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Social media is a continually evolving realm with amazing potential for business communications. Now that there is nearly 25% rise in social media marketing, there is a need of state-of-the-art digital marketing agency with skilled professionals having market insights. Avignyata Inc., fulfilling this requirement, is one of the pioneers and leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai. Their objective is to develop a virtual ubiquity for the brands, incorporate all the areas that have a positive impact on the brand, help clients analyze their online outreach and promote them as a Social Media entity.
Avignyata (meaning: omnipresent)  has expertise in Entertainment, FMCG and Service oriented businesses. They have won awards like SNCR (Society for New Communication and Research) for Murder 2,ICSA for Inorbit Mall and CEF (Customer Engagement Forum) for Asian Cancer Institute and Aster Clinics, Dubai.
Avignyata Inc. creates websites, mobile applications, social media marketing campaigns, search campaigns and manages online reputation. Their proficient and hardworking team is vigorously active and knows the market inside out. At Avignyata, employee satisfaction is ensured for each one, who working to take Avignyata to the crest.
Trailblazer in High-Value Business Management
Aditi Juneja, Business Manager at Avignyata Inc., had graduated from Delhi University and her passion lies in the food business. She has been working with Avignyata Inc. from last 5 years and started building up her clients in Delhi and then moved to Mumbai. She helps FoodTech and Restaurants in setting up operations and marketing.
It was not easy for Aditi to start and keep up with these activities. The significant roadblock she had to overcome was probably managing expectations. What she had learnt is, if you are successful, then all obstacles seem to be very minor and don’t bother at all. However, on the other hand, if you are not sure about yourself, all obstacles seem to cloud your mind and stop your thinking process.
Aditi thinks that her husband who is also the boss has been her greatest inspiration as he is always ready to lend support when needed. She finds extreme joy in spending quality time with her daughter and participating in her various activities, including cooking and having a hearty meal over light conversations with the family. This bonds the family together and they also support her in what she aims to achieve. Avignyata’s happy clientele and successful campaigns are one of the biggest motivating factors for her.
“Skills needed for a successful businesswoman is most importantly prioritizing. One needs to prioritize the tasks, while not forgetting the family. End of the day, everything we do is also for the family apart from self-growth. The elements I follow are, to fetch time to exercise and relax and bring back the energy to work.”
Understanding Behavioral Patterns and Channel Effectiveness
Organizations are leveraging digital marketing methodologies for successful marketing strategy implementation. Companies are implementing a wide range of digital channels so as to engage customers in a more personalized way. Digital marketing trends that organizations are rapidly embracing are constantly updating, along with the platforms such as portals, podcasts, e-journals, online campaigns, social media marketing, search services etc. and resulting in more amount of generated output.
Accoring to Aditi, for building a remarkable customer most important element is timely communication. “A client should always be comfortable about working with us in terms of our availability to them,” says Aditi. Setting expectations and delivering, what has been promised also contributes in a big way to retain clients.
With the growth of the internet as a medium of exchange, Avignyata Inc. understands the need for organizations, individuals and brands to have a presence on social media. With each client, they identify unique and effective trends and employ these trends to engage with the users over an interactive platform based on feedback, reviews and constructive criticism. It doesn’t end here. Their comprehensive services also allow you to zero-in on potential customers, key areas of activity and check out where the buzz is created, listen to what users have to say about your brand and much more.
In next five years Avignyata sees its business spreading across various cities in India and also internationally. They already have international projects that they are working on and they hope to set up Avignyata Inc. in other countries as well. Also, naming Avignyata Inc. as the top digital agency instead of being one of the toppers.
My learning is ‘Move on… no matter what your circumstances are, in the end you are answerable to yourself and not anyone else’.

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