, Engineering Simulations, 3D Printing and Engineering Apps.

Dr. Raj C Thiagarajan, MD of ATOA Scientific Technologies, alumnus of ACCET, IIT Bombay and Cranfield University, UK, having over 25 years of industry experience with DRDO, IITB, Cranfield Computer, R&DE, TATA, and GE Global Research. His industrial consultancy work ranges from composite railway sleeper, polio calibers, smart aircraft, automobile structures, telecom shelters, missile containers, probes, biomedical devices, renewable energy products, nano technology, advanced composites, bullet proof vehicles, meta material and devices, green residential and industrial buildings. Dr. Thiagarajan has authored 100+ Technical Publications and Patents for product and process innovations.

ATOA’s Engineering Simulation for Innovation

ATOA’s is the first certified Multiphysics Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) consultant across India, in Multiphysics CAE Simulation Solutions, is their core competency and primary solution offering. Its Engineering Services are provided to render cost effective, faster and reliable product and process design solutions for their clients. Multiphysics CAE is design of product for multiple engineering design requirements at once. ATOA provides virtual engineering design simulation solution across coupled Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.

ATOA’s ‘’ is a web store for exclusive Engineering CAE images, offers high-end real life CAE images, animation and Videos for the user’s website, Print and Publications. Custom created engineering images for Advertising Agencies, Creative Designers, Professional Engineers, Marketing firms, Print Publishers, Web designers and all.

At ‘’, users can do high end CAE simulations online, and offers Multiphysics CAE, directly via web-browser without the overheads of expert CAE analyst, costly software and hardware. Powered by Complex Multiphysics models and simulation methodology, developed by ATOA to do Engineering calculations using a web browser.

Engineering Apps for Design on the Go

The ATOA Apps portal is a single door entry for engineering Apps. ATOA’s goal is to put supercomputer on the move that is your smart phone for productive use, with engineering design apps, for “Design on the GO.” User will find engineering apps related to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Industrial, Acoustics, Thermal, Flow and Optical. Clients can download android and iOS engineering apps.

3D Printing for Next-Gen Products

3D Printing is projected as the next industrial revolution and it can potentially influence almost every aspect of our daily life in some way. ATOA’s ‘’ offers, one Stop Professional 3D Print Solutions, and they provide services to Design, Analyze and Make custom 3D products. Also, Ready-made 3D printable CAD Models can be downloaded. ATOA’s 3D completes the engineering simulation solutions offering with end to end digital product development and prototyping solution.

Peep into the Future

Their Multiphysics CAE design solutions enable cost effective, faster and innovative product development. Peeking into the future, ATOA’s Engineering Apps will be centered around smartphone for enabling design on the GO! ATOA’s latest engineering innovation portal ‘’ will propel future industrial innovation. ATOA’s 3D printing will provide total digital product development solutions. Overall, ATOA will add to the innovation inspired growth.

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