Interactive Bees: The name is inspired from ‘Honey Bees’ for their efficiency, controlled hierarchy, social awareness, evolution, and most importantly, girl power!

Interactive Bees
Interactive Bees

Monica Gupta, an entrepreneur by profession, an idealist by choice, a spiritualist by design, and a humanist by virtue; embodies the spirit of enterprising women who play multiple roles in life and yet succeed to strike out a balance.
Meet Monica Gupta– An empowered entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience working in the corporate sector at managerial and leadership positions. After brief stints in varied fields including sales and marketing, software development, web hosting solutions, and advertising, she finally settled in the ‘hive’ she loved the most, and started a Brand Communication Agency! Having been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, she willingly transformed herself into a ‘Queen Bee’ in the ‘hive’ called Interactive Bees to develop timeless solutions for brands.
The fruit of her ambition and diligence i.e. “Interactive Bees” has today made it amongst “50 Most Valuable Tech Companies Globally” and has won many accolades (within a short span of 7 years) including ‘Top Web Development & Web Designing Service Providers’, and many others…The agency is shaping future trends in the field of interactive web solutions, web promotion solutions, multimedia solutions, corporate AVs, mobile applications, advertising campaigns, BTL and print designs to name just a few. All teams at IBees work cohesively which helps in lifting each other’s standards in creating solutions that are not only innovative but also drive value for clients.
Monica firmly believes that there are no shortcuts to success. For her, the four key ingredients for success are:Hardwork, Patience, Persistence & Perseverance. She has always been inspired to lead, by her family. In her words, “My family has been my pillar of strength and always acted as a sounding board. Even while being straight forward and critical at times, in retrospect, their advice has always turned out into beautiful lessons learned for life!”
Professionally, she envisions to build an organisation that follows standard operating procedures, focuses on innovation, originality, out of the box thinking, and most importantly is built on the the foundation of values and ethics! She is an innate spiritualist and has been associated with Brahma Kumaris for over 30 years. She is a great motivator and frequently travels for conducting seminars and symposia on diverse topics including stress management, change management, entrepreneurship, easy meditation for busy people.
Monica explains, “I have always tried to set an example in front of my team, one really has to be strong mentally, full of passion, integrity, dedication to really make dreams come true! Strong sense of leadership, ambition, charisma, ability to take risks and initiative are some of the skills that are a must have for success.”
She certainly ‘walks the talk’, having roughed the perilous waters of ‘managing’ the business. However, her attitude is certainly that of a shepherd and a mentor rather than a preacher. Though she has willingly taken the task of mapping her employees on to the bigger canvas so that she can see them takeover responsibilities and blossom professionally. She says, that being a technology company, we are continuously making efforts to deliver best fit turnkey projects, create a client friendly atmosphere, and establish goodwill which will stand us in good stead in the future.
 There is a reason why the name Interactive Bees was chosen
Honey Bees always sit on flowers and suck the nectar out of them and create honey from that together tirelessly. Bees symbolize the values of collaboration, relationship building, hardwork, focus and sustainability! And, this is what our agency stands for.
Today, Monica emphasizes, that we need a balance between our personal and professional life. She insists, “The understanding that we are actors playing roles and a good actor is one who knows the art to adapt to the roles, appreciate each and every role be it that of a boss, colleague, mentor, sister, daughter or a mother. It’s important to not get attached to the role, so it’s easy to switch between them. It’s like wearing a loose dress that is easy to change”.  She enjoys spending time with her family, sharing at least one meal together and doesn’t mind rolling her sleeves, and getting hands-on be it any task big or small at home. In fact, such small deeds, help create a great bonding whether it’s home or workplace. Professionally also she likes to scale the caliber of a person. She  believes that every human being is unique and they have the capability to contribute to the organization! It’s we who have to give them a conducive environment to contribute.
She beautifully captures the essence of life around her both ‘professionally’ and ‘personally’, things that may seem insignificant to be noticed by others, she recognizes and bring transformative change around.
The agency is exploring international markets under her able guidance and intends to create a presence across the globe and be the agency of choice for the international and national giants.
A Dreamer and a Doer is what one may call her. Her legacy will continue to be an empowering ideal for the upcoming wave of women entrepreneurs!
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