Krishnava Dutt: A lawyer who understand the clients’ business

Krishnava Dutt

Laws vary from nation to nation. They may be complex and are ever changing. A good lawyer immerses in investigating facts, unearthing nuances and precedents in the law and creating new strategies for each client and case. It is not so easy to become an efficient lawyer, with many years of education required and an exhausting exam to pass at the end, and afterward, the job demands long hours and plenty of stress. Here we have Krishnava Dutt from Argus Partners to share his vast experience spanning from the initial years of career to the present stage.
“I have been fortunate to have a 3600 access to a lawyer’s professional canvas”, says Krishnava Dutt. Krishnava graduated from Symbiosis International University, batch of 1999, with a degree in BSL LLB. He testifies that from starting as a counsel to going in house (ICICI) and finally settling in with a law firm life—it has been a wonderful journey indeed. The learning in each phase has been immeasurable. His first few years before the High Court gave him the confidence to appear before any forum—which he still uses in good stead today. He believes that ICICI has taught him the nuances of finance and understanding the business of the client, which is a singular factor for a more meaningful and well-rounded legal advice in the field of commercial law. Krishnava’s 14 years of life in law firm (a short stint at Luthra & Luthra and then at Amarchand Mangaldas for 4 years before founding Argus Partners) has been a great experience revealing the fact that everyone can follow their dreams and achieve it. “It has been a journey where I always loved what I did and did what I loved. I hope to continue to do so”, asserts Krishnava.
Thirst for Knowledge
Asking up on the reason behind picking law as a career, without any hesitation, Krishnava replied, “the reason I decided to become a lawyer is different from the reason I continue in its pursuit”. Digging more into the story, he shared what he learnt through practice. Krishnava initially thought that his debating skills and analytical mind set would give a significant leverage in law as a career option. Whilst he says he was not entirely incorrect as those skills did garner for him certain advantages, but they are not enough. To continue in this profession one must be perennially thirsty for knowledge and have the ability to apply that knowledge to any given facts.
A Piece of Advice
When the young you chases a dream, you trudge relentlessly to reach a vision of what you think you want to be a successful lawyer, a reputed lawyer, a senior partner of a reputable law firm. But as the journey unfolds, you realize that the landscape changes much like the levels of a video game. One level finishes opening the doors for another. Till you realize that this game has endless levels and you need to succeed in the level you are at and look forward to the next.
The same enthusiasm and energy that one experiences in moving on to the next level of the video game are what motivate Krishnava to stay positive and succeed. He also believes that with family, partners and colleagues working relentlessly, everyone can achieve all the levels that they wish to.
“I strongly believe that students should explore the boundless universe of law before they decide to specialize in a particular field. That’s the immutable beauty of this profession. The challenges keep coming at you regularly. In any area of law, logic can only take you a distance. To be a successful lawyer, knowledge and its application, which can only be strengthened with reading and research, is an irreplaceable quality”, affirms Krishnava.
Increasing Competition
Law is one of the main career choices today. With innumerable law schools in India, there is definitely far more competition than earlier. The fresh graduates and even the students are far more focused and informed. Increased competition creates a better quality of lawyers. “Seeing the new generation coming into this profession greatly comforts me to know that the future of this profession in this country is indeed very bright”, says Krishnava.
Ethics & Integrity Matters
Integrity and high on ethics is not a matter of choice. To be a successful lawyer one must demonstrate at all times the highest level of professional and personal integrity and ethics. “Remember reputation is our greatest wealth and even a slight scar on the same on account of integrity and rectitude would be cataclysmal to any career. Always remember a client would not only want to engage an intelligent lawyer but also an ethical lawyer with the highest sense of integrity”, affirms Krishnava.
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