IPRinn: Protecting Your (IP)Intellectual Property

Located in Bangalore, resolute to provide the most qualitative service at the most reasonable cost that no one can think, IPRinn is a consulting firm engaged in the practice of Intellectual property protuction and also in the matters relating to Corporate Legal Consultancy and cyber Laws

Great professionals like, experienced Lawyers, Attorneys, Chartered Secretaries of IPRinn, practices most modern online techniques and automation systems to handle its huge client base with great ease. The result is the long list of big clients like, BPLTechno Vision, Tata eFee, Loyalty Revards, Max,babyoye, redBus, AK Group, M A Ply and several plywood companies.

Adv. Gimmi Joseph, Founder and CEO of IPRinn, is a B. Com, MBA, LLB, Commers and Corporate Law, has established one of the young generation intellectual property consultancy firms in Bangalore in 2007. The experience of his other firm CN Legal, a charity providing legal services, helped Gimmi a lot in founding IPRinn.

Unlike other attorneys who practice as an apprentice to seniors, confident Gimmi invested over a year in digging deep into the books. Being genuine about it not only enabled him to consult clients from a fresher perspective, but also to provide indisputable client centric services.

Gimmi says, “We know that traditional values have a place even for a business at the forefront of modern technology. Our approach has always been to combine the very best professional advice with a distinctive personal service, tailored according to the clients needs.”

IPRinn’s Trademark Registration Services

Trademark registration is important to protect the value of your names and brands. There are various misconceptions about trademarking in India. The Very first is that, only registering your brand’s domain name does not mean that you have acquired or own any trademark rights. Second, merely registering the business name as a corporation, Private Limited Company, LLP or any other entity with the state does not mean you have acquired or own any trademark rights in the mark. Third, Trademark registration and protection is divided into classes of goods and services. Owning a trademark registration in one class of goods or services does not necessarily mean you can enforce it against someone using it in another class of goods or services.

According to Gimmi, “When applying for a trademark to protect your company’s brand an important consideration is the depiction of your mark on the trademark application. The two possible mark formats are the standard character format which includes the word(s) alone or design format.”

IPRinn offers services like, Comprehensive Trademark Search, International Trademark Application, Copyright Protection Service, Website Contracts And Privacy Policies, Software Developing Contracts, Petent Registration and Design Registration.

IPRinn helps its clients to find the best, legally-available brand for their new product or business through its free trademark search service. IPRinn emphasizes on doing a trademark search to check the legal availability of a new business or product name before the client invests in it, so that the client should not find out at the end, that the name they choose is not legally available.
Gimmi says, “A professional trademark search can save you a fortune in wasted advertising, design and printing costs and, of course, will help you avoid potential legal liability for using someone else’s registered trademark by mistake.”
IPRinn has been keen on always staying at the forefront of modern technology, while embracing traditional values to provide better services to the clients.

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