Beyond the Ascent: ECE Elevators – Transforming Spaces with Customized and Innovative Lift Solutions in India

Beyond the Ascent: ECE Elevators – Transforming Spaces with Customized and Innovative Lift Solutions in India
ECE Elevators

The dynamic realm of Indian technology is in its transformational phase thanks to ECE Elevators – Birla Group. It is reshaping the notion of vertical transportation through innovative solutions. Gone are the days of cumbersome buttons, outdated machinery, and antiquated interfaces; ECE is introducing a new era of intelligent, seamless, and customized elevator experiences.

Within the domain of vertical mobility, ECE Elevators is ascending, fundamentally redefining the essence of elevators. As per Manish Sikka, the President, they are not merely elevator manufacturers; they are creators of intelligent, secure, and environmentally-conscious journeys that enhance passengers’ experiences and transform living and working environments.

The Central Ethos

ECE doesn’t merely trail behind trends; it leads the charge in setting them. “From pioneering machine-room-less (MRL) technology to integrating state-of-the-art AI and IoT features, we consistently push the boundaries of elevator capabilities,” explains Manish. Picture sleek, space-efficient MRL elevators perfectly suited for contemporary architecture or intelligent elevators that adapt to your usage patterns – that’s the hallmark of the ECE experience.

Recounting their origins, Manish shares that ECE Elevators embarked on its journey in India following Independence and is the country’s first elevator manufacturer, establishing its inaugural factory in 1961.

ECE Industries Limited traces its roots back to 1945, founded by the visionary industrialist Mr. B. K. Birla, whose significant contributions to our nation’s development are widely recognized. Over the years, ECE emerged as a leader in electrical construction equipment, encompassing lighting, transformers, meters, switchgear, and elevators.

As part of the new India campaign, our resurgence in the elevator industry started in 2015 with a vision to be fully self-reliant, and our new Avatar reflects the legacy of trust built by Mr B. K. Birla,” says Manish.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety

The team’s priority is ensuring peace of mind and delivering a top-notch customer experience. ECE elevators are meticulously engineered with an unwavering emphasis on safety and reliability. Rigorous quality control measures, strict adherence to international standards, and a robust service network guarantee users a seamless and stress-free journey.

As one of India’s most promising providers of elevator solutions, Manish elucidates the guiding principles that have propelled their organizational triumph. “Our newly defined mission is to earn global acclaim for offering sustainable, secure, and intelligent building mobility solutions, renowned for our dedicated team and unparalleled customer service.” This shared vision serves as the driving force behind the entire organization’s efforts to establish a world-class Indian enterprise.

Leadership for Growth and Innovation

When discussing his approach to leadership and team development within the organization, Manish emphasizes that he does not adhere to a singular leadership style. He views ECE’s resurgence as akin to a start-up and adopts a dynamic leadership approach. His leadership style varies, ranging from visionary to strategic and often transformational.

My approach to leadership is to bring trust into everyday working relationships. I trust myself, give trust and get the same in return.” Manish strongly emphasizes that trust is the cornerstone of being an empowering leader. He maintains that leadership revolves around empowering all team members and ensuring this influence persists even in his absence.

Manish is fostering an environment where his team can unlock their full potential. His approach involves leading by example and being genuine, rational, empathetic, trustworthy, and modest.

The core of lift and elevator solutions revolves around ensuring smooth operations and improving the overall user experience. Manish highlights that maintaining a delicate balance between operational effectiveness and customer delight presents a paradox that significantly influences the industry’s trajectory regarding product quality and service standards. “We have a unique approach to this paradox and have a clear path put down in our purpose itself that makes it clear to all our stakeholders about our stand on this.”

Their mission emphasizes their commitment to safety, sustainability, innovation, and delivering top-notch customer experiences. This clear purpose enables them to effectively navigate this paradox and maintain an optimal equilibrium between striving for operational excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Driving Safety Through Data Insights 

Manish emphasizes that their digital transformation has positioned them as pioneers in empowering their workforce and optimizing operational efficiencies. This shift towards digitalization streamlines processes and enriches the overall customer experience.

“Our remarkable growth trajectory has been fueled by our embrace of digital transformation since 2015,” says Manish. Smart elevator technologies have spearheaded this initiative, as previously discussed. He elaborates that their entire operational framework integrates seamlessly into an ERP system. Moreover, they utilize front-end applications in field operations to facilitate real-time data access and analytics, enabling effective monitoring and management.

“Our digital footprint extends beyond the markets we serve to encompass our internal business functions and operations,” adds Manish. With a steadfast focus on enhancing customer experience, they have implemented SMART apps for clients. These apps empower clients to stay connected in real time, access comprehensive data, manage contracts online, and provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, Manish underscores the significance of data for ECE, highlighting its role in driving continuous improvement and ensuring unwavering safety standards. “Our elevators are equipped with sensors that collect real-time data on performance, usage trends, and potential safety hazards. This data enables us to proactively address maintenance needs, ensuring seamless and safe operation for all stakeholders.” He adds that all their stakeholders are working in partnership with them using the digital footprint they created.

For example, we have a unique scheme that’s working wonders for us: it’s called the Mera Sujhav Meri Company, which is an online tool where every stakeholder, including customers, partners, and employees, can provide suggestions to us online, track their status and implementation. Today, I can proudly say that this scheme drives our continuous improvement projects and progress.”

Building a Greener Future: Sustainable Solutions for Today 

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are integral components of contemporary lift and elevator solutions. Considering their role in shaping vertical mobility, ECE prioritizes sustainability in its elevator designs. Their elevators are meticulously engineered, focusing on sustainability and incorporating energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials to minimize their environmental impact.

For ECE, sustainability is not just a goal but an inherent part of their organizational purpose, facilitating a concerted effort towards achieving it. Manish explains, “Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our core purpose, allowing us to prioritize and implement sustainable practices across all our operations: from design and manufacturing to product development, facilities management, and processes.”

Significant efforts have been made on the manufacturing and facility fronts to integrate sustainable elements, such as reducing energy consumption and incorporating recyclable materials. Manish elaborates, “Our elevator machines and door motors utilize permanent magnet gearless technology, eliminating the need for oil and ensuring environmental friendliness while delivering optimal operational efficiencies. We employ variable voltage and variable frequency drives to minimize energy consumption. Energy-saving features and LED lighting are also incorporated into elevator car lights, fans, and interface devices, offering industry-leading lifecycle performance.”

Furthermore, ECE’s adoption of smart IoT-enabled elevators with remote management systems minimizes human intervention and physical travel requirements. Each journey with ECE represents a stride towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

The Future of Travel: Effortless and Touchless

Envision entering an elevator and effortlessly selecting your desired floor with a simple nod or hand gesture. This scenario has become a reality thanks to ECE’s state-of-the-art touchless control systems, driven by facial recognition and gesture technology. Gone are the days of searching for buttons or worrying about hygiene – instead, passengers experience a seamless and convenient journey.

ECE stands out as the pioneering elevator company in India to integrate SMART-connected elevators as a standard feature across its product line and service offerings. According to Manish, they are committed to ensuring that every user benefits from the advantages of a SMART IoT-enabled elevator.

Utilizing IoT, AI, and intelligent diagnostics, ECE’s elevators undergo real-time health monitoring, resulting in improved elevator uptime, enhanced safety measures, greater transparency, and enhanced convenience for facility managers and users.

Predictive AI: Smart Solutions for Smarter Outcomes

The demand for SMART IoT-enabled connected elevators is on the rise. According to Manish, “Our product offerings are reshaping customer expectations, and our standard SMART elevators are driving significant growth by demonstrating our dedication to excellence and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.”

ECE elevators incorporate artificial intelligence, enabling them to proactively adapt to users’ behaviour, streamline traffic flow, and anticipate potential equipment issues. This results in shorter waiting times, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced elevator experience.

Tech as a Tool, Humanity at the Center: Building the Future Together 

A new wave of aspiring entrepreneurs is always eager to venture into innovative industries. Manish says, “Today’s entrepreneurs impress us with their risk-taking ability, self-confidence, and clear vision. My advice to them would be to keep exploring, challenging norms, leveraging technology to address industry pain points, and fostering innovation.”

Often, the most straightforward changes can revolutionize the market, presenting ample opportunities for entrepreneurial exploration.

Looking ahead, Manish emphasizes that ECE’s impact extends beyond technological advancements. “We are dedicated to creating inclusive and accessible elevator experiences, incorporating features like voice control and braille buttons for visually impaired users.”

Furthermore, their vision is to garner global admiration while upholding Indian values and focusing on the five elements of their purpose, as previously stated.

While we are committed to delivering exceptional products, our primary focus is on providing the best possible experience to our customers and users. We prioritize transparency, listen to all stakeholders, continuously incorporate their feedback, and aim to be their lifelong partners in the buildings where we operate through our services.”

Manish adds that they currently utilise tools like Smart elevators, IoT, AI, digital footprint, innovation, and Mera Sujhav Meri Company to align with their purpose.

Growth Fueled by Trust

With a history spanning over 78 years and a presence across India, ECE has garnered the trust of millions. “Our dedication to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction remains our core principle, ensuring a legacy of excellence for future generations. We are fulfilling Mr. B. K. Birla’s vision by leading the industry’s advancement. We are committed to elevating with intelligence.”

ECE Elevators transcends mere business; it embodies a commitment. It pledges safe, seamless, and sustainable journeys that enhance every environment they serve. Manish concludes, “We’re not just transporting individuals; we’re elevating expectations and reshaping the trajectory of vertical movement.”

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