Bank Accounts Found With 100 Crore Deposited

Delhi has once again in limelight. Yet, for another reason and this time it’s regarding the raid which took place in one of the banks in Delhi.
Income Tax department recently raided Axis bank in central Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, 44 fake bank accounts were found fake. It has been informed that about Rs.100 crore with old currency notes deposited after government officially banning the usage of these notes in order to tackle black money issue and money laundering.
These 44 bank accounts were been created with the usuage of forged documents and invenstigators deduce that these accounts were basically created for the reason to use the money to buy Gold.
“The bank is committed to following the highest standards of corporate governance and has zero tolerance towards any deviation on the part of any of its employees from the set model code of conduct. Strict action will be taken against any employee found deviating from the guideline. We would also like to add that we are cooperating with the investigating agencies,” said a spokesperson of Axis Bank.
This is the second raid by Police in Delhi since the ban of currency. Last month, police had grabbed two people with 3.5 crore in the new introduced currency as they came out of Kashemere Gate branch of the bank, including Delhi centre.
It is very important to know that accounts having depoists more than 2.5 lakhs will be going under scanner for severe check.
The government had given an opportunity to people with black and illegal money to deposit their money in banks and pay a penalty of 50 percent tax, it was also told that if this money is being paid without informing the tax officials then these people will have to pay fine much more than warned!

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