IFA Global: FX and Treasury Management Consulting Solutions

IFA Global provides end to end treasury management solutions spanning across various treasury functions mainly for mid-size and large corporations, with the array of services including FX Advisory, Treasury Audit, Treasury Risk Management Policy, Debt Syndication, Structured Trade Finance, FX Fund Management Services, Live Streaming Web, Mobile Tickers and Treasury Training Programs.

Mr. Abhishek Goenka, Founder and CEO of IFA Global, is a passionate leader, who has an extensive experience in Treasury Consulting Business and his highly revered thoughts, recommendations and views on the global markets are published in leading domestic and international publications, news-wires and websites. He is frequently interviewed by global news channels for his views on related topics. Mr. Goenka is a highly regarded public speaker and well sought across global conferences and actively contributes to the discussions and reports for many regulators.

He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 and holds an MBA in finance, a CFA and has undertaken various certified executive programmes from Harvard University. He is spiritual and passionate about management and human psychology.
A striving entrepreneur Mr. Goenka says, “ You need to be extremely clear on your goals and work towards them diligently every single minute of your life. Your rational and subconscious mind should constantly seek your goal and your thoughts should be extremely clear and forever positive. Your success depends on your thoughts and how passionate you are towards your business or your goals that should certainly have a higher purpose otherwise you’ll tend to quit, like any rational person, during crises. Be empathetic towards your employees and your clients and keep the wheel running .Never quit no matter how hard you get hit. Success will follow.

Implementing an Innovative Approach with Skilled Team

IFA global believes that every client is unique and therefore requires bespoke solutions. Rather than plain vanilla FX advisory, where you just advise clients on where to buy, sell or hold, their approach is slightly different. On engaging with a client, they understand the clients’ business model, costing methodologies, cash flow cycle, funding requirements. Based on their analysis of these parameters, they gauge a client’s risk appetite and insist upon developing a succinct risk management policy articulating hedge ratio, hedging instruments, hedging strategies, etc. and then managing the client’s portfolio in accordance with their risk appetite and industry.

IFA Global’s quality of team, continuous strive towards excellence , their brand and wide presence across 40 cities in India and international presence in UAE and Hong Kong differentiates them from other local consultants. A constant focus towards technology driven delivery systems, getting the best talent on board and a constant strive towards newer markets adds to the USP of the firm.

Highly Specialized in FX

While throwing light on the future, Mr. Goenka shares, “It has been a fabulous journey over the last decade, but I still believe that this is just the beginning as the possibilities are virtually endless especially the domain we are in. With FX markets evolving in India, unprecedented volatility in the global markets, challenges faced by businesses in fundraising, I believe there is tremendous scope to grow horizontally as well as vertically.”

FX is a highly specialized domain and needs a strong track record of the advisor and manager. Mismanagement of FX exposure and over-leveraging can prove to be very costly for any business. That is where IFA Global steps in and ensures that all the treasury related functions of the client are managed optimally at all times.

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