BigShip: Connecting Global Shipments, Boosting Delivery, and Simplifying Logistics


When a business is launched with noble aspirations, it succeeds swiftly. That is why, when BigShip was Founded by Swati MittalCEO, and Ankit JainDirector, with the initial inspiration of providing logistics ease in eCommerce, they saw a huge demand from not only eCommerce players but also manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers who needed organized shipping solutions.

BigShip was founded to provide excellent customer service and bring together top carriers from across India on a single platform. With the introduction of COVID, organizations gained access to the logistics market for shipments ranging from a few grams to a tonnage of shipment requiring best-in-class technology. BigShip is a pioneering aggregator that provides businesses with hassle-free logistics solutions in all spheres, including B2C, B2B, D2C, and Cross Border.

We serve clients with best-in-class technology and access to world-class services from verified carrier partners,” Swati says. “We have a presence in 29000+ pin codes in India and serve 150 countries with commercial and non-commercial shipments.”

BigShip Connects

“Our AI-Driven technology platform offers real-time visibility into shipments, making logistics a simple process for everyone involved,” Ankit adds. No matter the industry, BigShip has reshaped the B2B logistics industry by providing the most innovative and cost-effective international shipping solutions across the globe.

Swati claims they are the first to bring together various carriers serving B2B shipments on a single technology platform. They are unparalleled as a one-stop shop for all their B2B customers’ needs. Their company provides various services, such as insurance, to ensure logistics safety, as people frequently lose money in logistics processes when shipments are lost or damaged. Their dependable services benefit any company by keeping costs low and efficiency high.

They also provide E-commerce Account Management services as a value-added service, which helps clients increase their orders. Ecommerce Account Management enables you to rapidly and effectively grow your business and customer base. BigShip, the e-commerce service provider for Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Meesho, has an experienced team managing these accounts. “We specialize in boosting sales, building ROI and visibility of your products, and refining your product portfolio,” says Swati.

BigShip, one of India’s best aggregators, offers custom shipping solutions for all client types. It accepts COD, prepaid, and To-Pay payments, in-line tracking, door-to-door delivery, and insurance coverage for the smallest to the largest tonnage of shipments, making shipping across the Indian and global markets simple. The company established itself as a pioneer in the B2B Indian market thanks to its first-mover advantage, allowing it to understand and cater to complex supply chains. The company simplifies supply chains by using streamlined software and custom-made solutions for your business type. BigShip hasn’t been deterred from providing technological advancements with a multi-functional platform, as well as quick customer support services and insurance coverage, which is now required.

BigShip’s innovative logistics platform helps clients move their shipments at lightning speed. Swati says, “Technology is the key to our success.” Tech features ensure real-time tracking, online order bookings, calculating rates, data management, bulk order processing, etc. “Thanks to technology, we are expanding at a fast pace and anticipate providing the same level of service to our 20,000+ satisfied customers,” says Ankit.

BigShip Boosts

Swati explains the immersive benefits of their various services, stating that they serve various classes of business owners by providing the best-in-class, premier shipping experience for all social sellers, marketplace sellers, shop owners, and high-volume eCommerce. BigShip has never focused on a single industry, tailoring its growth plans to market demand. Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Garments and Textiles, Furniture, Electrical and Hardware, Healthcare and Medical Equipment, Household Items, Cosmetics, Ceramic and Sanitary, Handicrafts, Automobiles, and Industrial Goods are some of the industries it serves. BigShip is a pioneer in B2B, B2C, D2C, and cross-border aggregation.

In addition to it, BigShip offers B2C and Cross Border Shipping services to clients considering the following USPs:

  • Integrated SaaS-Based Platform.
  • Listed Carriers under a solid platform.
  • Small, Big, and Heavy Shipments.
  • Real-Time Tracking and COD Facility Available.
  • PAN India Coverage and Accessibility across 150 Countries.
  • Industry Best Rates.
  • Door-to-Door Services.
  • Dedicated Account Managers.
  • Next Day Remittance, On Request.
  • 100% Third Party Insurance.

We always work on a customer-centric approach, and that’s why customer handling is the key to BigShip’s success,” says Swati, while Ankit says, “We take care of our clients throughout the entire shipping process.”

Pacemakers Ms Swati and Ankit have their expertise and proficiency, possessing immense experiences in the industry, which gave rise to the foundation of BigShip.

Determined, energetic, and career-minded professional with over a decade of extensive experience adding value to BigShip, Swati has been involved in strategizing exceptional and first-class success track for the organization after gaining a series of experiences in eCommerce business across multiple industries such as shoe designing, handicrafts, and e-commerce. She is leading and guiding various operations, digital media, and marketing teams to achieve global recognition for the company.

She is an MBA graduate of Cardiff University, where she was a scholarship recipient, and she also has an engineering degree. Her brief experience with the Tesco supply chain (UK) provides her with international exposure to supply chain risk management. She also worked with embedded systems at Intel India during her engineering career.

She finds inspiration in Ankit Jain, who has over a decade and a half of experience in c-commerce and digital marketing services. BigShip has grown enormously in the last two years due to his vast experience with e-commerce platforms. With roots in Delhi-6, his core business values are very strong and instilled. Doing a business is a journey, and with his fair share of failed and successful start-ups, his vision for making BigShip a true “Big-Ship” is impressive.

Every person has a unique story. Every individual has a motivating factor distinct from the rest of the world; even if the motivation is similar, the way tasks are completed makes all the difference in the journey and the struggle. “Our path was also not crisp and clear, as we feel is similar to everyone who dared to dream, but it builds if you keep going,” Ankit and Swati say in unison. The key is not to stop too soon; there are endless possibilities and problems; whether you see the glass as half full or half empty is all that matters.

Speaking of their journeys, the lessons they learned from their previous businesses and industries inspired them to create BigShip. Logistics isn’t easy, and they want to make it easier for the average person. “Simplifying logistics is the only mission and goal we swore by when we dreamed of BigShip, and we are still on the same path to make it easy for anyone from 16 to 50,” says Swati.

BigShip Simplifies

Every business is built around the concept of ROI. This is the owner’s gross profit after deducting all expenses from each transaction. Logistics business’s large part can make or break it because it accounts for a significant portion of the total cost throughout the entire cycle. Each return order in the eCommerce cycle is a calculated expense. The ability to reduce this return percentage while increasing delivery performance is a game changer in the logistics industry.

Many external factors that could increase the return rate in the early years, when logistics were not advanced, are now available at a click of a mouse. Combining these factors and informing the client of the likelihood of a return rate for that specific order based on weather conditions, the buyer’s purchasing behavior, spending challenges in the city, and others to make the client artificially intelligent will be a game changer.

Major changes are taking place as BigShip adopts a more modern, systematic, and technological approach. Swati says, “Working with us, where all of their data is available with a single click, enables new business owners to gain clarity and confidence. The idea is to tailor our offering to the client’s availability and working hours.” Stability will not help you stand out from the crowd; instead, it will increase market monotony.

Speaking about the challenges, Ankit says there is a nature in job seekers focused on changing market dynamics. People are no longer content with earning the basics of Roti, Kapda, and Makaan (food, clothing, and living) but instead seek luxury in their line of work. Employees are no longer viewing their jobs as a means of survival. As a result, every company’s ‘employee hunting’ process has become more difficult. Human learning is also becoming scarce as workplaces become more tech-oriented. As a company grows, the basic principles under which it operates should ideally be part of every employee’s core are absent. These are the two most significant challenges that every company faces, not just BigShip.

BigShip Delivers

To address this, BigShip started by creating interactive toolkits and sessions for employees, which keeps the learning process going and the overall process human. This not only keeps employees interested in expanding their knowledge, but it also keeps them invested in the institution’s improvement. “We also encourage internal job postings and employee appraisals to keep people motivated and to help them grow as the company grows,” says Swati.

“Enjoy your path and avoid the rat race known as competition,” is one piece of advice to aspirants wishing to venture into Shipping Industry, suggests Swati and Ankit. Competition is a nebulous concept that means different things to different people. “I believe that every CEO or aspiring entrepreneur should compete with themselves first and foremost, rather than with the outside world—yes, there may be a sense of competition in taking someone else’s learning and guidance,” she says.

Every month, BigShip tracks its numbers and pushes itself to develop strategies for improvement and growth. “Everything that happens around me gives me ideas and knowledge. We are our competition, while trite, is true,” says Ankit. “I always advise to not just follow, but chase your dreams and never ever get scared of failures or rejections.” One win may open one door at a time, but a failure opens many doors where you know what went wrong, and there is a 99% chance that the last failure will bring you better success and result in your inhibitions. Money follows once you do things right.

The world’s full of opportunities. “It won’t stop until you stop it for yourself–so live it and keep dreaming; chase your dreams is the only formula–dreamers are the only achievers I’ve seen,” he says.

On envisioning BigShip’s future, he says they’re now a team of over 60+ achievers who have grown faster than in the previous year. “With more than 10,000 satisfied customers, our goal is to multiply these numbers in the upcoming years,” he adds.

“We are focusing on improvised and varied shipping services to expand operations, company revenue, the number of sellers, and the quality of services offered globally as we launch our global services, which include cross-border services. We look forward to enhancing our technology so that our customers get the best shipping experience with BigShip,” says Swati.

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