Jagdamba Trailers Pvt Ltd: Leading the Way in India’s Growing Trailer Industry

Jagdamba Trailers Pvt Ltd
Jagdamba Trailers Pvt Ltd

In the last two decades, India’s trailer manufacturing industry has witnessed tremendous changes and emerging trends. The sector has also become a major player in India’s rising economy. The lowest cost of operation, specialized transportation services, growth of road network, etc., have shifted the industry from an unorganized to an organized sector. Taking advantage of this upward trend, numerous companies in India started providing trailer manufacturing services nationwide.

Jagdamba Trailers Pvt Ltd is a preeminent name in the leading Trailer manufacturing and distribution industry. From humble beginnings, the company has paved its way to success with innovations and customer-centric approaches. A pioneering organisation that stepped into an unorganised sector with its structured approach, a commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction, it takes pride in delivering innovative trailer designs that make hauling tasks safer and more efficient. Under the adept leadership of Amit Agrawal (Promoter) and Gyan Singh Kshatriya (CEO and Director), the company is thriving in transforming the industry while fulfilling customer demands with novel processes.

A Great Start

Jagdamba Trailers Pvt Ltd was established in 2019 to manufacture and supply all kinds of Trailers in India and abroad. It is strategically located in Raigarh in CG state, surrounded by large Coal mines, high-capacity Power Plants, and renowned Steel Plants. All these generate a huge demand for trailers for transporting coal, aggregates, fly ash, and steel, which has led us into the trailer industry. The journey started with the trailer industry in India, which began to thrive amidst a high infrastructure and GDP growth rate.

Meanwhile, long haulage trailers started replacing small commercial vehicles. In addition, the Mining sector was also seeing a significant surge, which propelled the Indian Trailer Industry. Unorganized manufacturers catered to the majority of this industry, and here, Jagdamba Trailers made an important decision and explored this opportunity for an organized company to make a foray and fill the gap.

A Vision for Success

Every organisation works with a strong inspiration that helps propel it in the fast race. Jagdamba Trailers’s vision right from the beginning was to become a leading trailer brand by providing innovative trailer solutions with unparalleled service support to end customers. At the initial stage, the company took small steps and understood the unfulfilled requirements of customers relating to trailer specification and routine application needs.

With this huge amount of data, it worked on its findings and found solutions through the R&D section and development team. Stepping ahead, it started to contact large fleet operators and institutional customers, assuring them of its quality product at the right price with dedicated service support. As these key accounts began associating with the company, its brand became popular day by day. Blissfully, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Volvo Eicher, DRDO, CONCOR, etc., became its regular customers, giving the brand enhancement a major thrust.

Adapting to the Change

Like a fast and furious game, the world is changing quickly. Keeping up with the busy world, the importance of staying adaptable cannot be overstated. Jagdamba Trailers is alert and has been updated to remain a leading brand. The company has a systematic plan to improve its trailers continually and regularly add new products. More importantly, customers who already own the company’s trailers and rebuy get something extra every time, which gives them a sense of satisfaction. This became helpful in keeping Jagdamba Trailers ahead of the competitors. The company also organises preventive service camps at customer sites, which is unique to the industry. Moreover, the company professionals regularly talk with OEMs and key accounts to further incorporate innovations and unique features into its trailers.

Adept Leadership Style

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” firmly believes the promoter of Jagdamba Trailers, Amit, and affirms that this motto has propelled the company’s success in this industry in a very short time. “We have kept our workforce motivated and confident at all times and in every situation. Every challenge in the organization is circulated among all the members, and credits are given to all deserving of accomplishment. Every member, irrespective of their position, plays an equally important role in running the organization,” asserts Amit.

Moreover, for employee motivation, the company invests in making them all feel how important they are to the organization and how their efforts will contribute to its success. In addition, it prioritizes all members’ safety and security, giving them a sense of belongingness and respect.

Functional Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Correctly designed products not only satisfy customers but also smooth the process. Jagdamba Trailers achieves the highest quality standard using its ultra-modern machines and sophisticated designs by its expert design engineers. The specialist team is regularly upgraded through plant visits and training programmes to add value to processes, products, and services and achieve optimum customer satisfaction.

CSR Activities 

Being socially responsible and aware is part of running a business; every organisation must take the initiative to grow. Stating its CSR initiatives by Jagdamba Trailers, Amit shares, “In our Production facility, we are ensuring that no polluted material is released in an open environment. We are committed to our responsibility to keep the environment unharmed by our activity. Also, we strive to contribute towards greenery by plantation and promoting our employees for green initiatives.

Additionally, the company has already developed and supplied Trailers for LNG fuel trucks in bulk quantity to CONCOR and has already taken up the project to develop Trailers for EV Trucks. Not just this, it has created an automatic Tarpaulin covering mechanism for our Trailers so that the coal and minerals being transported are properly covered and thus prevented from polluting the environment.

Transformative Projects

The trigger point for every organization is always to take it to higher success levels. Such a trigger point for Jagdamba Trailers was the project that highlighted it as the first Trailer manufacturer to offer Tip Trailers with no Joints in any of the longitudinal members. What played the biggest and most important role in these processes was the usage of hi-tech imported machines. The company has minutely worked on every corner to increase a trailer’s life and reduce the maintenance cost. It has developed heavy-duty chassis beams for off-road and mining applications, as well as rainproof curtain sider trailers for DRDO. Not just this, the company has been continuously developing intricate customised trailers for specific usage.

Seamless Technology Incorporation 

Along with efforts of employee motivation, CSR activities, smooth processes, etc., Jagdamba Trailers also incorporates hi-end technology into its processes, especially its Shearing, Bending and Plasma cutting machines, which are CNC. They give optimum efficiency with a high-class finish profile. Also, the welding machines used by the company are all inverter-type high-grade machines run with Argoshield Gas, eliminating spatters and contaminants and giving superb aesthetics. Besides that, the company has a customised ERP that integrates all its departments with customer care, after-sales service, and quality, translating into an utter level of customer satisfaction. In addition, it takes help from AI for customer feedback, MIS and correspondences, and preparing management presentations and sales and marketing activities.

Boosting Team Spirit, Establishing a Culture of Growth

Employees are an asset to the organisation; a motivated and satisfied workforce uplifts the organisation, contributing to its success. Jagdamba Trailers has also taken major initiatives to increase employee growth. The company runs programmes for employees’ skill upgradation as part of its kaizen process. The company has a proper appraisal system where employee growth is ensured based on their skill level. Moreover, all employees are covered with medical and accidental insurance, Provident Fund Schemes and the company’s internal financial aid schemes, which give its employees confidence in their safety and security.

Rising to the Occasion

Challenges are part and parcel of business. The way organizations tackle these difficulties decides their future success. Jagdamba Trailers’ priority was to deliver value-added services, and the company achieved this by conducting thorough research on its market and competitors.

As a leading manufacturer, the company tends to provide several value-added features. Moreover, to keep its brand enhancement at pace, it carries out several customer-oriented activities such as preventive maintenance, product improvements, customer training and relations, etc., which need proper planning and resources.

Clearing the Roadblocks

Challenges build strong foundations for organisations. Jagdamba Trailers also dealt with various challenges during its journey to success. Initially, when the company had to compete with an unorganised player, it became very difficult to arrive at their prices. However, it took it as a challenge and overcame the issue with the commitment of the sales and marketing team. They convinced the discerning customers about the quality, features, and benefits that customers agreed to pay for.

Secondly, the company faced the challenge of acquiring a share in the industry at the preliminary stage, where other manufacturers had been operating for a long time and were enjoying a good market share. Beating this challenge very soon with its innovative quality product and sales and marketing strategy, Jagdamba Trailer broke the traditional paradigm and gained a breakthrough in penetrating those markets.

Creating Digital Footprint 

Every organisation incorporates digital marketing techniques to withstand the shifting sands in the world of ones and zeros. Jagdamba Trailers also extensively uses social media and digital platforms to facilitate its marketing activities and enhance our brand rapport. The company conveys its product features, benefits, and information about the company to distant users through these platforms. Consequently, these have become very suitable for the company to reach those corners where accessibility is always challenging.

Building A Bright Future

This ambitious and forward-thinking organization, Jagdamba Trailers, proposes to build a better tomorrow. Adhering to its vision of being India’s number one trailer manufacturer, it is working in a planned manner. Key strategies include adding new products at regular intervals and thus expanding its portfolio. The company plans to establish factories in other parts of India to increase its market reach and capacity. In addition, it has been continuously exploring new markets using its vast marketing network and can supply in most of India quickly.

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