Automation Systems: Unlocking Countless Possibilities

Ajay Neb | Founder | Automation Systems | Business magazine
Ajay Neb | Founder | Automation Systems | Business magazine

This story is about the nimble company which has gradually transformed from a small solution provider and product seller to a turnkey solution provider quenching the needs of its client organizations / to all segments of industries. And, now, it has positioned among the Top Three System Integrators of Schneider Electric in the country.
With the mission to give the best tech-enabled solutions to its customers, Automation Systems was founded in the year 1995. It offers the latest Industrial Automation products like PLC, HMI, and VFD.
An Insight to Automation System
Today, Automation Systems employs more than forty professionals with a vision to become the Leading Automation Solutions Provider in India as a long term partner. The company is catering quality solutions to all segments of Process Industries, OEMs, Home and Building Automation Solutions with the best quality and timely delivery. Also it is working to enhance the productivity and efficiencies alongside reducing design and operating costs.
Over the years the company has been performing excellently and was recognised at various platforms. Some of the achievements at various platforms are mentioned here. The company has received ‘Technical Innovation Award- 2017  from Schneider in Innovation Summit in Singapore in 2018, ‘The Best Partner Award – Activity Sales  – 2016,  ‘The Highest growth Award – 2016 ’ ‘The Best System Integrator OEM- 2014  Award, ‘The Best System Integrator Award’ North Region for two years in Row in 2009 & 2010 respectively, ‘The Highest growth Award” in 2006. Also The Best System Integrator Award’ North Region in 1997.  Automation Systems is The Galaxy Partner since 2015. 
Meet the Passionate Founder
Ajay Neb is the Founder of Automation Systems
After graduating as Electronics Engineer in the year 1992, Ajay started his career in an Electric Products & Services Providing Company. He was a Marketing Executive in M/S BCH Limited in the field of Electrical Drives, Electronic Devices & Automation Field. Apart from his role in marketing, he learned and developed skills in Service and Programming of PLC, HMI, and Drives with a clear focus of serving the customers with utmost satisfaction.
Exclusive Products and Services  
Automation System offers complete solutions based on the latest technology and features in automation. It provides solutions that are customizable and upgradeable with complete system integration. Moreover, it always focuses on understanding customer application and requirements and accordingly offers solutions and products to improve productivity and efficiency.
The company takes pride for its contribution to its three specialized sectors; Industrial Automation, Building Automation, and Home Automation. All the solutions are offered by Automation Systems deliver high-performance products built on rugged industrial-grade designs. The product lines include PLC, AC Drives, Servo Drives, Low-End & High-End Automation products, Open HMI Platforms, Automation Controllers & Software, Distributed I/O Modules, Plug-in I/O and Motion Control, and Industrial Networking Solutions.
These products are from Schneider Electric.
Automation Systems’ main activities involve:

  • System Integration
  • Design, Engineering, Installation, and Commissioning
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Instrumentation
  • Manufacturing of Electrical Control & Distribution Panels

Some of the Application Expertise of the Company are :

  • Boiler Automation
  • Rubber Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • On-line Monitoring through web-based SCADA System
  • Calendar Automation
  • Tyre Curing Line Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Hydraulic press management
  • Sugar Industries

Company’s Success Avenue
Over the years, the company has acquired exhaustive knowledge and domain specialization in Automation Solutions. The beginning was around 20 years back when the plant and process of Automation System were considered as an option in most of the industries due to lack of awareness. The technology used was old and most of the Industry owners were not having any budget for automation. But, the company started with cost-effective solutions which were well within the budget of small as well medium scale industries. Also, flexibility in designing custom made solutions helped them in meeting challenges for the progress of the company.
This all becomes possible for the company as it was having a team of industry’s highly qualified technocrats and specialist engineers who bring in vast experience and expertise for providing optimal engineering solutions. This team is customer-oriented and consistently stays motivated to maintain high productivity even under a strict time frame. The team is committed to giving timely cost effective solutions.
For Automation Solutions the company is the Authorized System Integrator for M/S Schneider Electric – A global leader for automation and control technology and an international manufacturer of electrical equipment, extensive range of industrial control components, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives and software solutions to offer reliable and efficient solutions to the industries, OEM, and process control markets. Innovative products and technology combined with comprehensive service and support from initial planning to after-sales support results in an Automation and Control facility that provides solutions to match its customers’ highest expectations.
The Achievement Principle 
As the company has transformed from a product selling company to a solution-based company, it continuously thrives in expanding its customer base and retaining old customers as long term partners in their journey of automation. Also by training and development of its manpower and with seamless integration of its design, engineering, manufacturing, and sales service team, the company provides unmatched quality of solutions and services in the region.      
The Ideal Appetite 

  • The very first business objective- Customer first
  • Customer delight with strong service support
  • To grow faster by adding new solutions and servitisation models in the digital age
  • Digitization success and IIOT implementation

The company believes that the current digital age and addition of millennials in the industrial workforce makes the landscape completely different than it was 10 years ago. Customers seek a different value every hour and a scalable solution to back it up with. “I am sure Schneider Electric is a pioneer in Industrial Automation and has been a strong backbone behind our success.” says founder, Ajay Neb. Further, he added, “Automation in Industries is not a one time job but it’s a journey that we all live with every day. You are required when the customer is in pain and the day you resolve the issues of industry you are remembered as a player with a niche created within the fraternity.”
The Success Mantra  
Always listen to the customers and understand their requirements about automation. Sustainable growth can only be achieved with a solution-based approach.
Automation Industry – Current Scenario
Today, automation has become a necessity in every type of industry. Due to increased competition, the survival of industry depends on its operational efficiency and its capability to supply consistent product quality to its customers. Automation of plant, machinery, and process is a deciding factor in meeting these challenges and for the survival of the industry.      
The Future Ahead
With the short-term objective of being always visible to customers with strong sales & service team, the company is growing faster by adding new products and is as focused to invest more in customers.
Due to increased manpower cost and unavailability of skilled manpower, now, all type of industries are relying on automation to meet its customer requirements of cost, quality, and timely delivery. Also, due to the increased competition and customer expectation, the industry with highly automated processes and plants will only be able to survive in the coming decade. And as being a solution based Automation Company, it foresees 5X growth in the coming decade.
With considering digitization as the key element, the company will deliver tangible outcomes at a total cost of ownership level. And, it believes that the future is of original equipment efficiency and machine learning. Also, the company is striving for creating a difference in this world.

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