Dr Kavita Sharma: Rekindling Your Joy-Bringing Parenthood Dreams

Dr Kavita Sharma
Dr kavita maternity n gen hospital

For couples, there is no greater joy than being parents to the shining little stars of their universe. While bringing these children up, parents forget every worry of their lives. They relieve their childhood with their growing bundles of delight. Playing with them, singing, dancing, celebrating, and enjoying is an experience every parent looks forward to.

In the increasingly hectic lifestyle, due to numerous adverse factors affecting either one or both of the couples, their chances of becoming parents minimize, sometimes going down to nil. According to many studies, infertility is a major rising problem globally. The ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction) study states that over 10-14% of Indian couples are fighting with the infertility issue.

The problem is not restricted to urban areas only. It is widespread in rural habitats, too. The awareness and acceptance of the issues in many rural areas have been low. Many married couples around Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, have also been fighting the issue of infertility.

Recounting his experience, one man says he was married in 2004, and his wife gave birth to a son in 2005, who expired at the age of Four-Five. At the same time, his wife got affected by some issues, so she could not conceive again. Then began their nightmarish journey of visiting numerous doctors, only to fail repeatedly.

Today, the proud father of a baby boy recalls, “Then, one day, my father saw an advertisement in a newspaper. It displayed Dr Kavita Sharma and her IVF Centre in Bareilly, UP. I had lost hope by then, but my father encouraged me to try. And finally, our god sent her to do a miracle in our lives. God bless her, Dr Kavita Sharma. We’re indebted to her forever.”

With her hard work, the pursuit of dreams, concentrated focus, and knowledge, Dr Kavita grew into a big name in IVF in the entire region of Western UP and Uttarakhand in less than seven years. It is her story of how she built an IVF empire from scratch that has bestowed the blessings of parenthood on thousands of childless couples, and that too very easily and affordably. Dr Kavita also provides free consultations at camps organized by her for childless couples.

Speaking about her IVF centre, Dr Kavita says, “Our hospital is a multi-speciality hospital with complete mother and child care, IVF Gynee problems, all endoscopy surgeries and ICU, Pathology, X-RAY, USG, and Pharmacy lab all under one roof.” The hospital has been running for the last 13 years, and Dr Kavita IVF Centre has been helping childless couples for the previous seven years.

Dr Kavita furthers that her IVF unit and labs are state-of-an-art and equipped with world-class technologies. “We have a team of doctors including in-house embryologist and trained staff,” she says. Individualized treatment is offered to every patient and all in-house treatment.

Patients coming from neighbouring and far-off places (Uttarakhand) for treatment are offered free stay and services. “Our ratios are one of the best. With minimum abortion rates and maximum take-home baby rates. We provide all our patients with antenatal care for nine months as they are high-risk pregnancies,” reveals Dr Kavita.

A highly well-equipped ICU for IVF babies with the best paediatricians, Dr Kavita IVF Centre has achieved a 100% YoY growth rate in the last seven years. Dr Kavita is a trained IVF specialist at the National and international levels. Being academically brightest, she is a master Gynaec in her field. She won many awards and has taken Dr Kavita IVF Centre to another level and made it one of the best IVF centres.

The Beginning of a Young Seedling

Dr Kavita was born into a reputed Brahmin aristocratic family of doctors in Bareilly. She has always been good at studying and a topper in her school.

She was always quiet, introverted, and a shy girl. However, the young Dr Kavita had a great sense of Humor. There was always a smile on her face, which was her charm. She looked at everything with enthusiasm, and her inquisitiveness was boundless. Dr Kavita was a bright child in her group, a sharp observer and a patient listener.

With her hard work, dreams, focus and knowledge, Dr Kavita grew into a big name in IVF in western UP and Uttarakhand in less than seven years since inception.

The Rise of a Professional

According to Dr Kavita, infertility affects millions of individuals and couples worldwide, posing emotional and physical challenges. A growing number of aspiring parents are seen facing challenges in conceiving naturally. Infertility in young couples is related to unhealthy eating, drinking, smoking, insufficient sleep, stress, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, etc.

Couples looking forward to having their baby have been observed to have tried numerous medical treatments, which generally fail to yield results despite spending exorbitant fees. It has created a need for scientific and reliable treatments to help them conceive properly and effectively. Advancements in medical science and research have led to the development of In-vitro fertilization (IVF), which has emerged as a reliable and effective solution for those struggling with fertility issues. With advancements in medical technology and expertise, reliable IVF solutions offer hope and increased chances of achieving parenthood.

Offering a ray of hope to aspiring parents, Dr Kavita, consulting gynaecologist and IVF specialist, has emerged as a reliable and trustworthy fertility expert who has helped thousands of couples conceive their babies. She has been a kind, empathetic professional who has identified the exact reason for a couple’s inability to bear a child. With proper counselling and listening to their concerns, Dr Kavita customizes the solution for every couple based on their exact reasons.

Dr Kavita studied at St Mary’s Convent and Hartmann College (both prestigious institutions). Soon after completing her 12th standard, she got selected in MBBS all India exam with a high rank and did her MBBS from LLRM Medical College, Meerut.

She did her post-graduation in obstetrics and gynaecology from the prestigious Army Hospital RNR. NEW DELHI. She has done a fellowship in IVF and reproductive medicine for one year from Delhi, and her training in IVF (one year) from UAE (DUBAI) internationally. Apart from this, Dr Kavita did her internship in endoscopic gynaec surgeries. She has also done her diploma in ultrasound training from Delhi.

An Extraordinary Saga of Success

After working in a big hospital, Dr Kavita gained enough experience and confidence, which resulted in her decision to start her hospital in 2010. Soon she flourished in her gynaec -obstetrics field in Bareilly. She successfully treated hundreds of patients with dedication and care. However, her thirst to do the highest and her best did not let her remain satisfied. Her hunger for growth propelled her to do something she always loved.

Bareilly is a small city in western Uttar Pradesh that was not open to the idea of IVF back then, but nothing stopped her, and she plunged into the IVF segment to open her IVF Centre towards the end of 2015, by name Dr Kavita IVF.

Early Challenger

Dr Kavita is an inspiration for many. She began from scratch. With limited resources, a lack of information, and awareness, people did not want to go for IVF treatment in a small city. But a soul like her could not give up. She took to media-organized camps to spread awareness and started her Centre with a handful of patients and thus started her journey.

Her Healing Touch

When Dr Kavita started doing the IVF cycles, everyone was amazed to see how she handled the cases. Her approach was very warm, friendly and logical. Seeing the results of her treatments, people slowly realized that she was the best IVF specialist. Her success rate touched the sky, with her admiration spreading like wildfire. Patients from adjacent and far-off areas started visiting her centre and had treatments. Her patients called her ‘the doctor with divine hands.’

The Growth Glory

Thus, Dr Kavita IVF, which started from scratch, grew steadily in no time.

Dr Kavita IVF’s annual growth rate was almost 100%, the best in the healthcare industry. The facilities increased along with the team, expanding the IVF lab into the state-of-the-art setup it is today. Dr Kavita IVF is equipped with all modern equipment and machines, making it one of the most advanced IVF centres in the region.

Dr Kavita IVF has gained a reputation for being the most reliable, cost-effective and modern IVF centre, which is getting a growing number of national and international patients for treatments. The patients from Uttarakhand and other hilly areas come in large numbers. They are provided free stay and food while there for the treatments. Dr Kavita’s multispecialty hospital has an advanced NICU for nine months of pregnancy and NICU care.

Dr Kavita IVF is a multi-speciality hospital with complete mother and childcare IVF Gynec problems, all endoscopy surgeries and ICU, PATHOLOGY, X-RAY, USG, and PHARMACY under one roof. The hospital has been running successfully for the last 13 years, and the IVF unit has been operational for six years.

The state-of-the-art IVF unit and lab are well-equipped with world-class technology. The highly qualified team of doctors, in-house embryologists and trained staff ensure proper and timely treatments. With a clear understanding and a thorough diagnosis, every patient is offered personalized treatment, which is completely in-house.

Dr Kavita IVF provides all its patients with complete antenatal care for nine months as there are high-risk pregnancies. Also called pregnancy or maternity care, the staff supports the patients with comprehensive check-ups, advice, counselling, and follow-ups. The patients are given a detailed diet chart with the exercises and a list of dos and don’ts.

Dr Kavita IVF Centre is a well-equipped NICU with the best paediatricians for IVF babies. Doctor Kavita is a trained IVF specialist at the National and international levels and has been academically very bright since she completed her master’s in her field. Growth has been a regular aspect of Dr Kavita IVF. In fact, Dr Kavita IVF can be regarded as synonymous with growth.

Dr Kavita IVF has registered a 100% growth rate in the last six years. It has been phenomenal due to the honest and focused efforts of Dr Kavita and her team.

Upswing of a Joy-Bringer – Annual IVF Mela

Dr Kavita IVF organizes an annual gathering – Annual IVF Mela, which sees her patients with their newborns and children coming to the centre and joining the celebrations together. This yearly celebration is witnessing a steady rise in her happy and satisfied patients joining in large numbers. The Annual IVF Mela is a memorable celebration, creating interesting memories of fun, happiness and gratitude. Dr Kavita IVF is a big family which is growing rapidly in leaps and bounds.

Rhythmical Times

Dr Kavita IVF is handling one of the highest numbers of IVF cases in the region, with impressive success and take-home-baby rates. In a well-equipped and advanced medical infrastructure, the qualified and experienced team of medical professionals attend to hundreds of couples and individuals for advice, diagnosis and fertility treatments.

Supportive and Encouraging Family

The role of the family is very important in influencing the individual’s success. Dr Kavita came from and well-educated family and is married to Dr S.P Mishra, the love of her life. He is a paediatrician and intensivist who is the director of the hospital. Together they complete each other and are adorable. They are blessed with a son. Dr Kavita has two sisters; both are doctors and doing great. Her father is a famous doctor, and her mother has a PhD in chemistry.

Her spirit of doing something for others has been imbibed by her family, who gets her main support. Dr Kavita is a skilled medical professional adept with the right knowledge, which she utilizes towards effective treatments. A self-made woman, Dr Kavita has dealt with the challenges single-handedly. She focused on the patients and their concerns. By taking them into confidence, she provided customized treatments to the patients that specifically addressed their issues. Her approach of handling the cases very diligently resulted in the success of the same.

Emphatic Personality 

Dr Kavita is a kind and emphatic person who is a patient listener. She chooses to understand other people and respond accordingly. A humble person by nature, Dr Kavita is a passionate animal lover. She loves dogs. She often stops to pat the dog and play with it. Every day she takes her dog for a walk, during which she thinks about her day ahead. She believes, “Dogs are very innocent beings. They are a part of our lives, but for the dogs, their whole world is around us.”

Dr Kavita is a pure vegetarian and a conscious person. Her silent nature can be best described as a deep thinker rather than an introvert. She loves silence and is not a party person. Dr Kavita loves to spend her free time with her family and dog.

The Force of Virtue

Life is nothing without any principles and virtues- believes Dr Kavita. A god-loving person, she believes in simple living and high thinking. She is passionate about her goals and dreams and is highly determined to achieve them. Dr Kavita is extremely hard-working and devoted to her work. She is fiercely honest and never compromises with her values. There is never a dull moment for her as she rules the moments by getting things done correctly. She is always happy, never tired and is full of ideas.

A Born Game Changing Leader

Doctor Kavita has amazing leadership qualities and guides her team. The patient from Delhi NCR is coming to Bareilly now for treatment. Also, patients from Gulf. Nepal and Thailand come in huge numbers for treatment, right she has taken IVF to another level in Bareilly. She has guided her team in taking up the cases systematically as instructed in a step-by-step approach. In her communication, Dr Kavita is very open and clear about certain aspects. She fearlessly addresses the issues and points out the causes and probable reasons. Removing all the myths and assumptions of the patients, Dr Kavita gives the message in a clear and friendly way.

Into the Brightest Future

Dr Kavita is a very focused and ambitious professional. She is aware of the modern trends in the medical industry and believes that the applications of modern technologies will certainly boost the medical field through accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and improving human lives. Dr Kavita has identified that, like other industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will bring new and positive changes to the medical industry.

She rightly observed that in the future, these virtual systems would help connect better with people and patients anywhere in the world.

A Poetic Wisdom

Dr Kavita has come a long way and has created a big name for her venture Kavita IVF through her dedication, hard work and focused solutions. Offering her advice to the young professional entering the IVF segment, Dr Kavita says,

  • “Love what you do, do what you love. 
  • Above all, love yourself. 
  • Be kind and a beautiful soul. 
  • Be an achiever. (We Get This Life Only Once).”

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) has emerged as a reliable and effective solution for those struggling with fertility issues. With advancements in medical technology and expertise, reliable IVF solutions offer hope and increased chances of achieving parenthood.

Awards and Recognitions

Dr Kavita has been awarded several honours for her good and result-oriented work in fertility treatments.

  • Women Achiever’s Award (in the field of IVF).
  • Best IVF Centre Award in UP and Uttarakhand Millennium Award.
  • Most Admired IVF Specialist,

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