Oasis Fertility: On the Noblest Mission to Fulfill Your Parenthood Dreams

Oasis Fertility
Oasis Fertility

For millions of modern couples, becoming parents is the ultimate miracle they keep wishing to happen in their life. Due to multifarious reasons and various factors, biological parenthood dreams remain out of reach for them. Instead for many over time, that dream might turn into a nightmare.

According to Oasis Fertility’s Co-founder and Managing Director Mr Kiran Gadela, almost 27.5 million couples in India face infertility but hardly 3% seek assistance from a fertility centre. Mr Gadela states, “This huge gap has to narrow down. Creating awareness is the need of the hour.”

In this prevalent scenario, surmounting many challenges and coming as the brightest rays of hope for this huge populace of couples under the exemplary leadership of Mr Gadela, and Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder and Medical Director, the Oasis Fertility team is carrying out a lot of awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of fertility evaluation at the right time. Mr Gadela shares, “By way of conducting free fertility consultation camps in semi-urban and rural areas, we aspire to bridge the gap.”

Mr Gadela remembers that a decade ago, as they observed a huge lacuna in terms of standardized treatment and protocols in the fertility segment, they set up Oasis Fertility which since then is functioning as a one-stop destination offering various services.

Fulfilling Your Parenthood Dreams  

Mr Gadela informs that they offer a wide array of services including OI-TI, IUI, IVF, ICSI, IVM, Donor treatments, Fertility Preservation, TESA, Micro-TESE, Varicocele Surgeries, DNA fragmentation tests, etc.

He mentions that conditions like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and polyps are on the rise in women and at Oasis, they have the expertise of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy that could correct these issues and enable natural conception.

With Class 10,000 labs, centralized air handling unit, they have the best IVF labs on par with international standards backed by in-house embryologists, experienced clinical heads, etc. They also have employed EWS which is an advanced technology that negates the possibilities of IVF sample mismatch.

At Oasis Fertility, technology has always been Mr Gadela, Dr Durga Rao and the team’s driving force and they have been assisting couples to achieve their family goals through advanced tech-based personalized fertility treatment options and a holistic approach. With 25+ centres pan India, they have captured a major market share due to their patient-centricity and commitment to excellence.

Your Miracle, Our Mission

Mr Gadela furthers, “We never compromise on quality; ethics and transparency are our core principles. As an organization, we don’t believe in running the rat race. Every act or treatment done in our organization is in line with moral values. We advise a realistic and comprehensive treatment methodology based on the couple’s condition and help fertility-challenged couples to have a smooth, less stressful parenthood experience.”

They staunchly believe in Competence, Compassion, Confidentiality, Carefulness, and Customization. With 100+ highly qualified fertility specialists and embryologists, and a strong IT integration for seamless operations, Oasis Fertility is backed by an experienced and agile leadership and management team. “Our sole mission is to enable couples to have their own biological child through advanced fertility treatments,” states Mr Gadela.

He also reveals that AndroLife is their dedicated male fertility centre that caters to all male infertility issues. With advanced treatment options and experienced Andrologists, AndroLife has been helping men with much-needed space and privacy.

Moreover, OSHERM is their academic wing and they have presented several research papers in International organizations like ESHRE, ASRM, etc. Their fertility experts regularly participate in CMEs (Continuous Medical Education programs) to stay updated regarding the latest advancements in the field of reproductive medicine. “Through our state-of-the-art stand-alone training facility and simulators, we offer training to fertility specialists, embryologists, scientists, etc.,” says Mr Gadela.

He also says another important issue that doesn’t get fair treatment is secondary infertility which is the inability to have a second child. Though many couples face this issue, they don’t speak out as they live with preconceived notions. Advanced treatment options are available to overcome secondary infertility and if the couples are above 35 and unable to conceive, they need to visit a fertility specialist within six months. He adds, “Not only us, but the entire industry has also got to be vigorous and dynamic in breaking the taboo around infertility and creating space for people to open up about infertility.”

Shining Stars of Oasis Fertility

Mr Gadela along with Dr Durga Rao are the guiding force behind the success of Oasis Fertility and are continuously driving IVF excellence through their expertise, knowledge, and agile leadership. “Our organization is dynamic, resilient, and upbeat,” expresses Mr Gadela.

Dr Durga Rao inspires the experts to deliver only the best. With more than 18 years of experience, she is one of the leading voices in the fertility industry. By being abreast with the latest technology and sharing her expertise with fellow specialists, she leads the way.

She conveys, “ARTis is our in-house developed patient-centric, cloud-based integrated software application that ensures seamless interconnectivity among all stakeholders like patients, front office, nurses, embryologists, pharmacy, scan room, etc.” Medical reports and scans are stored online and it is easily accessible by the patient anytime from anywhere.

Complex Issues, Focused Solutions

According to Mr Gadela creating awareness about the need for male fertility evaluation as well has been their topmost priority. He shares the fact that males contribute to about 50% of infertility but the kind of social taboo present in our country doesn’t allow the male partner to openly discuss it. “This is the reason which made us set up an exclusive male clinic – AndroLife,” he says.

Many men remain in silence as they don’t know the tremendous treatment possibilities that can help them in attaining fatherhood. Even men with low sperm count can have the chance of having a biological child instead of going for donor sperm. There are really a lot of good things happening in this space. “We offer all advanced treatment options for men backed by expert Andrologists,” he states.

Assuring International Quality Benchmarks

Being an experienced leader and sharing his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting the IVF and Fertility Treatment space and how Oasis Fertility is adapting to the change, Mr Gadela says that AI is definitely creating momentum. “Being a techie myself, I would embrace it wherever possible. With a very huge data bank, we can be future-ready to apply ML to predict possible outcomes,” he adds. Prediction models can give confidence to couples by predicting the success rate and also help in improving the chances of conception by selecting the best embryo.

Further sharing the major factors that contribute to their high IVF success rates, Mr Gadela says that it varies from couple to couple and though various factors influence the success rate, the quality of the embryo that is chosen for implantation plays a very crucial role in determining the chance of conception. “We have in-house embryologists who are highly skilled and work round the clock enabling the monitoring and selection of the best embryos for the IVF process,” he assures. Their dedication, observational and decision-making skills play a key role in improving IVF success rates.

The other major factor is the right fertility evaluation of the couple and the design of highly personalized and specific treatment protocol by the clinicians that helps in increasing the rate of conception in the first IVF cycle itself in the case of many couples. One size will not fit all and hence customized treatments and medications have to be advised as per the age of the couple, their medical history, etc.

A Holistic Healthcare Encompassing Approach

The success rate can also be affected if the implantation is not planned on the right day. Advanced technology like ERA helps them identify the right day on which the endometrium is most receptive.

He adds, “With advanced age, the chances of chromosomal abnormalities in women’s egg increases, and hence by use of PGT, (advanced genetic testing), we can pick the best embryos for implantation.”

All said and done, only a holistic approach that encompasses a healthy diet routine, exercise regimen, and good lifestyle changes in addition to fertility treatment can act as a catalyst in improving the outcome.

Spreading the Good News

According to Mr Gadela, many couples’ trend of postponing parenthood is quite increasing.  Women’s biological clock cannot be rewound and people should know that fertility tends to decrease with age. The chances of chromosomal abnormality in eggs increases after a woman hits her 30s and this can result in miscarriage, genetic disorders in the child, and many other complications. Social Freezing can make it possible to have one’s cake and eat it too. Couples who prefer to delay parenthood can store eggs, sperms, or embryos, and use those in the future to conceive through IVF.

Cancer and treatments like Chemotherapy affect fertility potential. Even cancer patients too can preserve their fertility before cancer treatment and enjoy the possibility of parenthood once they are done with cancer treatment. He believes, “I feel though we have seen a lot of advancements in this space, not many are aware of these. One of our key goals is to spread this good news as much as possible.”

His advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the IVF & Fertility Treatment space is,

  • Be open to engaging with people who have different skillsets and who are innovative,
  • Create new leaders in the organization who can be the torchbearers in spreading the ethos and culture,
  • Make the right partnerships,
  • Need to have a service-oriented attitude

Expanding Hope

On envisioning scaling Oasis Fertility’s operations and offerings in the future, Mr Gadela shares that there is a lot of opportunity in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and they have geared up to make their services accessible and affordable to these cities too. “We have left no stone unturned in providing the best facilities and personalized fertility treatment options to people living in the periphery or rural areas as well through the launch of our full-fledged IVF labs,” he mentions.

Further revealing the steps taken by Oasis Fertility towards the ART (Regulation) Bill, 2021, Mr Gadela puts that Fertility centres have mushroomed all over and this necessitates the enactment of strict laws and regulations that would curtail unethical practices in the field of reproductive medicine. The government has set a clear demarcation for Level 1 and Level 2 fertility clinics and proposed many changes in how gametes/embryos have to be stored or used. “This is definitely a good thing and as a patient-centric and law-abiding organization, we have put in place all measures as suggested by the Bill. All treatments, procedures, etc. are in compliance with the ART (Regulation) Bill,” he asserts.

The Glimmering Glory

Mentioning special award/ranking that Oasis Fertility has received, Mr Gadela says that their commitment to providing the best care and services to patients has earned them the reputation of trusted experts in fertility. “The prestigious Times of India has ranked us the No.1 fertility centre in Hyderabad for six consecutive years and ranked us the No.1 in South India and No.3 in India. This is a testimony to our sincere efforts, expertise, and dedication,” he adds.

Oasis Fertility’s other awards include,

  • The Economic Times – India’s Growth Champions – 2022 – Statista
  • Times Business Awards – Best Fertility Chain in Andhra Pradesh – 2022
  • Times Business Awards – Best Fertility Chain in Andhra Pradesh – 2021
  • Asia Pacific HRM Congress – Best Employer Brand – 2021
  • Telangana Best Employer Awards – 2019
  • Best IVF Clinic in India – National Fertility Awards – 2019
  • 1000 High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific – 2018

Parents’ Praises:

“My experience has been really wonderful. The staff knew right away when we came for the appointment and knew what needed to be done. Everyone was caring and gentle during the procedure. I really appreciate all the care that was provided during such hard and trying times with successful outcome. We thank everyone for all the efforts that have been put into this”. – A Satisfied Patient who wish to remain anonymous.

“The doctors at Oasis are so knowledgeable and specialized that they know each and every Ifs and Buts that may come during the whole process. Moreover, they are very experienced that they can handle all the Ifs and Buts so easily and you will never feel that you have come across any such big problem. Apart from being excellent, experienced doctors, they are friendly when it comes to counseling while explaining the problem and advising the solution, and giving a thorough insight into the process. They have been friendly and treated us with care and compassion”. – Another satisfied couple who does not want to be named.

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