Bhumesh Verma: A Legal-Guru of the Corp Comm Legal

Bhumesh Verma

The legal sector has gone through some drastic transformation over the last few years. The working of the legal services sector looks more organized and professionalized than ever before. Earlier, it was all about legacies of a family pursuing the profession, but today this profession is more democratized and having a family in the profession is no more an incentive or does not give a lawyer an edge.
Serving the society should be an integral part of one’s life. India has some influential and powerful lawyers, who can hold the whole court / clients in awe with their strong arguments and great confidence. To become a successful lawyer one needs to be dedicated, willing to put in hard work and long hours of research before work begins in a corporation. One such influential personality is Bhumesh VermaManaging Partner of Corp Comm Legal, a law firm he set up after spending 23 years with some of the best Indian law firms.
 A Journey of Becoming a Leading Lawyer
Being a commerce student in a school as well as at the graduation level, Bhumesh was always excited about the commercial world and had developed a penchant for commercial laws. He has a basic understanding of law imported about contract law, partnership, company law etc. which encourage him to delve deeper into this sector.
In early the stages of his career, after a brief stint in court Bhumesh realized that he was more suited temperamentally towards a corporate practice. He started his carrier at Ajay Bahl & Co (now part of AZB & Partners) and went on to become a partner at some of the leading Indian law firms. After spending 23 years with some of the best Indian law firms, he decided to open up his own firm where each client, big or small, gets the same respect and treatment irrespective of its transaction size or billing value.  Corp Comm Legal is endeavoring to provide the utmost accessibility, customization and top notch service which includes a good mix of timings, quality, and pricing.
Life Long Learning
The challenge of handling or doing something new keeps Bhumesh motivated all the time. He believes in keeping his mind engaged in multiple activities. The practical experience that is required in this industry can only be given by seasoned and competent lawyers. Bhumesh has worked with Ajay Bahl, Raman Sharma, Lira Goswami, Pinto Khaitan, Paras Kuhad and Atul Sharma who are the legends in their own right. Ameeta Verma Duggal and Subhash Bhardwaj have been the two outstanding colleagues cum friends in his amazing journey who always encouraged and enthused him to do things differently.
Speaking about the failure Bhumesh Said, “I can un-ashamedly say that I have never failed, either I win or I learnt from things or efforts that didn’t succeed” 
Creating Impact on Society by Art of Writing
Bhumesh is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with others. He spends some time every day to share his views on LinkedIn, writing articles on contemporary issues, contributing to legal journals and writing books as well.
There are so many books covering the theoretical aspects of contract law. Lot of students, teachers, and professionals lamented lack of a book written on practical skills by a practitioner on the subject. To provide practical information to the lawyers and management professionals as to the skills required for drafting/reviewing, he wrote a book titled ‘Practical Guide to Drafting Commercial Contracts’ which has hit the market recently. The book is written in a very simple language and has plenty of dos and don’ts, sample clauses and template contracts. Since it does not stress too much on legal aspects, it has a universal appeal, within a short span of launch, the publisher is witnessing good demand even from outside of India.
According to Bhumesh, “There is a huge gap between academic knowledge imparted at college level in India and practical skillset expected at law firm or corporation. However, most of the lawyers do not do anything to improve this situation. I am trying to be different by associating with educational institutions to bring about a change. I know my limitations but it’s no point only complaining and not trying anything on your part”
Awards and Achievements
Bhumesh was selected as a Chevening Scholar in 2000 by the UK government. Currently, Bhumesh is ranked in the A-list of Top 100 Indian lawyers by India Business Law Journal (IBLJ). Bhumesh is a keen reader, speaker, and writer. He has contributed to in-house journals of many international law firms on Indian laws. His articles on legal and business issues are followed very keenly, particularly on LinkedIn. He has written over 200 articles and 2 books in last 1 year. He is also guest faculty with law colleges and online legal education portals and conducts workshops for students and professionals on corporate laws and drafting skills.
Wise Words for Young Lawyers
Students should not think of legal profession only on the basis of US law practice related TV serials or legal news websites reporting campus placement packages. There is no shortcut to success and a lawyer should have the ability to work hard.
Bhumesh said, “To my mind, analytical skills, good command over language, an eye for detail, passion, confidence, and self-belief are some of the key demands of the legal profession. There are no shortcuts and the road to success can be long and tiring”.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Lawyers in India

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