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Banthia & Co. Advocates
Banthia & Co. Advocates

With modern times, the law industry has taken a paradigm shift and looks renewed than before. Gone are the days where the legal industry would intimidate people. In a developing country like India, the legal matters are crucial as they impact other aspects prevailing in the society. The society has become more attentive of the rules and regulations regarding legal issues. People’s approach towards legal matters has become practical and they are keen to secure justice. The outreach of the law industry has immensely expanded, as it has advanced with the help of technology and various apps and tools. This paperless flair is the new phenomenon that has brought salient alterations in the legal industry.
With the motto to provide prompt legal services to clients at any place wherever and whenever needed, enters Banthia & Co. Advocates, one of the leading sole-ownership and proprietorship based law firms in India.It was established in the year 1953 and enlarged having its presence in more than 16 states across the country. Standing its stature, the company provides legal services to clients in business, litigation, property, and real estate matters.
The Leading Force behind the Law Firm
India has some influential and powerful lawyers, who can hold the whole court and clients in awe of their strong opinions and great confidence. To become a successful lawyer one needs to be dedicated, willing to put in hard work and long hours of research before work begins in a corporation. One such influential personality Neelesh Banthia is a diligent seasoned lawyer and has an extensive experience in dealing with legal matters across the globe. He is the fourth generation lawyer in his family and has been focusing to establish Banthia & Co. Advocates on an international platform. He has successfully driven the firm to open seven international offices across the globe.
With a profound experience of over two decades he currently guides a team of around more than 350 adroit lawyers. These lawyers are specialized in handling variety of legal issues from different jurisdictions across continents. With his rigorous work ethic, he has successfully achieved the position amongst the youngest law firm owners in India. Leading the path and seeking values of commitment, vision, dedication, and persistence has helped Banthia & Co. Advocates to emerge as a multifaceted international law firm.
Neelesh started his career as a pilot officer and worked in various countries in good positions. He gained a sheer experience in working for various countries outside India. Learning the traits of professionalism, he embarked them in his work in India. While sharing his sights on the advocates in India, he said “After coming to India I realized that advocates here are still following conventional methods of practice and lack commitment, punctuality and loyalty towards their clients. They are not very approachable and organized in their work.” He wanted to change the work culture, providing a new direction and work environment to the firm to soar higher.He further added “I wanted to change this scenario and chose to join this profession to carry on the legacy and bringing a change in this profession with dynamic approach and reorient the conventional ways of legal practice with commitment, honesty, obedience, and ability to deliver the work in the least possible time.
Legal profession can be referred as one of the rare noble professions in the world as it helps people secure justice they deserve. The fact that the legal system gives power to a person to change the scenario of the society has fascinated Neelesh the most. It has no boundaries and it brings enormous opportunities in countless fields. Due to this, building a brand name at international level has become accessible for lawyers to set a global impact. According to Neelesh in order to fulfill their part incontributing to the society, the company is progressing by assisting religious congregations to open up schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and old age homes.
An Excellent Service Provider
The main area of concern for Banthia & Co. Advocates is the property law and real estate matters across the country and majorly serves Archdioceses/Dioceses and Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church spread across the globe.It currently has nine national offices in Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Mangalore, Nagpur, Nainital and Pune. As it nearly operates in almost all States of India and has become an expert in local laws, thus it ensures maximum competency in legal solutions.
The firm’s dedication to deliver abroad range of legal services has widened its footprints globally. It currently has five international offices in the U.S, U.K, Dubai, Singapore and Turkey. Banthia Legal Services is a UK based knowledge process outsourcing company and a subsidiary of BCA. It offers multiple services pertaining to legal outsourcing, paralegal and secretarial services with a team of over more than 400 advocates. Apart from this the firm also operates two delegate International offices in New York and Chicago.
The firm also contributes its services to various financial companies and other prominent institutions in India and abroad. It serves nationalized banks like ICICI and HDFC by handling their cases in India. The firm has cooperated internationally with ELLIS & Co. which is a UK based property management company for buying, selling and regularization of property in UK and India.
An Existing Picture of the Law Industry
People today have become aware of the laws and their rights in the society, due to which they are conscious about the monotonous procedure they get involved in case they have to approach court for litigation. Hence alternate dispute resolution strategies are being developed and individuals choose out of the court settlement instead of going for litigation.
It is essential for the advocates to keep up with the current laws of the legal industry. There is anentire new world opened for advocates to practice alternate dispute resolution in different jurisdiction across the globe and establishing their tracks at global level. With the advent of knowledge in the legal fields the advocates aspire to strengthen their drive. They are driven by the phrase and believe in becoming master of one instead of jack of all and master of none.
Upgrading with the Help of Technologies
Today the technology is at its highest peak and has colossally transformed the world. Be it any field of work, its outreach has assisted in achieving desired outcome and shattered all boundaries. It has enormously increased the international boundaries and it has brought an ease of communication with the clients. The advocates solve the legal issues of the clients without having to conduct a one-on-one communication or meeting. Making it suitable for the clients as well as the advocates. The company also delivers documents to the clients in an online format so as to access it easily.
Technology has progressed to such an extent that the management and communication of law firms have become very relaxed. It has become very convenient to connect to the respected offices and manpower from any curve of the world. Security is always a concern for law industries hence technology helps to maintain the confidentiality within the firm’s premises by encoding the communication between the clients and the advocates.
Legal Process Outsourcingis the new progression in the field of law. It helps companies to concentrate on the core activities so as to enhance it and be less worried about the non-core activities. This system is of a great advantage for newbie’s to start working and attains some legal experience. It is beneficial for providing the 24 x 7 support to the companies and law firms irrespective of the time zones with experienced legal and paralegal staff.
Turning Vision into Reality
Banthia & Co. Advocates is a leading legacy law firm. The members of the family are working from the last six decades and are contributing towards establishing and enduring their brand name. They constantly work in preserving and strengthening the goodwill of the company in the society. The virtues of commitment, dedication, honesty and punctuality have brought the company’s vision to reality.
The company has faith in embracing the dynamic changes brought forward by the revolution and doesn’t believe in following the conventional methods of advocacy. It has a team that highlights the significance and adaptation of technology in their system. It works with a mission of providing round the clock services to its clients across the globe and strives on maintaining trustworthy personal and long term relationships.
Nourishing with Time
The company looks forward to expand worldwide in more countries. It is soon going to establish its offices in Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, France in coming years.  Apart from this, they have keen interest in entering other ventures in more legal fields. They have successfully entered into ventures like knowledge process outsourcing through their registered company Banthia Legal Service UK Ltd. It has also started working meticulously and obediently in relation to property and investment matters.
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