Dr. (HC) K V Omprakash, Conscientia Law Associates: The Foremost Expert in the Practice of Law


In the present scenario, law firms are in a race to broaden topline while technology is posing disrupting challenges the entire game. The current state entails law firms to shift their professional replicas towards becoming expert and master in their preferred arenas and emerging practice areas. In a continuously evolving Indian market place, law firms with an entrepreneurial spirit and high-quality practice will thrive and prosper.
The Inception Story         
Every professional journey has a basic premise, a spark that provides impetus to its accomplishments. Looking back it has been an interesting saga, a blend of ambition, entrepreneurial spirit, the ardor to excel and generate employment opportunities for the young aspirants that led to the birth of Conscientia. Conscientia was established in 2006 by a team of committed legal professionals who have led great exposure in the corporate legal Compliance, Secretarial, Commercial and Regulatory services is one of the prominent full-service law firms in India headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka and branch offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Madurai and Singapore.
A Techno Legal Expert
Dr. (HC) K V OMPRAKASH, Founder & Director of Conscientia, is a Corporate Lawyer and Company Secretary by profession (since 1989). He mainly focuses into Business advisory and legal advisory services. He is Mentor and strategist to Start-up/ entrepreneurs/ SME companies and a versatile speaker on relevant topics and has been a great inspiration to entrepreneurs. Has addressed been panellists in many seminars. His forte and expertise span the spectrum of Corporate laws, IPR Laws, Corporate Governance JV, Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), Due diligence, Cyber law, Employer employee law, expansion/ diversification to the start-ups and SMEs, structuring engineering and re-engineering of corporate, advisory role on operational strategy for Start-ups/ SMEs/ large corporate, Statutory and Regulatory services, Finance and insurance
K V Omprakash has been awarded “Doctor of Excellence” for outstanding achievement and accomplishment in the field of Corporate Law by CIAC Global, Ahmedabad and in association with KEISEI, South Korea. He was honoured and the title “Honoris Causa” was conferred by the Chairman of CIAC Global and KEISIE at the 3rd International Education Forum held on 12th November 2016 at Town Hall, Bangalore. He is a Rotarian and President of  Rotary Basavanagudi Bengaluru for the year 2017-2018.
Challenges & Hardships
In their pursuit to excel, K V Omprakash and his partner, S Raghavan, PCS, had to brave various odds as the journey continued. Financial stringencies, initial infrastructure bottlenecks and getting visibility in the corporate arena were the first major hurdles which they tried to address. Like any new startups, they also had a lot of teething problems such as identification, recognition and acceptance from the corporate. However, they never had inter-personal issues among themselves, which is a very common feature in many startups, and that was probably their greatest strength.
Understanding Client requirements
Conscientia has given utmost priority to “understand client requirements”. It is on the basis of this that Conscientia was able to give such exemplary customer support. It is here that the previous experience of the promoters came in handy. Providing a solution to client’s requirement is very challenging, as most clients’ look for an out-of-box solution which, according to the company cannot be applied in corporate legal assignments. The clients are always happy with their approach and appreciate their practical solutions. Conscientia’s visibility is seen in the corporate sector. Even during global recession they have performed well.
Team Building & Trust
Team building is indeed a process and a challenge for organizations world over and Conscientia was no exception. Conscientia’s quality and robust team provides great fillip and support in all its endeavors. Strong team means good service to clients. Without a good team the growth process is hampered. A good second line is a requisite for any organization. Conscientia has always nurtured the best rapport with its clients and the team at Conscientia has fostered and cemented this trust. Fostering Trust is one of their main criteria for a long term survival and growth. Forming a team to accomplish a defined goal is not an easy task especially for startups. Team Conscientia have most of time discovered and accepted each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learnt what their roles are that has helped them in their growth process.
Accolades: Award De Excellencia for “Service Excellence” in Professional services to Conscientia by Unified Brainze of India and World Peace and Diplomacy Organization WPDO in association with Hindu business line presented on 7th April 2018 at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai.
Opportunity &Thrust
Going by the changing landscape in the corporate regulatory framework, Conscientia believes that there are five key areas which would receive momentum in prospect, namely:

  • Corporate Governance: With the Indian Government’s transition in the last decade from paper ling to e- ling, most of the corporate compliance has become online, which brings the spotlight on corporate governance.
  • Mergers & Amalgamations: M & A is going to be the order of the day and would get the necessary boost in the future.
  • Legal Process Outsourcing: After BPO, LPO has emerged as a sunrise area in BRICK countries, Conscientia would certainly work towards evolving as a leading player in this revolution which presents tremendous opportunities in the future.
  • One Stop Solutions for startups: A huge opportunity beckons! This will help startups to focus on their core areas of business and outsource the compliance aspects to professionals.
  • Corporate legal matters: The Corporate Legal space would continue to play a key role since this offers several areas of practice where Conscientia has a strong team in place to leverage this ever growing opportunity.

Future Ahead
Conscientia was established when the economy was not in great shape but they were able to get good clients and able to survive. Knowing its potential to grow much bigger than what they are today, and have a bigger expansion plan in place. Conscientia believes that the road ahead is challenging. So, they would like to focus more on their strengths and areas of practice. And they focused to grow ten times in the next 4 to 5 years. Indeed! With Government looking at corporate governance as an emerging and critical area to focus on, huge vistas would open up in the corporate legal framework in the coming decade. Add to this the promising triggers in the Companies amendment Act, 2013, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code and setting up of National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Conscientia is working in the right earnest in joining the next big league in its growth trajectory in the corporate legal domain.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Lawyers in India

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