Bluetooth 5.0: Bigger, Faster and Available

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has recently launched Bluetooth 5.0. Bluetooth 5.0 has a number of added features plus additional up-gradation for its current features. These up-gradations are for wireless protocol with low level energy levels (BLE). This low energy can be applied to 2x speed, 4 x ranges, and 8x transmission dispatch capacity. The IoT environment growing across us, So Bluetooth increased capabilities will be more than handy for developing IoT’s framework and expansion. The Bluetooth SIG has promised to deliver universal transmission of data and standard data rates.
Bluetooth SIG also managed to reduce the interface complications while interacting with other technologies. This can be served as a prime advantage for Bluetooth 5.0. The devices will be available in market six months from now on.
Bluetooth technologies may have taken a step back as many applications on android and iOS were offering much faster connectivity and transfer of data along two devices. With the launch of Bluetooth 5.0, the makers seem to be happy as their product is capable enough for taking on these applications.  Bluetooth has already set aside from technologies like Zig Bee and Z Wave. The Bluetooth is a lot easier to use in many embedded devices, than complicated technologies mentioned earlier.
Bluetooth SIG has said in its blog, “These added abilities, alongside enhanced interoperability, existing and supporting with other wireless devices, continue to progress the embedded environment experience by helping less complex and effortless communications around the large variety of connected devices.”
Older technologies will have to have up gradation to keep up with new and exciting technologies which are fighting for space in crowed technology ‘Bus’.

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