Bavishi Fertility Institute: Fulfilling Your Uniquely Special Parenthood Dream with Easy IVF

Bavishi Fertility Institute
Bavishi Fertility Institute (BFI)

Every woman has a different vision of motherhood and that special time in her life known as parenthood. In today’s fast-paced world, millions of women and couples who were struggling to realize their dream of becoming parents have finally found one of India’s best clinics in the form of Bavishi Fertility Institute (BFI)––which has been a pioneer since 1998 in fulfilling their and thousands of others’ uniquely special parenthood dreams with its most advanced fertility treatment of Easy IVF.

Dr Himanshu Bavishi, M.D. and Dr Falguni Bavishi, M.D., aptly supported by Dr Parth Bavishi, M.D. and Dr Janki Bavishi M.S., have been guiding a team of expert doctors and healthcare professionals with utmost sincerity, discipline, and experience, empowering the patient to speak in the same confident voice.

Dr Himanshu promises, “From the moment we embark on this wonderful journey together, your dreams become ours, and your pregnancy becomes our goal just as much as yours.

Founded and led by the well-known experts of the Bavishi family – Dr Himanshu, Dr Falguni, Dr Parth, and Dr Janki, all BFI clinics offer meticulous attention of the highest order in a pleasant and avant-garde environment to make your treatment Simple, Safe, Smart, and Successful.

Your Dream, We Execute

Established in 1998, Bavishi Fertility Institute, Ahmedabad, is located in the most centrally placed, well-connected, and posh area of Ahmedabad- Paldi. With seven stories and 21,000 sq. ft. BFI, Ahmedabad is the largest and most modern fertility institute in India. BFI is centrally air-conditioned and has all modern amenities like piped music, Wi-Fi internet, a stretcher lift, camera surveillance, an uninterrupted power supply, etc.

Each important department is given a separate floor. BFI Ahmedabad has four operation theatres, an embryo transfer room, two recovery rooms, 22 beds and a pharmacy, four sonography machines, two endoscopy set-ups, an IVF lab, a cryopreservation lab, an andrology lab, a general lab, etc. A highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of doctors, embryologists, IVF programme coordinators, counsellors, nurses, and administrators. BFI acts as a mother center for Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Vadodara, and Bhuj Institutes. Working in the field of women’s health since 1986, Bavishi implemented newer technology in sonography, endoscopy, infertility, etc., as they came.

BFI was ranked All India No.1 in 2020 and Ranked ‘Number One in Western Indiafor the fifth time in a row in the Times of India’s national survey of fertility clinics from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, to 2020. It has been further ranked as the Best IVF clinic chain – in India, and the Best IVF chain in India – the West.

Dr Falguni says, “Our centres perform more than 3000 IVF cycles every year with one of the best results in the world. Our motto has always been excellence in the quality of the service and the unconditional support to our patients, not only technically but also humanly.”

According to Dr Himanshu, Dr Falguni, Dr Parth, and Dr Janki they do not work for success only. They work to satisfy individual desires and aspirations. No mix-up of gametes, no donations without consent of both partners, no false claims or promises but only the realistic picture.

The Pioneers in Spreading Happiness

They are pioneers in ART. “We know IVF for 24 years. We do IVF when the most basic things used in treatment like a pipette, and culture media have to be manufactured by the clinic. So we know fine intricacies of IVF very well that helps to give the right combination of treatment to the patient with affordable prices and best results,” informs Dr Himanshu.

They have SOP for each and every procedure, from small to big. That helps to give similar experiences to patients at each centres of BFI.

Dr Falguni adds, “We believe in quality and technology.” Providing a 0.3-micron lab for a better embryo culture environment, frequent cleaning of the lab for giving the best embryo quality, and relaxation therapy to each patient after transfer.

All advanced diagnostic and treatment options in IVF to improve the success rate, decrease miscarriage rate and achieve a healthy live birth child, like Preimplantation Genetic Screening – PGS, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis – PGD, Endometrial receptivity array, Image magnified Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection – IMSI, Laser assisted Hatching, etc. are available under one roof.

Cryopreservation–  we have an excellent freezing programme using the latest vitrification technique and equipments to achieve the highest success rate. We have facilities for Egg freezing/egg banking, Embryo/blastocyst freezing, and sperm/testicular tissue freezing.

Third Party Reproduction– one of India’s biggest and most successful egg donation and surrogacy programmes. Dr Parth reveals, “We do offer Surrogacy, Egg donation, Embryo donation, Sperm donation IVF/ART.”

Apart from fertility treatment, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy procedures for fertility promotion and gynecology-related problems are also taken care of.

Dr Janki says, “We believe that IVF pregnancy is a precious pregnancy.” So they have a special department for high-risk pregnancy care including fetal medicine experts and a team of obstetricians for close monitoring of pregnancy. They give comfort to patients by giving remote guidance to the patients who are staying far. “In case of requirement patient can always welcome back to us at any time for pregnancy care,” she adds.

They have a facility for noninvasive and invasive therapy required during pregnancy for a safe outcome.

Apart from the facilities available, path-breaking technology and innovations have given many firsts to the credit of BFI.

  • First, live birth of India with frozen eggs.
  • First international patient surrogacy in India
  • First IVF babies meet in India.
  • First to receive the most prestigious ‘Excellence in the field of medicine’ award by the Indian Medical Association.
  • First to offer ‘Suraksha Kavach Package.’
  • First private fertility conference for gynaecologists with international faculty
  • The first book on simple ART – IUI for consultants
  • IUI training programmes
  • Massive public awareness programme ‘JAN JAGRUTI’ and ‘PARIVAR MILAN’
  • Patient Support group ‘DIVYA SANTAN PARIVAR’
  • Patient information books and booklets
  • Book on real-life stories of parents of 222 IVF babies in Hindi- ‘DEVNE DIYE MANG KAR LIYE’ and Gujarati- ‘DEVNA DIDHELA MANGINE LIDHELA.”
  • Real-life stories of 26 successful couples in the TV serial ‘MARO ANSH MARO VANSH.’
  • The live programme series covers all the problems of infertility in English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Marathi ‘KHUSHIYON KI GOD BHARAI.’

You Can Trust Us!

Speaking about adopting advanced technologies into their institutes and branches all across India, Dr Parth reveals he is very happy to say that Bavishi Fertility Institute has become synonymous with technology and trust! Their 24 years of hard work have brought the happiness of a child to thousands of families! He mentions, “This achievement has always encouraged us to achieve more and more.

IVF is not an extension of gynecology. It involves many more clinical aspects, endoscopy, counseling, IVF lab, etc., and last but not least the human aspect. “Continuous upgradation of technology and facilities has helped us become one of the biggest and best fertility institutes in the world. Ethical and transparent practice, extensive customization and individualization, professional approach with personalized care, the patient-centric approach is the way we work,” says Dr Janki. Every important decision is taken with the informed involvement of the couple. Couples get the best of both worlds. A synergistic combination of evidence-based and experience-tested practice.

On the modern technological front, they have patient-based big data for statistical analysis and cloud computing to select individual plans and protocols for the treatment of patients.

Your Search Ends with BFI

Sharing about challenges encountered by them, Dr Himanshu divulges that the ART act and surrogacy ACT have challenged many aspects of ART treatment. Many couples are facing difficulty to opt for treatment due to the strict rules of ACT. He insists, “We are giving treatment to couples with compliance to ACT.”

In his advice to budding doctors aspiring to venture into the IVF niche, Dr Himanshu says, “Try to use this advanced technology for benefit of the couples in the best ethical way possible.” While Dr Falguni adds, “Always give the intended couple a clear cut idea of treatment and its success rate according to their case scenario. Stick to ART laws.”

On envisioning scaling BFI’s operations and offerings in the future, Dr Falguni reveals that they have believed in sustainable progress. “We are keen on nurturing a perfect team to scale up our operation and expand our brand in India and possibly in the world.”

Dr Himanshu concludes, “We believe that every woman is unique, therefore every fertility treatment shall be too. Looking for proven track record cutting edge technology, honest opinions, value for money, highest success chance- All under one roof? Look no further. Your search is over. That is BFI!”

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